Stuffedbellylover – Going Hollywood

-Hollywood, CA, USA-

It was another sunny afternoon.

The door of “Alfredo´s Bar” opened and suddenly all guests inside, well it was just a young couple, turned their heads so she got the looks as the people starred at her massive flabby gut and her big boobs while she went to the counter.

“Hi Alfredo” she said to the Spanish looking and black haired gentleman in his mid-40s.

“Hi beauty” he answered while he smiled at her what rised his well-groomed western-movie-styled mustache, “The same order as everytime?”

“Of course Alfredo!” she giggled.


A few blocks away in a movie studio:

“Cut” the angry looking director shouted. “Sophia, what the fuck is that? That´s no performance but crap!”

Sophia von Waldstätten desperately looked to the floor and bite onto her lower lip. “Can that be the truth?” she thought. How elevated she was when she got the call from Hollywood. She was asked to play a role in a movie, Not even a role…a leading role. Aged 20 she considered herself to be on the top. She always dreamed about being a famous actress since kindergarten. At 5´7, 143 pounds and being green-eyed and brown-haired she really played herself into the heart of the European movie audience. And now she was just a few steps away from getting an international star. What had she all done to get this chance? In her mid-teen years she was afraid to gain weight but she found a solution and fought her appetite with smoking. Well, she started cigarettes aged 15 to cut off weight and got addicted in almost no time. Nowadays she smoked a minimum of 50 cigs a day to keep her in good mood without being on “nicotine turkey”. But now she was no little chubby girl with a foolish dream anymore. She, born Sophie Bermann-Jung in a German city called Waldstätten, now was Sophia von Waldstätten, the glamourous starlett. But this trip to Hollywood was no the way to turn into a desaster.

The storyboard was indeed a good one. Sophia was booked to play a policewoman from the crime lab. In this movie called “Human Turkeys” she is the good counterpart to a sadistic and psychopathic killer who hates woman due to a bad date record during his high school and college years. At the beginning of the movie he has already found his way to eliminate this “breed of evil” and kidnapped some beautiful women to stuff them non-stop with food until the overbloated guts of the ladies bursted what killed them. Sophia´s character, Dawn Brown, was now taking over the case and on the way to solve the whole case. But the killer is right a step ahead and so he kidnapps Dawn to stuff her. But during the stuffing the killer´s fridge is empty and so he has to leave to get new food to fulfill Dawn´s “destiny”. But Dawn is able to cut the ropes cuffing her onto a chair and so she waddles throught the killer´s hood to find a door to escape while being already big-bellied and stuffed to the limit.

And these scenes were the problem…as Sophia despite all her efforts she couldn´t waddle like a stuffed woman and the faked belly wasn´t a help either she thought. And if she´d quit and go back home to Germany? No, she was too close to blow this chance.

Within seconds Sophia was called out of her thoughts and brought back the real world.

“…..and this is why I´m not pleased with your work at all Sophia! We try filming these escaping scenes for 3 days now and there is not even a scene that we could use. It all costs money! I hope you´d listen to my words!” the director closed his angry speaking.

“Yes, I´ve listened” Sophia lied as she hadn´t got one word due to her trip into her mind´s world.

“Sophia” the director said, “I think maybe you should take two weeks off. There some scenes were you don´t take part so we could do them first, while you can improve your acting. But this is your final chance. Otherwise you´ll be replaced!”

“Replaced? Who´d be my replacement?”

“Lindsay Lohan!”

“Lindsay Lohan!? This collection of bones?”


“Ok! I´ll take the break! And then I´ll show you what I´m all about!” Sophia shouted and left the studio running as fast as she could.

She took a cab and asked the driver to drive her to the closest bar available. It took some minutes to go there. Sophia paid the driver and gave him a good gratuity.

There she stood in front of “Alfredo´s Bar” where she´d never been before. She took a deep breathe and went in going straight to the counter.

“Whiskey sour. A double shot please.” she ordered. The man behind the counter (we know that he is called Alfredo) handed a glass of whiskey to her and Sophia gulped it down at one draught.

“That´s good stuff! Another one” she ordered in her bad mood. She had no idea how to get ready to play the escaping scenes correctly.

Three double shots of whiskey later Sophia heard a tremendous “*UUUUURRRRRRRRPPPPPPP*” belched from one of the tables behind her back that she hadn´t even noticed before.

Sophia turned over and her chin would have dropped to the floor if possible as she couldn´t believe her eyes.

Sitting at a table was the young teenage girl that got the looks before. She and Sophia were the only guests now. The girl had beautiful long red hair and shiny blue eyes belonging to a cute face.

But that weren´t the reasons Sophia was impressed. She was impressed by the amount of empty dinner plates on the girl´s table.

Suddenly Sophia got something in mind.

“Who´s that girl over there?” she asked Alfredo.

“That´s Fiona O´Riley. She comes over here 2-3 times a weak.”

“What about the amount of food?”

“Well, her dream is to break the record for the largest amount of food ever in one sitting. Fiona read about a model from London that ate about 19 pounds of food before her guts bursted and killed her. Fiona wants to do 20 pounds one day.”

“She wants to burst?”

“No, she increases the amount meal by meal. Today she ate about 14 pounds of food. Mashed potatoes, steaks, pork ribs. French fries, butterballs, pizza, lasagna…everything I offer.”

“What do you else know about her?”

“Well, I often talk to her. Her parents are working as servants for an old rich lady being a famous Hollywood actress in the 50s. Mr. and Mrs. O´Riley really love Fiona but they have to work so much and she´s often lonely. That´s why she comes here. She knows she can talk to me whenever she wants. And I think she will eat the big amount to get loved. When she came in for the first time three years ago she was 18 years old and about 160 pounds. As she is 5´5 tall she wasn´t more than a bit chubby. But chubbines isn´t accepted here so she was teased by her schoolmates and the boys ignored her. I guess that´s the reason for her eating.”

“Ok, she looks that much heavier than her former 160. Do you know her current weight?”

“Not exactly, but about 250 pounds I guess.”

“You really helped me!” Sophia said and went over into Fiona´s direction.

Now Sophia was really close to Fiona´s table and she could see that Fiona´s pants were unbuttoned and the zipper was as down as possible. The gap was filled out by an enormous belly bulging its way out to have some room. Sophia noticed that she couldn´t see any fat rolls because the belly was packed with food and at its limit. Also Fiona´s belly didn´t jiggle when Lita took breaths as it was too stout and hard to move a bit.

“Hello, can I take a seat right here please?” Sophia asked.

“Of course. *AAAARRRRPPPP*. Sorry.” Fiona answered huffing.

Sophia sat down.

“May I offer you a menthol cigarette to support digestion?” she asked the big girl.

“Feel free.” was the answer and Sophia grabbed her pack of cigarettes out of her handbag and took two cigs out. She lightened up the first and gave it to Fiona and then she lightened a cig for herself.

Fiona enjoyed taking a deep drag and leaned back while exhaling the smoke out of her lungs.

“That´s good.” she told Sophia. “Please note that there´s nothing that makes a stuffed belly more comfortable than a tasty cigarette.”

“I´m glad to hear that. But maybe you can help me out, too.”

“Help you? How?”

“Miss O´Riley…”

“You can just call me Fiona.”

“Ok, Fiona. I´m Sophia.”

“Oh, that´s a cute name.”

“As Fiona.”

“Sure. But what about your problem and my part of it?”

Sophia told Fiona about herself and her problem with the movie scence. After a long talk including some cigarettes and coffee Fiona seemed to have an idea.

“I guess you should stuff your face because than you know it first hand how it is to be stuffed!”

“So yiou think I should eat my brain out?”

“If you want to say it that way. Yes!”

“Sounds strange!”

“But there´s no other way. Well, I guess you´ve a room in a hotel here. So, I offer you to come over to you in two days and then I´ll help you.”

“Well, I don´t have to loose anything. Ok Fiona, here´s my calling card. My hotel´s name is written on the backside. Thanks in advance.”

“No matter Sophia. I love to help people. And thanks for the cigs.”

“No problem.” Sophia rised from her chair. “So I see you on Friday. Do I have to buy any food?”

“No, I´ll bring some to you.”

“That´s nice. Bye Fiona.”

“Bye Sophia.”

Sophia went to the counter to give Alfredo an enormous gratuity and then left the bar. She was excited about Friday and if Fiona s plan would come together.


2 days later (Friday) in Sophia´s hotel room at about 9 pm

“No Fiona, please. *BURP* I´m full and will burst.”

“C´mon Sophia, just a few tiny spoons of ice cream to go.”

“Nope. I can´t hold that…I´ve eaten a lasagna, a big pizza, 1 pound of fries and half a pound of ice cream now! *BRUUURRRPPP* NOOOOO!”

But due to fact that Sophia was already too exhausted to defend Fiona stuffed spoon after spoon into the actress´ mouth until the 1-pound bucket of ice cream was emptied to its bottom.

Sophia was completely done and leaned back into the chair where she was sitting in. She took a look down to her belly. Two hours ago her midsection was slim and trim. And now it was a buldging stout basketball that felt like filled with stones. Sophia was indeed close to her belly´s maximum capacity. She laid the hand onto her tummy and tried to suck it in but it didn´t move even a quarter of an inch as it was firm like a dome made out of concrete.

Sophia rubbed her enlarged gut while Fiona was grabbing a pack of cigs. It were Fiona´s cigarettes with clove aroma.

She handed a lightened one over to Sophia who took a puff. Fiona was right she thought. There´s nothing that does a stuffed belly so good than a tasty cig.

Fiona took a seat next to Sophia and also smoked a clove cig. Both women relaxed and listened to the noises coming from Sophia´s distendened tum. *Glorch*, *Blorp*, *Blush* *Rorp* and so on it sounded.

After the cigarettes were smoked Fiona spoke.

“So, and now stand up and take a walk.” she instructed Sophia.

Sophia´s hands grabbed the chair´s arms and she lifted her body up. She struggled because her full belly´s weight kept her down. She tried another time with even more power and this time she could stand up. But she took so much power while lifting her up that she almost fell over. But she could keep her balance with some effort.

Standing her belly even felt heavier than while sitting. Sophia could feel the entire weight of all the food she ate. It was a hard work to keep her head up as she rather wanted to lean forward to minimize the feeling of being stuffed.

“And now walk.” Fiona said.

Sophia did but she could only go small step after small step while leaning forward quite a bit. Wider steps were impossible due to the pressure from her gut.

“Good.” Fiona told Sophia. “That´s the way how a stuffed woman walks and stands. Can you now imagine why she goes that way?”

“Yes.” Sophia answered strained.

“Ok, you can take your seat again now Sophia.”

Sophia took her seat and relaxed again. Fiona offered her to stay over night to have an eye on her and Sophia accepted.

Over the next days Fiona often came over to Sophia. She instructed Sophia to stand up and walk like a stuffed woman does but during these times Sophia was unstuffed and should only act. But she failed again and didn´t even came close to her walk with a real stuffed belly. And the break her director gave her was almost expired. Sophia felt helpless.

“I´ll fail again during the filming and then I´m out to be replaced by Lindsay Lohan” she thought.

But fortunately she had a new friend called Fiona…


Some days later:

“That was great work Sophia!” the director said. “I´ve never seen an actress acting so real than you did! We didn´t even have to use a second take this time.”

“Thank you very much!”

“And the fake belly you brought with you just looks more real than the one our company made. But don´t you want to take it off now to close your jeans?”

“I´d take it off if it were fake. But it´s really stuffed.”

“You´re joking!”

“Nope. Feel!” Sophia said and took the director´s hand to place it on her bloated belly. The director could feel that her “fake belly” was warm and that a pulsation was sensible.

“Oh man. You really gorged yourself. Why?”

“I´m a professional actress. And it´s my duty to find away to play every role.”

“You´re really professional. I´ll recommend yo to other movie studios.”

“That would be nice. Even if it was hard, afterwards I´ve to say that it was a pleasure to work with you.”

“I´ve to give that back Sophia.”


Due to her professional behaviour Sophia´s career got a real kick start and she was booked by several studios in the following months.

But 5 months after “Human Turkeys” was finished (but the release was still to come) Sophia got a call on her mobile while preparing for a scene. After the call she was close to crying and left the set.

Several minutes later she arrived at “Alfredo´s Bar”. EMTs, paramedics and ambulance had already arrived. Sophia ran over to Fiona who was carried out on a stretcher being unconsious. She was brought into the ambulance and rushed to hospital.

One of the paramedics was still present and Sophia walked over to him.

“Sir, can you please tell me what happened?”

“She suddenly collapsed due to a severe infection of the guts and the pancreas”

“Will she survive?” Sophia asked the paramedic.

“We don´t know. But her chances aren´t good at all. Now it depends on the girl´s ability to fight. But we have to prepare for the worst case.”

“Thank you sir.” Sophia said sadly.

Sophia ran into the bar right to Alfredo where she broked out in tears. Alfredo who was also like snakebit hugged her tight to show her that she wasn´t alone. That helped her a little bit, but she was still worried about Fiona.

Some hours later Sophia was sitting next to Fiona´s bed on the intensive care station in the hospital. Fiona s room was full of monitors showing all of her vital signs. The doctors put Fiona into an artificial coma so she wouldn´t have any pain at all. And nobody could tell if Fiona would ever wake up again.

Sophia was full of worries and asked herself if she maybe hadn´t had a close eye on Fiona.

Because of her sorrows Sophia postponed the planned movie to stay on her friend´s side.

She didn´t leave Fiona´s room the next day, the day following…she stayed for over a week right next to the bed, sleeping on the floor and eating in Fiona´s room. Sophia only left Fiona for a short while using the toilet and the shower in Fiona´s room. During the 9 days of waiting Sophia, a notorious chain-smoker, didn´t even go out to take one single drag.

After 9 days the doctors had good news. Fiona would survive but if her stomach would ever recover totally was still not sure.

Despite the fact that Fiona wasn´t in critical condition anymore Sophia stayed another 6 days until she awaked out of the coma.

When her friend opened her eyes Sophia rushed over and hugged her closly and kissed her cheek while tears ran across her face.

“Welcome back, dear!” she said.

“How long have I been absent? Fiona asked.

“15 days.”

“15 days? Oh man!”

Suddenly the doctors came in.

One of the medics turned his face to Fiona and spoke with a serious voice.

“Miss O´Riley, first of all it´s good to have you on board again. But we´ve some bad news: your stomach will need some month to recover and you aren´t allowed to eat any food during that time. So you´ve to inject liquid food several times a day to avoid starving during that period.”

“No eating?”

“No, Miss O´Riley!”

“Not even a small candy bar?”


“Ok.” Fiona said being in a bad mood.

The doctors left the room and Fiona and Sophia were alone again.

“Hey Fiona, don´t let yourself hanging. We´ll go through it, right?”

“Well, your right. Let´s fight!”

“You mentioned fighting. You know what: I quit smoking! I couldn´t leave the room while you were comatous and well I don´t show any signs of a “turkey” now.”

“That´s good, dear. Maybe you can help me to quit cigs, too.”

“Of course I will.”


About 5 months later:

As it turned out Fiona overcame her depression and even her smoking habit with the help of her now best friend Sophia. Sophia meanwhile took Fiona to her work and so Fiona could have a view on several movie sets and Hollywood stars. Her collection of autographs grew and grew week by week. Whether these collection grew Fiona´s body lost mass due to the diet she had to do. She rapidly lost fat and got a lot of attractive looks.

She was 210 pounds when she sat next to Sophia in a theater filled with stars and their friends and family. Sophia´s parents had no time to fly over to L.A. and so she took Fiona and Fiona´s parents to join her. Fiona´s parents had recently gone to a rollercoaster of feelings:

It was a rainy day with black clouds in the sky when the old lady Fiona´s parents worked for years died aged 87. The lady died in peace while being asleep. But it was a shock for Fiona`s parents as they got jobless. But all the good work they did in the past turned out to be a lead in a better future. The old lady had made her will before her death and Fiona´s parents got the mansion and some millions of dollars. Now the phase of working all day and night was over.

And now they were even in a room with all these stars. Well, Sophia von Waldstätten, who now was a star, came over to their house every day and so it was not uncommon to Fiona s parents to talk to a celeb.

And now came the moment the four were waiting for.

There stood Julia Roberts on stage and opened the envelope. She took a look at the piece of paper inside and started speaking:

“And the Oscar for the “Best Female Leading Part” goes to…Sophia von Waldstätten for her great performance in “Human Turkeys”.

Applause came from all sides as Sophia was on her way to the stage. She was flattered and never even thought of winning an Oscar despite she had been nominated but the other nominees didn´t a bad job either.

Now she was staying right on stage receiving the Oscar out of Julia Roberts´ hands. Julia Roberts went away and now it was time for Sophia´s speech.

“Well, I´ve not made any or so. Ahem…first of all I want to thank my parents who always supported me. Mom, Dad, I know you´re sitting in front of your TV now far away in Germany and…well…I love you. Thank you very much. I also want to thank my producers, the directors I´ve worked with, the other actors and actress who did tremendous jobs and of course the jury. If I´ve forgotten anyone please forgive me but I´m so exited that I can´t get my head straight. But finally I also have to thank a very special friend of mine… Fiona O´Riley! She was the one encouraging me to do the stuffing sets so good, she gave me the right instructions, she´s such a good girl. Fiona, you´re the best friend someone can get. Thank you for all you did.
I also want to say that my co-nominees did excellent performances.

As I said I can´t get my head straight now. I´ve said all what I wanted to say. Thank you all!”

With these words Sophia waved into the crowd which applaused. Sophia went back to her seat and gave Fiona who was smiling a “high five”.


Some hours later at the After-Show-Party:

“Come on Fiona.”

“Well, we quit!”


“Ok, but only this single time.”

So Fiona and Sophia lightened the big cigars Sophia had ordered at the party.

“It´s good and tasty.” Fiona said. “What´s the brand´s name?”

“Cohiba Esplendidos!”

“Aren´t that Cubans?”


“That´s illegal!”

“But it smells good! And anyway how many policemen do you see around here? No one? Ok!”

“Ok, Sophia, you´re right. Let´s have a bottle of French champagne, baby!”


The morning after the party:

Sophia awaked.

“Uuuuuhhh, my head. All this champagne…that something so tasty can cause such a damage…I need aspirin…Aaaaaaahhhhh…. Fionaaaaa…what are you doing in my bed? What is going on here?”

“Ummmm…Sophia…please…my skull is about to burst…so what´s wrong?”

“What´s wrong? We are lying in the same bed and are totally nude! And I can´t remember what we did yesterday after coming here!”

“What we did last night? I can tell you. We drank some bottles of champagne at the party and than we came over here and then I can´t remember!

“Did we maybe fuck???”

“I don´t know!”


“By the way: it can be that I accidently hit the mic button of my mobile. Maybe it has recorded something. Let´s listen to it.”

They listened to the recorded tape.

“I can´t believe it. We fucked each other for hours and seemed to like it!” Fiona said.

“I can´t believe it either, Fiona.”

“Maybe we are lesbians. Or we were just drunk.”

“Or we were drunk lesbians!”

“How can we find out?”

“I´ve got an idea! We kiss and if a shiver runs down our spines then it´s more than just friendship.”

“Ok, let´s give it a try.”

They kissed. Did a shiver run down their spines? More than that. They rolled across the floor like two playing kittens until they crashed into the room´s wall and….(rest censored because of adult action 🙂 ).

Now it was clear. They were a lesbian couple, but they were sure not to care about other people spreading rumors about it.

In fact they gave a statement to the papers: “Fiona and Sophia: Lesbians and proud about it!”


3 months later:

Fiona had bought “Alfredo´s Bar” with money from her parents and changed its name into “BalloonIn” a place for ladies only with huge meals.

Despite offering those huge meals all the stressy work made Fiona loosing further weight and she was 190 now and a volptous lady with curves far away from being the fatty she was only 14 months before.

Because of her relationship to Sophia the “BalloonIn” was often frequented by Hollywood actresses.

There were talkings around that a sequel of “Human Turkeys” was planned as the killer´s body never was found at the end of part one.

And as it was Hollywood the rumors turned out to be right.

But this time Sophia was engaged by other studios so she couldn´t take part. Therefore the story was planned to take place on an island were a group of women rucksack tourists is on vacation. But the killer is around there.

The cast was a collection of Hollywood beauties.

The three leading roles were given to Anna Paquin, Julia Stiles and Lindsay Lohan.

10 days before the filming should took place Anna, Julia and Lindsay entered the “BalloonIn” at 8 pm.

“Hello, anyone here?” Anna said.

“Over here!” Fiona´s voice came from a corner. “But it´s closed today. The door was just open because I´m about to leave.”

Fiona came around the corner and saw who stood at the counter. She had known Anna´s voice but she couldn´t mention it and couldn´t see the girls due to an angle in the wall before.

“Hello Anna, Julia, Lindsay. Well, in case of you three I allow you to stay. I´m just closing the entrance door.” Fiona told `em and did so. Then she went back over to the trio.

“What can I do for you?”

“Well as you know we have leading roles in the “Human Turkeys”-sequel and want to get some stuffing experience before. And you were the one that teached Sophia.” Julia answered.

“Ok. I´ll help you. But our cook has her day off, but I think I´m also a wizard when it gets to cooking. Do you have special meals in mind?”

“No, just feel free.” Lindsay replied.

“Thanks. Ok, take a seat. I´ll bring you something to drink right now. We´ve got a good German beer brand today, are you interested?”

“Of course.”

“Bottles or glasses?”


So Fiona brought them three bottles of German beer and then went to the kitchen.

She came back after 30 minutes with a huge tray (4×2 feet) of good-smelling lasagna and three forks.

“Be carefull it´s damn hot!” she warned the three girls.

So the girls waited until the lasagna was a bit colder and then they took the forks and started eating.

“Mmmmhhhh, tastes excellent!” Julia said after her first bites and went on.

And Anna and Lindsay also dug in as they had never eating something so good.

The within 15 minutes the trio was halfway through the lasagna.

“Oh man…*AAAARRRRPPPP*…girls would you mind I open my pants to make some room? I´m already full but it tastes too good to stop now!” Anna asked.

“Well, I don´t mind” Lindsay answered “I´ve unzipped my jeans some minutes ago.”

“Me too.”Julia added.

Anna´s hands went to her waistline and you could more than divine the moment when she unbuttoned as she took a deep relaxed breath out of a sudden and her shirt was lifted a bit by her bulging tummy.

But she kept on eating and so did her fellow girls.

They ate slower and swallowed without much chewing now but finally after 50 minutes in total the tray was emptied…and the trio was full.

“Uuuuhhhh…my tum!” Julia said.

But before Anna or Lindsay could refer to it Fiona came out of the kitchen with a whole pie.

“We can´t hold that!” Lindsay told Fiona.

“Just a small piece. Please. It´s homemade and consists of apple-sauce, whipped cream, cheese, chocolate crisps and cherries. Not to mention a small shot of best Jamaican rum. Give it a try.” Fiona begged.

“Ok. Girls I think a small piece wouldn´t cause that much damage. So let´s eat one piece.” Julia suggested.

Anna and Lindsay agreed to her and so they took a piece of pie each.

Fiona had to do some balancing of the books and so she went into her office.

She came back 30 minutes later and was not surprised at all to see an empty tray were the pie had been on before.

Anna, Julia and Lindsay were leaning back into their chairs and so Fiona could get a close look onto their bellies.

About 2 hours ago these three beauties had come throught the door slim as a stick and now they were so stuffed and bloated. They looked like they´d swallowed bowling balls without chewing them. Their shirts were lifted up to their boobs and the already wide opened pants were about to burst due to the king-sized bellies. If they´d been knocked up with twins they wouldn´t have been any bigger.

“*UUURRRRPPPSS* I´m ready to pop!” Julia moaned.

“And what about my stout gut then? I *EEEERRRRPPP* have eaten even more than you did!” Anna answered her.

But Lindsay was the biggest of them all, having eaten a quarter of the lasagna and half the pie.

“Oooooohhhhh! My belly hurts soooo much. I´d rather burst than feeling like that way any longer!” she cried out.

“How could we eat that much?” Anna asked.

“It was tasty. I guess that´s all!” Lindsay said in pain.

“I agree Linds. I´ve never eating something so good. I couldn´t stop until I felt close to explode.” was Julia´s comment about that.

Fiona came to the girls table.

“Seconds anyone?” she asked and the reaction was a painfull “NOOOOO!” as the girls replied in a kind of choire.

“I was just joking!” Fiona said with a smile.

“May I offer you our special service? Cohiba cigars to support your digestion and a belly rubbing by our professional belly rubber in our lounge. I´ve called him as you were digging into the lasagna like being mad. He´s here and waiting. How about it?” Fiona offered.

“Sounds good.” Lindsay said and her two fellows agreed.

“But we are so full that we can´t even go a step.” Anna interrupted and Julia and Lindsay nodded.

“No problem.” Fiona giggled “they´re are holes in the legs of your chairs to adjust wheels. So I can roll you into the lounge.”

Fiona adjusted the wheels and rolled the girls into the lounge.

She gave each of the girls a Cohiba cigar.

“I´ve maybe smoked almost everything but cigars!” Lindsay said. “What about you Anna and Julia?”

“We haven´t done that either!” Anna explained.

Julia didn´t say anything but lightening her cigar and take puffs. She smiled all across her face.

“It´s yummy!” she convinced Anna and Lindsay and so the trio was finally sitting in the lounge having Cuban smokes and nice belly rubs by the rubber.

They waddled out of the “BalloonIn” two hours later, now able to do small steps but still looking like preggos due every day.


1 ½ years later in Paris, France:

“That was excellent!” Sophia said and hold her flabby belly rolls. “I guess you want to fatten me up like a pig and then slaughter me for having a Christmas meal.” She joked into the direction of Fiona.

“No, sweet piggy. I could never slaughter you. I´d miss your lovehandles too much.” Fiona smiled back and grabbed tenderly into the fat Sophia had built up over the last 18 months.

While Fiona was still dieting (well, the doctors told her that her belly would never recover completely) and trim 130 pounds her good cooking skills had a good victim in Sophia.

First she didn´t even notice her gain but when she couldn´t close her pants that easy she know what was responsible for that development.

But she didn´t act like a “normal” Hollywood star and became anorexious. She indeed liked Fiona´s food and if a pudgy body was the price she was ready to pay it.

Seconds and thirds became familiar to Sophia and she ballooned month by month and withdraw from acting weighing 187 pounds staying involved into Hollywood biz as director. And her first moves turned out to be a big successes.

She and Fiona had their lesbian wedding a week ago in Germany were this marriages are allowed. It was a huge festival and both families had a lot of fun. Both brides threw bridal bouquets and both were catched by Sophia´s sister Stephanie.

The day after the wedding followed by a very “active” honeymoon night the brides started into their honeymoon vacation to Paris.

Both had never been to Paris and so they enjoyed the city and the sight seeings as Arc de Trioumph, Champs Elysee, Le Tour d`Eiffel and so on.

Sophia started into the vacation being 224 pounds heavy but due the good cooking by Fiona and the French food as well both women know that Sophia would be much fatter afterwards. And the stay in Paris still was booked for 3 weeks to come.

EPILOGUE (some years later):

Fiona and Sophia are still happily married. After celebrating her 300th pound Sophia quit being a director and both women moved to Paris also buying a nice vacation residence in Germany near Sophia´s parents. Fiona (still trim) and Sophia recently adopted 2 Russian orphan girls to give them a chance to live in wealth. Since giving up cigarettes Fiona and Sophia aren´t nicotine junkies anymore but sometimes they relax by smoking a good Cuban. They use new names and passports now and I´m not allowed to say anything more about their current identity.

Stephanie is now happily married to a young and good-looking industrial. She´s pregnant in the 7th month with twins now but her belly still looks slim compared with Sophia´s.

Fiona´s parents are still living in their Hollywood mansion and are in good health and wealth condition.

Anna Paquin and Julia Stiles had a great success with their roles in the sequel of “Human Turkeys” and shared the Oscar for the “Best Female Leading Part” in the movie´s year as the jury couldn´t make a clear decision are now co-holders of the “BalloonIn” that still belongs to Fiona. Anna and Julia are doing private stuffing and burping contests against each other once every moth. While Julia is the better stuffee Anna turns out to be the uncrowened “Queen of Burps”. Both are also still actresses and slim to the bones when being unstuffed.

Lindsay Lohan got the Oscar for the “Best Female Subordinated Part” (the same year Anna and Julia won their Oscars) for her efforts in the sequel of “Human Turkeys”. Unlike Anna and Julia she got totally hooked by stuffing. She quit acting shortly after winning her Oscar and disappeared. There are rumors that due to her daily stuffings she has got a lot of blubber and is now weighing over 450 pounds. But no one knows for sure.


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