Stuffedbellylover – Magical Bellies

(Notes: The authors of the following are completely against any kinds of torment, deprivation of liberty, self justice and so on. Therefore this story is no instruction how to commit such things but it is a kind of fairytale.)

Chris and Sean had planned her trip long before and so they booked two nice double-rooms in a hotel. Chris´ girlfriend Anne was scheduled to join them a few days later on.

The day Anne´s arrival was planned Chris entered Sean´s hotel room to look for some CDs.

„Sean“ Chris shouted.

"Yes“ came a voice from behind as Sean just entered the room coming from the direction of the hotel floor.

“There are 2 pregnant women lying on your bed and the buttons of their pants just busted off. As I remember you where on vacation here 7 months ago… So are this the results of some sins you commited then?” Chris asked.

“Sins? Oh, no you are so wrong!!! Andrea and Svetlana are their names and they consider themselves being modern witches. They just wanted to know how their medieval colleagues felt during the water torture. You know that supposed witches where filled with about 3 gallons of water and as it seems some of these women survived. But at present our two beauties here have just chugged down the first gallons. Just feel how tight and bloated their bellies are already, so I guess they will burst if I put the other gallons into them!”

“Please keep on… We can take it and want to have the whole water inside!” burped Andrea.

Chris and Sean looked at each other, nodded and then they filled both women with the next gallons. The water bellies swelled further and further and when both witches had at least 2 gallons down each their belly buttons sticked out…

“They explode any second” Sean said in sorrow and put some small pressure onto the women´s tummies and the ladies moaned. Their bellies felt ready to pop and the skin was hard.

Chris was also concerned and just took the word.

“They will definitely explode…”

But Svetlana was up for more.

“Don´t stop now! We will make it through!“ she yelled.

Chris and Sean patted the tummies for another time and then they were brave enough to put the last gallons into both of the women.

In the meantime he lower bodies of Andrea and Svetlana were so bloated that both looked like overdue with triplets. But still a ¾ gallon each was about to be chugged.

But both ladies had lion hearts and weren´t about to quit while Chris and Sean became more nervous by the second.

But both were too hooked now to stop filling the ladies more and more. Just about half a gallon each was left now and the bellies of the girls groaned and gurgled in anger.

But it was not over yet…

One quarter gallon to go… 1/8 of a gallon… 1/100 of a gallon… it was done!!!

The water guts were pretty shiny due to the tension now and Andrea as well as Svetlana burped like entering a burping contest.

“Thanks…URP… guys“ spherical bellied Svetlana whispered. „So that´s the way our medival sisters felt.”

“No wonder they commited all that bad things BURP” Andrea said. „It hurts so much… I would even admit to be my own grandmother to stop getting more filled if someone AAAAARRRRRPPPP asked me to admit such a thing.”

“One time and never ever again. Oh man my bladder is under so much pressure!” Svetlana groaned.

“I also need to go to a toilette to get rid of all these water!” Andrea confirmed.

But how should they go into the bathroom being so heavily filled?

But Sean had an idea and so he and Chris grabbed one of the hotel´s movable side tables each and put the girls onto them to carry them into their own room. And fortunately the ladies had two toilettes in their rooms.

Chris and Sean left them in the bathrooms and walked back into their own rooms to wait for Anne´s arrival.

It took place some our later in the evening. Anne was covered with sweat due to the long journey on such a sunny day and so she decided to take a shower at first. While she was in the bathroom her mobile rang to report a new SMS. Chris took the mobile and read the message.


Oh nice… while I was driving to this place to get everything ready his Anne had been “in action” with another man… Chris was really angry and only thought of one thing: vengeance!!!

He informed Sean about the whole mess and Sean indeed had a solution.

“I have an idea… Anne´s tattoo an her ankle… that is a sign… the sign of a witch circle to be overcorrect, so she is involved into one. And we know two witches that are also here… and I guess as we did a favour to them they will do one in return I´m sure of!”

So Sean walked to the women´s room again to ask them to do a special favour. Andrea and Svetlana had got rid of the water in the meantime and both bodies where slim and trim again.

“Ladies” Sean began “would you lie to play inquisitor for one time to switch roles? I mean disloyality is a heavy crime regarding to witch codex I read once.”

“Yeah that´s true…” both ladies answered.

So Sean described the whole situation and gave information about Anne´s hobbies and weaknesses. Both young witches assured to help but not without telling Sean that they would leave “some of the fun to do for Chris and Sean”.

Back into Chris´s room Sean discovered that Anne was still in the bathroom-

“I have organized everything. We just have to leave Anne alone in the hotelbar in about 30 minutes.”

So Chris and Sean took Anne out into the bar.

Sean left after a while and came back in a running style a short period of time later.

“Chris” he gasped being out of breath “we have to go to the hotel´s internet pool… Our biz, you know. It can´t wait.“

Of course Chris knew that Sean was just acting and so he joined the whole plan.

“Anne… sweety… could we leave you alone for about 1 hour or so?!

“Of course you can! I won´t die because of boredom!“ Anne assured and so Chris and Sean left her alone.

Andrea and Svetlana watched the whole thing out of the bar´s corner while enjoying Cohibas.

Sean told them that Anne had a real weakness for good cigars and as smoking cigars was also a pleasure for Andrea and Svetlana they built up their plan onto the issue.

They walked over to Anne who saw the tattoos on the strange ladies ankle so Anne recognized both where fellow witches.

„Ohhh… they smell delicious!“ Anne started the conversation while pointing onto the cigars.

“Wow… you love cigars just as we do?” Svetlana asked.

“Absolutely!” Anne joyfully jubilated.

“Hey…“ Andrea was amazed „we have some Cohibas left into our room. And the newest issues of the witch mags, too. So what about going upstairs to have a smoke and getting known to some witch knowledge besides?

“Oh… the guys that accompany me will be here in one hour at the earliest. So we have time to do so! I´ll leave a note at the bar in case both come back earlier.” Anne accepted the invitation and so the three women went up to the rooms of Andrea and Svetlana.

Anne never expected what was up to come…

About one hour later Svetlana knocked on the boys´ doors and both of them followed the young witch into the ladies´ hotel room where the only light was given by some candles. Andrea as well as Svetlana wore dark long vestments and hide their faces under black hoods while Anne was lying on the bed… being asleep and fettered.

“How did you do that?” Chris asked.

“No prob at all… we mixed her Cuban with a special kind of roots that make unconscious…” Andrea laughed.

Anne awaked and as her eyes were totally open Andrea and Svetlana started the “charge”.

“Witch Anne, you are charged with disloyality and are sentenced to do a loyality test. If you can chug down 3 gallons of water that will be provided on the way of water torture you will be free. Otherwise you are sentenced to be filled up with water until you will burst!”

Anne´s face colour got pale and fear ran down her spine… Of course she had heard about the water torture before and was sure that her slim body couldn´t take 3 gallons.

But before she could even open her mouth to protest Andrea put a big funnel so deeply into Anne´s mouth that she could not even think of spitting it out.

Andrea and Svetlana wanted to do the torture as painful as possible and both knew that a human stomach could normally take about 1 gallon of liquid in total. So they decided to fill 1 gallon into the funnel at once…

Anne´s eyes wided more and more. She knew that she had only the chance to chug all the water otherwise she would suffocate. And so she chugged more and more water and her upper belly grew and grew. After Anne had chugged down all the water that had been in the funnel she cried and burped in severe pain!

Her stomach felt close to its bursting point and Andrea touched the belly area to make sure that some of the water would move into the bowelery before the whole torture could be continued.

After some time she nodded and Svetlana filled some more water into the funnel but this time not the whole gallon. But nevertheless as more water Anne chugged as bigger her belly became. And now also the lower belly looked like a ball.

Anne had finished off 2 gallons and her belly was now really stout and hurt as hell. Anne felt that cold sweat ran down her forehead. She was sure that she would burst soon.

But both fellow witches mercylessly filled more and more water into the funnel and it all disappeared into Anne´s bloated tummy which looked ready to pop every moment.

Anne´s bladder pulsated in an angry way… But finally she did chug down the whole 3 gallons. She breathed in hesitation and was sure that the next drop of water would have made her go “ka-boom”… Carefully Svetlana put some pressure onto Anne´s distended water ball and she had a diabolic smile on her face.

„She is about to burst. But the people that lived centuries ago were a bit smaller than we are today, so 3 gallons were even more extreme to them… So we probably have to take another gallon.!” she said and not even a minute ago Andrea hold another canister into her hands…

Anne´s eyes popped out literally. The two witches really wanted to see her bursting.

The 4th gallon was ready and as Anne was filled up again her already more than overfilled guts protested…

The veins across Anne´s belly were visible now and her whole belly rumored like a demon had been inside. But surprisingly Anne even took the 4th gallon without bursting…

Andrea and Svetlana removed the funnel and Anne cried even louder than before and tears ran across her face.

“You have one last task to overcome!” Svetlana announced.

“Mercy, mercy… please! I can´t take anymore… I´ll pop!” Anne pleaded.

No, no… you don´t have to chug anything… but your belly will be filled anyway…” Andrea rant.

Svetlana gave Chris a look.

“Take her and make love to her!” she told him…

And so he did while the others went away. Chris was somehow attracted by Anne´s filled belly and so he rubbed and loved her as intensive as never before. And even her belly was about to burst Anne also loved the whole procedure as the danger of popping Anne made both of them hot.

Meanwhile Sean had gone into the bathroom… with Andrea and Svetlana. Both ladies got rid of their clothes and then Andrea took the shower removed its head to put the hose straight into her mouth. Then she activated the shower. It only took some minutes to let her belly swell big and full and she handed the shower over to Svetlana who also was big bellied and tight pretty soon.

And so Chris and Anne made love together and so did Sean with Andrea and Svetlana even if the later two were lesbians but they loved the opportunity too much to miss it.

In the end the water guts of Andrea and Svetlana were filled with about 2 gallons. Both ladies looked like they had swallowed cannonballs but that was nothing compared with Anne´s belly of course.

After all the action was done and the clothes were put on again Andrea and Svetlana slowly walked to the bed and just let themselves plop onto it. It sounded like a waterbed due to the 3 waterfilled bellies now sticking out into the air.

„How to get rid of the water more quick than the first time?” Svetlana asked. “I don´t want to stay in the bath for the next 3 hours again.”

“I got an idea!” Andrea yelled.

„I got one, too!“ Svetlana interfered.

And both sounded like a choir when they spoke it out:
“We need hoses!”

So Chris and Sean looked for 3 hoses and 10 big buckets and after some time they re-entered the witches´ hotel room.

“So now please put the hoses into our vaginas! As deep as possible!” Svetlana instructed.

Now Andrea was up to tell the rest.

“Now you please one bucket under each hose and then you blow some air into the ends of the hoses. Then the water will come out automatically!”

The guys did everything what the witches told them to do and indeed the water ran out of the bellies. 3 minutes later the water had stopped to run and the 10 buckets were full.

Of course the bellies of our heroines were still rounded but compared with the size there bellies were a few minutes ago it was now problem fort hem to take it easy.

While the witches still rested onto the bed listening to the orchestra their gurgling bellies performed a black raven entered the room by flying through the opened window. He dropped a letter onto the bed and took a seat onto one of the bedposts.

Svetlana grabbed the letter.

„It is from the Witchcraft Society“ she said and opened the letter.

“Ok, here is what the Society wrote.” she continued and started to read.

“Dear witch in training Andrea, dear witch in training Anne, dear witch in training Svetlana,

as you may know the “Witchcraft Society”´s officials have watch the events that took part within the last hours via crystalgazing. Due to your actions the Society has to publish the following:

1)By a) using the strict rules to fight against disloyality, b) the discovery of the right amount of water regarding medieval sizes and c) the discorvery of the trick to get rid of water afterwards the witches in practice Andrea and Svetlana have shown that they are more than qualified to join the Society.
Therefore the Society is proud to give you your „Witch PhD“. From now on you can consider yourself as real „witches“ and are allowed to train „witches in training“.

2) Witch in practice Anne has been charged with disloyality and has injured the Society´s reputation.

But as she has shown her love regarding witchcraft by overcoming a big water torture as a gesture of pardon the Society will not take up any further charges against her.

Due to the big love Anne showed she is also rewarded with her “Witch PhD§ from now on.

Further more the Witchcraft Society is proud to congratulate Anne to survive the biggest amount of water that ever was filled into a witch to break a record that was at least 460 years old.

As a special present the „Witchcraft Society“ has decided to give you a special kind of magic to celebrate your diplomas. And as you seem to love the water torture we picked something you will know to appreciate.

But you will only find it if you think about the fulfilment of your dreams.

With the very best regards and congratulations,

The Witchcraft Society”

Svetlana finished reading with tears of joy in her eyes and also Andrea and Anne cried in joy because of their diplomas.

“Ladies, what does that with the dreams and fulfilment mean please?” Chris asked helplessly.

“It´s easy!” a choir of the witches´ voices answered. “The solution is the raven… He brought us the fulfilment of our dreams… the diploma… So he is the way we heard about the diplomas…”

Svetlana stretched her arm into the raven´s direction and he climb onto it.

“What a sweet guy!” Svetlana laughed while she pet the bird´s feathers.

“There´s something unter his right wing!” Anne told her.

Svetlana took a look and Anne was right. She found a small ampoule together with a letter. She carefully stripped both off from the raven´s wing.

Andrea took the letter and started:

“Dear Andrea, Anne and Svetlana,

this ampoule contains one of the most secret thing regarding witchcraft: the “Bloat-Gut-Elixir”. If a witch drinks a small drop of it one time in her life she will be able to eat and drink as much as she wants for her whole life without the danger of bursting as this elixir will change the belly of the witch drinking it into an ever-growing belly.

Also the belly will be back into slim shape every 6 hours so that no calories or fat will be absorbed during eating and drinking.

Nevertheless this magic has no effect regarding a bloated feeling.

We think that we picked the right present for you and wish you a lot of fun using it!

With best regards,

The Witchcraft Society“

Nothing could describe the ladies´ happiness in that very moment and everyone of time took a small drop of the liquid.

Also Chris and Sean were smiling.

”Ladies, what do you think of going into the hotel restaurant? They have a special offer: everyone who can eat a 10-pound steak doesn´t have to pay anything!” Sean said.

Andrea and Svetlana turned their faces over to Anne.

“Anne, we are sorry for what we did to you. May we invite you to have another good smoke with us. Without magical powders or so of course.” They asked her fellow witch.

“Ok, I´m into it!” Anne answered immediately.

Und so the ladies went to the hotel restaurant accompanied by the boys.


Chris and Anne are still a couple today and they are more lucky than ever.

Andrea and Svetlana quit being lesbians and are always ready to have a manage a trois together with Sean.

Regarding their jobs Andrea, Anne and Svetlana are now in high position and decide about rookies of the Witchcraft Society.

So everyone is lucky now?

Not really… because the hotel restaurant had to close because 3 ladies ate it into ruin. Who were the ladies I´m asking myself… LOL?

And here´s the moral of our story:

Regardless how much you will a witch fill up their bellies will become round but never will pop!

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