Stuffer M – Real Life Experiments

The last holidays were the best I ever had. My parents, usually staying at home in the holidays, had won a one-week vacation for two persons in Italy and so I had the whole house for me during their absence. Of course this was the perfect opportunity for me and my girlfriend to do some eating experiments.

You have to know that my girlfriend is a very sexy girl, every pound is in the right place of her body. She’s not fat or anything like that, but she has a very female body. When I got known of her about 3 months ago, I didn’t even think about having found a person that likes stuffing herself.

After my parents had left I immediately phoned Kristen to pay me a visit. She agreed and said that she would stay the whole week with me if I like to. Of course I wanted her to be my guest for the next week and when I suggested she should bring some food with her so that we could experiment a bit, she told me that this was in her mind. Then we said bye to each other and I went to the supermarket. I bought lots of food, such as pasta, sausages, meat, beans, sweets and fruits. Then I returned home.

Kristen was already waiting in front of my house when I arrived. She had two backs with her, a smaller one and a bigger one. In the smaller one she had some clothes, and in the bigger one she brought some food, too. She welcomed me with a kiss on my cheek. Then we went in.

After she had installed her things in my room we immediately started with our experiments. The following days would consist of two things: having sex together and a lot of eating for her.

The first day was quite productive. Kristen, only wearing her bra and her panties decided that she should start on the cakes we had bought earlier. We went into the kitchen and she sat down on the table. Then she patted her flat stomach and ordered me to start. First I fed her some chocolate cake, about 5 pieces or so. Kristen massaged her belly while she was fed by me. I continued feeding her, but after the 8th piece she said that she was full and needed a break. Her belly bulged out visibly. We went into the living room where she laid down on the sofa. Her lips were smeared with chocolate. Then I started to massage her belly until she burped. I continued massaging her soft belly and she burped some more times. About half an hour later she was ready for more. I told her to wait at the living room and went back in the kitchen to bring her the rest of this cake and two new ones. When I re-entered the living room I saw that she had opened her bra and put it on the table. When she saw the cakes I was carrying her eyes widened as if she would say: "I wonder weather I will be able to stuff all of them into my belly…"

I put the three plates on the table and sat down next to her. Then we continued the feeding. Kristen was a good girl and she managed the rest of this and about the half of the other cake. Then she slowed down eating. She hickuped from time to time and massaged her belly, helping it to digest the cake. Then she told me that she was thirsty and got up from the sofa. Her belly burbled and she immediately sat down again to prevent falling over. Her belly was very swollen now, it was round and tight, but it still was kind of soft. She asked me to bring her something to drink but I told her I wouldn’t do so until she had finished the rest of this cake. After some arguing she agreed and obediently ate the last 6 pieces. It was obvious that the more she ate the louder her belly gurgled. After having finished the last piece of the cake she leant back, causing her stomach to bulge out even more. I got up and fetched her some water to drink. Drinking the water Kristen’s belly expanded with every gulp. I again massaged her belly as if she was a baby until she burped.

She looked at least 4 months pregnant. I asked her whether she wanted to go into my room where she could lay onto my bed, making it more comfortable for her. Kristen agreed. I had to help her getting up from the sofa, because she used both hands to massage her swollen belly. Slowly we went into my room and she laid down, causing her belly to gurgle louder than before. Kristen’s belly stuck out like a volleyball she had swallowed. I told her to wait – as if she was able to do anything else – and returned to the living room where the last cake was waiting for his eater. When I returned, I saw that Kristen had closed her eyes, her hands rubbing the soft flesh of her stomach. Burps and hickups were the only sounds she made. She was so sexy…

When I sat down next to her she wanted to say something, but when she opened her mouth the only sound to come out was another long, loud belch. I asked her if she was able to eat another one of the cakes and she said she would try. So I again started feeding her, but after the 3rd piece she definitely couldn’t hold anything more. Kristen’s panties stretched over the basketball-sized bulge her belly had become. Kristen burped like crazy. Then she grinned at me. She told me that she would show me something funny. I wondered what she could mean. Kristen got up from the bed and managed to get into a standing position. Her gurgling belly bulged out due to the amounts of cake having been stuffed into it, and she couldn’t stop the burping. Kristen turned around and showed me her ass, covered only by her panties. Then she bent over, causing her stretched panties to burst open revealing her cute behind. She started to laugh. Kristen sat down on the bed again and opened my trousers. Then she laid on her back and waited.

Having sex with her overstuffed belly proved to be very difficult. She shouldn’t feel too uncomfortable, but finally we managed to get her in a very good position. The following was one of the greatest events in my sexual life.

The second day was quite similar to the first. Kristen would eat until she would nearly pop and then we would have sex. But today we tried something different, you could call it a role play. Kristen should eat the sausages which should have been for a barbecue. I then should find her eating the sausages and punish her for having been such a bad girl.

Kristen went into the kitchen and started eating the sausages. They were packed in tins, each holding about 12 sausages. She ate 4 entire tins and 3 more sausages from the 5th tin. This was nearly as much food than she had eaten yesterday. When I entered the kitchen to find her eating the sausages, I first had to gasp – her belly bulged out visibly and you could see her stomach jut out under the T-shirt she wore. She had unbuttoned her jeans because her belly was so swollen, but when she saw me she immediately buttoned them again. She had to suck in her belly when she did so. Then I asked her why she had eaten all the sausages and she replied that she had been very hungry. Kristen turned her head to the side and belched. She certainly has eaten more than I wanted her to, I thought. But then I reminded myself that she wanted to be punished. I told her that she was a bad girl and that now I would teach her a lesson. So I took her by the hand and pulled her over to the chair. She didn’t even try to avoid my grip because she was too full. I had her sit down and tied her feet and arms up so that she couldn’t move. I had to be very careful because I didn’t want her jeans to burst open. Not yet.

After I had tied her up I went to the refrigerator and opened it. I took a big bowl filled with chocolate blancmange. I also took the biggest spoon I could find. Then I went over to Kristen. I put the bowl on the table and ordered her to open her mouth. She did so and I crammed the first spoons of chocolate into her face. Kristen nearly couldn’t swallow them because I stuffed to much chocolate in her mouth. This continued for a little while. Her shirt rode up on her belly and her belches became louder. I fed her about 3 quarts of the chocolate. Then I could see how full she was. Kristen’s waist spilled over on all sides of her jeans. It wouldn’t take very long until her jeans would burst open.

When I wanted to re-start feeding her Kristen begged me to stop. She said that she was full and that she didn’t want to pop out of her clothes. She said that she was in pain. This might have been true. Her massively swollen belly gurgled as it digested the food. But at this moment I didn’t care about that. I wanted her to finish every last spoon of the chocolate. So I continued stuffing her with food. Kristen really wanted me to stop but she was to full to avoid being force fed by me. She moaned and burped and I fed her with no regrets. That was when her jeans couldn’t hold her swollen belly anymore. The jeans bust open and her belly immediately came swelling out. Kristen was very embarrassed. Of course she had wanted to eat a lot, but she surly didn’t think of being force fed until her jeans would burst open. She once again begged me to stop the feeding, but I still wanted to continue. But then she belched so loud and long that I knew she was full.

I untied her feet and arms and helped her to get up. I had to support her standing. Kristen’s belly was nearly two times as big as yesterday. She didn’t say anything, she just burped and hickuped. The only other sound to be heard was the gurgling from her belly. I put my right hand on her belly and started rubbing it. It was very tight in there, I can tell you.

We went into the bedroom where we wanted to have sex, but we had to wait for about an hour before we could start because Kristen needed a break. After we had sex Kristen fell asleep until the next day.

Needless to say that those stuffing acts lead to a inevitable weight gain. The third day of our "week of experiments" Kristen had gained about 8 pounds. She couldn’t button any trousers she had brought with her. That’s why she decided to have a one-day-break. She didn’t want to become fat, and so today she would be dieting. In fact she didn’t eat anything that day. Perhaps she was still satisfied from yesterday. Anyway this day was very nice because without the stuffing event we had more time for other things. And I think you know THE thing I am talking about.

When I awoke on Thursday I could see Kristen standing in front of the mirror. I must have yawned audibly because she turned round. She still couldn’t button any of her trousers, but she had definitely lost some weight yesterday. Kristen told me that she would still be dieting today. I asked her whether she didn’t want to stuff herself today. She said that she was absolutely sorry for that but if I knew a way to stuff her without gaining weight, she would do so. Of course I knew how to manage that. I said to her that this was no problem and that she should strip all her clothes. I did so because I didn’t want another pair of trousers or panties to burst – and because she is so sexy. Then I went to the kitchen.

I opened the ten tins of beans. This would be more than enough with one tin holding about a pound of beans, I thought. Then I poured them into a big pot. I cooked the beans and put them into a large bowl. Then I returned to my room. Kristen was sitting on the bed and playing with her tummy. She didn’t notice me when I entered the room. I set the bowl in front of her and sat down next to her. Kristen opened her eyes and asked me whether she really should eat all of the beans. She said that she would have to fart for along time after she would have finished the beans. I said that this was no problem. This calmed her down and she took the bowl.

Kristen shoveled the beans down with both hands. I was massaging her belly. I could feel the beans entering her stomach. After she had finished about 1/4 of the beans, she slowed down. Her belly was getting full. It was already very round due to the swelling effect of the beans. I continued massaging her soft belly and cheered her up to cram down more of the food. She continued stuffing herself. The more she ate the fatter her belly got. It must have been extremely tight in there. Her new-formed pot-belly parted her legs and I could see that she was very wet. I also was very aroused. She managed to eat about the half of the remaining beans until she stopped again. Burping and hiccuping she said that she was full now. Her belly was swollen as if she was 5 months pregnant. I still was massaging her now massive belly, hoping that this would help to digest the meal and making her eat more. Then the beans took effect. Kristen had to fart very loud. Her belly shook as if she had tried to dance.

Then I had some idea. I told her that if she would drink some water now her belly would swell even bigger. She said that she surely couldn’t drink anything now. I said that this was no problem and helped her to get up. I lead her to the bath room. There I had her sit down in the bathtub. After I got rid of my clothes, I sat down in front of her in the tub. Then I turned the water on. While the tub was being filled I started to make love with her. It was much easier to have sex in the water because there is less gravity than in the bed. I could feel the unbelievable pressure from her overstuffed belly as she let me dive into her. After we both orgasmed I had Kristen lean back in the tub. Then I took a little bucket I always used to play with in the tub when I was a child. I filled it up with water and handed it over to Kristen. She opened her mouth and drank it. Although her belly was under water I could hear it gurgling. She finished the bucket and belched very long. Then she refilled it and poured the water down. After she had finished 2 more buckets she moaned. Kristen put her hands on her belly and massaged it. She said that it hurted and that the beans were taking full effect now. The water had pressed the beans into her system and now she had to fart very often. I could see that by little bubbles in the water. I put my hands on her bulging tummy and massaged it for her. Kristen belched and moaned. I gave her a kiss to show her my admiration. She probably had never stuffed that much into her belly.

After the pain slowly went away, we again had sex. 3 orgasms later she finally couldn’t hold it anymore. She had to go to the toilet. As she got up, her overfull belly gurgled in protest. Nearly the same moment she had to fart again. Then she ran – or better said went as fast as possible – to the toilet.

If you think these three little episodes were nice, then read the final stuffing event of our "week of experiments". Although Kristen had stuffed her belly to bursting every day but Wednesday that week, Friday would be the day of all stuffing days.

It was Kristen’s birthday and so there were of course a lot of opportunities for her to eat. Breakfast was already huge for Kristen. She ate about 8 toasts and 4 eggs. But that wasn’t all. She also ate the entire birthday cake I made for her. Of course she was very stuffed.

After breakfast we wanted to pay a visit at her parents, so Kristen had to get dressed. With an incredible effort she was able to button her pants today, but she had to move very careful. Her waist spilled over the trousers on all sides. Then we finally went to her parents.

When we had arrived there, lunch was already prepared. Lasagne – Kristen’s favourite food. She ate four entire plates. Kristen had to open her trousers after the meal. Her parents were a bit worried about her weight gain, but Kristen joked about her new-formed pot belly. It was swollen to bursting. Nevertheless Kristen managed to eat 4 slices of the cake her mother had bought for her. Then she had to stop eating because she was full. And because her parents didn’t allow her to eat anything more.

That was the reason why Kristen went up to her room, searched for her short pants and a tight shirt. She got them dressed. Then we headed to a restaurant – without her parents.

Although her belly gurgled it’s warnings Kristen ordered a huge meal. The servants were surprised how anyone could eat that much, but when they looked at her tight packed, swollen belly they guessed she was pregnant and didn’t say anything. While Kristen consumed the food, her pants grew tighter and tighter. Finally they couldn’t hold it anymore and burst open. Her enormous belly came swelling out. The servants didn’t notice, but I did.

After I paid, we headed home. Today Kristen had absolutely reached her limit. She couldn’t move at all. I brought her to my bed and laid her on it. Her belly stuck out as if she was at least 8 months pregnant. It was gurgling all the time. The only thing Kristen was able to do was to lie on the bed. I massaged her belly and kissed her.

This final day of our stuffing week we didn’t have sex. Kristen was just to full.

Unfortunately also this week had an end. A week, which concluded some of the best stuffing events I know ’til now. A week, which concluded a nearly all time overstuffed belly for Kristen – which of course led to an undeniable weight gain, too. A week, which concluded the best sex both of us ever had.

A week, worth to be repeated soon…

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