The Amazing Watermelon Feast Weight In

Ok, you’ve been waiting for it 🙂 This year I start the watermelon season again. you can see My curves getting bigger while I’m enjoying that delicious watermelon. Of coz I’m measuring and posing My belly before and after, and of coz I’m checking on My weight. I start stuffing Myself like there is no tomorrow. coz you know My endless love to watermelons. So aren’t you curious to find out how much I’m afle to eat to get My belly bloated. Millions of burps come as a bonus.

So I keep stuffing Myself with that huge watermelon. In this part I also measure myself and seeing some outstanding gaining results. Even though it is becoming complicated to move, and I keep burping all the time, especially when I touch My belly. So, how much do you think I’ve added this time?

The Amazing Watermelon Feast Weight In Part 1
The Amazing Watermelon Feast Weight In Part 2

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