Stuffedbellylover – Friends

Chapter 1- The Project

It was Saturday and the summer sun was shining warmly from the sky while fresh air was coming from the flowers of the suburban meadows. Bird chirped, bees buzzed and also the grasshoppers added their beautiful sounds.

Hannah was sitting on the sun-warm stairs and listened to these “music” and she heard a frog from the direction of the pond in the garden. Hannah took a deep breath of summer air while she closed her baby blue eyes and pet her blonde shoulder long hair.

It was a nice act that her grandma offered helps for her college project she did with her friends. She wondered when her girls would arrive.

But right in that moment Krissy´s red Volkswagen Golf arrived.

“Well, Krissy wasn´t the master of hitting the breaks the soundless way” Hannah thought because the Golf´s tyres creaked and some rubber was left on the gateway. But that was Krissy´s style of driving since she got her driving licence about a year ago. Hannah herself was about 6 months behind but at least she got her licence directly on her 18th birthday.

Hannah stood up and moved her 120 pounds at 5´4 to her fellow girls. First it was about hugging Krissy who had to be careful not to hurt her as the brown-haired and green-eyed Krissy was a 220 at about 5´8. Most of that weight was a leftover of lover´s grief Krissy had when she was 17. After her then-boyfriend had left her she compensated it with eating, mostly choco bars, and so she gained 65 pounds in less than half a year.

After that Krissy hugged Inga, the black-haired and dark-eyed beauty whose weight was about 130 pounds at 5´5.

Also the next girl was black-haired but Nina was brown-eyed and 5´6 tall and 143 pounds heavy.

The next one to hug was blonde Meg who was a 5´7 and 150 pounds green-eyed.

Last not least was Alessandra who was an elegant 5´ ft. 7 tall and 140 pounds beauty with black hair and brown eyes due to her Italian roots.

“Let´s go in girls. Grandma is waiting with cake and coffee.” Hannah said and brought her friends directly to the living room.


The sky rumoured and lighting enlightened the dark March night while the barracks revealed a smell of illnesses, misery and death.

“There´s no hope left to come over it!” an old woman said.

“Grandma, please don´t tell things like this.” a young dark-haired teenage girl said to her in a silent way. “You are scaring the children!”

“Oh Sara” the old women said to the teen “believe me, there´s no hope anymore. We are lost.!

“Is it wrong to hope for a miracle Grandma?”

“No, it ain´t my dear, it ain´t. But I´ve been through so much misery in life to believe into one. Believe me Sara… soon we´ll be in a better place… we all!”

“Mom!” a young middle-aged woman yelled at the old one. She looked similar to the young teen so it was obvious that they were mother and daughter.

“Helen, don´t yell at me! I´m still your mother!”

“Mom, I don´t won´t that you scare Sara!”

“Don´t bother about it Mom!” Sara said. “I´m not scared. Heaven will keep an eye on us!”

“Right Sara!” Helen said and gave her daughter a hug.


„How many today?“

„378 Sir. Hope we´ll get replacements soon. This ratpack doesn´t work so much anymore!“

“I was told that new workers will arrive tomorrow, Schneider.”

“Ok Sir. I´ll show these scumbags how to work.”

“I know. Break the ranks!”

“Yes Sir. For Fuehrer and country!”

The black uniformed left the HQ together with another soldier who had been quiet all the time during the briefing.

“Hey, you want to join us in the tavern?” the black uniformed asked his companion.

“No Franz. I´ve some other work to do this evening. Maybe tomorrow!”

“Are you ok? You seem to be without all the power and the fire within your heart in the recent weeks. You don´t have any doubts about the Fuehrer and the Endsieg, or do you?”

“No way! What do you think Franz?” I´m just a bit struck because of my brother, ya know?”
“Still no news at all?”

“Unfortunately not. That´s what bothers me at most. Lot of his company members have been killed in action but he is missing without any trace…”

“If it was a grenade or something like that… you won´t find anything of him anymore… Sorry… I didn´t…”

“It´s ok… I know that. That´s what gives our mom at home such heartache… She can´t even say good-bye until he is not found… he´s missing for 12 week now.”

“Those fucking Ivans… but these Stalinists will pay for it… Believe me… The Fuehrer will take revenge for it. And then we´ll finish off the Tommys, Sammys and the frog-eaters at the Western front… Right?” Franz told his companion and smiled at him.

“Oh.. yes. Of course.” the other guy murmured.

“But now I have to leave… the others are waiting for… Until tomorrow!”

“See you tomorrow Franz.”


Sara was shedding bitter tears. The only light in the barrack was given by some old light bulbs which were as dusty as the whole barrack itself. And from time to time you could see a ray of the morning sun when there were small gaps between the thick timbers the barrack consisted of.

Helen tried to help her daughter even if she was close to a breakdown herself.

Both were kneeing down in front of a dirty plan bad on which the now lifeless and cold body of Helen´s mother resp. Sara´s grandmother was put on the bier.

All the stress of working has taken its toll to another victim.

“At least” another woman tried to give words of support to Helen and Sara “she slept in peacefully and didn´t suffocate because of gas… as many of us will have to do…”

But that was barely a support for Helen and Sara. Again a family member that was gone… Because of all the other family members of them that had probably already been killed they didn´t even keep an overlook about them all. Too man had been deported without a trace…

But at least they know that some members of the family would survive as Helen´s husband (Sara´s father) and Sara´s older sister had been able to go to Scandinavia in time… As they had not enough money in those days the family decided with aching hearts that Sara, her mother and her grandmother should stay in Germany until Sara´s father would have made enough money to pay the journey to Scandinavia. But soon before all the money needed had been collected the three women became deported…

Suddenly Sara was ripped out of her thought as the door was opened in a noisy and brutal way and three SS-men came into the barrack.
They took a look at Sara´s dead grandmother.

“Oh look at that… Another Jewish rat that has gone without causing dirty fingers on our side… If you all would just be so nice to perish after the work is done…!” one of the man laughed in a dirty and evil way. “Come on and bring a bier” he said to his SS-fellows “and give a report so that the ovens are made ready as here´s work to do!”

The other 2 SS-guys did what they were told to do and in the end Sara´s grandmother has transported out of the barrack.

“You´ll go the same way soon, rats!” one of the men said when they closed the door behind themselves.

About 10 minutes after the men had left one of the women in the barrack started crying pretty loud.

“Esther… what´s on?” another woman ask her.

“The child…” the asked one answered.

“I know this is pretty difficult Esther… but you have to be quiet. It wasn´t easy to hide that you were pregnant and you know what will happen to the child if they will ever find out… Please stay brave… Come one… someone please bring a piece of wood so she can bite onto it to easy the pain…”

Someone brought a piece of wood and as difficult as all the circumstance were the birth was relatively unproblematic and Esther gave birth to a healthy boy.

“Congratulations Esther… What a strong boy…”

“But how can he hide him and make him quite during controls so that they won´t find him?” one of the women ask without any having an idea.


A few days later the women came back from working. Gain some of the women had collapsed during work as they were more dead than alive and as a result these women were brought away. No one said a word about it but everyone knew where these poor women had finally been transported to.

“Samuel has disappeared!” Esther cried and tears ran down her cheeks. „They did find him and now they´ll use him for experiments…“

No one was able to give Esther any support… in fact most of the women and girls also began to cry and shed tears. So did Sara and her mother.


„Commander… Sir… I have just got a call. We´ll receive 2000 new workers tomorrow.“

“2000? We don´t have space for them…”

“Sir, can I offer a suggestion please?”

“Ok, Schneider.”

“Well just let us deport some of these rats to a termination camp…”

“That´s a good idea! Schneider… you will organize the deportation… All women and girls form the barracks 5, 6 and 9 have to go.”

“Ok Sir!”

“Baumgartner! You´ll assist Schneider during this task!” the commander told the man next to Schneider.

“Sir, I want to organize everything on my own… I´ve connections to do so!”

“Ok Schneider. But I´ll hold you reliable for any problems that may appear! And now please leave… All of you! Sieg Heil!”

“Sieg Heil Sir!” the other men said and left the HQ right after that.

“You have said “Sieg Heil” with a more powerful voice once, Alex… Still bothering about your brother?”

“Maybe Franz, maybe… Well, still no news from the Eastern front. Thank you for doing the task on your own so I´ll have some other things I can do!”

“Oh… you´ll take a girl out to go dancing or so… right?” Franz giggled.

“Ahem… maybe.”

“Ha. Have some fun Alex and good luck with the lady! I guess it will help you to get the head straight again.”

“Yes, I think so, too!”

“See you tomorrow buddy!”

“Of course. But don´t expect me to tell you every detail Franz!”

“I don´t. Servus!”



The sun had just risen on the horizon to show the beginning of another day.

A silence was in the air… a treacherous one… that of suddenly interfered by some hesitated steps on the HQ´s wooden stairs.

A hard-breathing soldier rushed into the HQ without even knocking on the door. As he did so he tried to get some air to breath properly.

“Heil Hitler Sir… we have a problem… I don´t know how to say it…!

“Just do so…” the commander said in an angry mood.

“Ok Sir… we have casualties in the barracks 5,6 and 9… they are all gone…”

“Are you kidding me?”

“No Sir… The Jews there are all dead… without any exceptions…”


“No one has a clue…”

“Everyone in the mentioned barracks is dead?”

“Yes… everyone… 2356 to be correct…”

“All of the officers should come to me! IMMEDIATELY!”

“Ok Sir!”

The soldier left as quickly as he rushed in.


A short time later the officers had gathered round.

“Gentlemen” the commander addressed them “we have a problem… 2356 bodies to be correct. It would take weeks to bury or burn them all… any ideas how to solve our problem?”

“Today there was a deportation scheduled. So we just can send the corpses instead of the living Jews.”

“That would be a good idea Kraus. If there hadn´t been multiple Allied bombings last night that left the rail road severely destroyed… We won´t even get the replacement Jews today…”

“What about phoning Berlin to ask for advice Sir?”

“The network was also damaged… Fucking Allies…”

“Sir… it could be an illness… maybe it is infectious…”

“Baumgartner… that´s what I though, too. Therefore I want to get rid of the dead Jews before we are all infected.”

„But until now only Jews got ill and no Aryans… Maybe it is a Jewish illness…“

“Schuster… maybe… But I don´t want to risk anything if not.”

“Sir… I have a suggestion.”

“Baumgartner, I´m listening.”

“Well there´s is an old mine not far away from here and it is not used anymore… We could bring the bodies there, then lock the mine with wood, rocks and so on… With the help of 3-4 trucks we could do it within a day.”

The commander rose from his desk.

“Has anyone a better idea?“

All officers shook their heads.

„Ok. Then we will handle it the way Baumgartner told us. Baumgartner, you will be responsible for the operation. What do you need for it?”

“About 20 soldiers and 200 imprisoned Jews. The prisoners should carry the bodies inside the mine so we minimize the risks for our guys. Oh, and the soldier should cover their noses and mouths…”

“Ok… we´ll have the entire needed equipment ready in about 2 hours. I´ll give you information as soon as you can start Baumgartner. And now gentleman I ask you to leave. Heil to our Fuehrer!”

“Heil to our Fuehrer!” the officers replied and left the HQ.

The whole idea was done the way Officer Baumgartner said and it even took a day to finish the operation without any problems.

Sara opened her eyes. She was lying on a dirty and dusty ground in a more dark than bright place and her sight was a bit interfered by a kind of mist on her eyes. She closed and opened her eyes a few times and her sight became normal. She saw a light in that came from a torch and recognized one of the officers from the Concentration Camp.

She wanted to cry but the man pressed his hand onto her mouth and she couldn´t say anything.

“Don´t cry” he told her “You´re safe. Take a look around.”

And Sara did so.

There next to a stonewall was Sara´s mother smiling at her… she smiled for the first time within months. Sara lifted her upper body up to sit and went on to check the environment.

She quickly noticed that they must have been brought to some kind of cave and she was surrounded by the people that had shared the barrack with her only hours ago.

And there stood Esther… and a child!

“Where are we?” she asked the officer in a mazed way.

“You are safe…” he answered. “We´ll bring you out of here and some guys will carry you towards the West… Americans will be waiting there!”

“But we will be reported to be escaped Jews and then they will find and shot us!” Sara said with fear in her voice.

“No you are officially dead… Killed by a mysterious illness!” the officer quiet her down.

A man came next to the officer.

“Good job done, Kurt. You are a genius regarding poison and narcotics…” the officer laughed at his buddy.

“Without you and your plan to convince the commander as well as your knowledge about secret mine entrances me wouldn´t have been able to do anything, Alex!”

“I know…” the officer said. Then he turned over to Sara. “Your left arm is hurting a bit, ain´t it?”

“No.” Sara answered and then she took a look at her left arm. Where her tattooed registration number had been yesterday there was a bleached spot now…

“Acid does a good job!” the officer smiled and Sara and she smiled back.

Suddenly there came a loud voice from somewhere deep in the mine.

“The trucks are ready!” a man´s voice said.

“Ok… you have to leave now. Just follow these men! Good luck and take care!” the officer said to the people.

“Why do you do this for us? Why do you take such a big risk?” a middle-aged man asked the officer.

“I just have reasons to do so.” the officer answered. “And now leave!”


„And that´s how we got rescued!“ Hannah´s grandmother finished her report.

“Unbelievable!” Krissy said.

„Mom and I got some help by the Allies to go to Sweden where we met my father and my sister again. After the war we came back to Germany and settled down here in Munich where I finally met a young man who became my now deceased husband.”
“Do you still have any contacts to other survivors from the barracks?” Inga asked.

“Yes. We have met here and there after the war ended… like a class reunion. We finally spread all over the whole world but we became friends due to the things we went through. That´s why we stayed in contact. Most of the older survivors are of course dead by now but the younger once like me are still in contact.

Nina had a question, too.

“What about Samuel? He was the baby, right? What happened to him?”

„Yes, the baby that he man gave to Esher was indeed Samuel. And thank heaven also Esther´s husband was among the rescued. They immigrated to the USA and Samuel studied there to become a lawyer working successfully for a big company. But he has made enough money now and is retired.”

“What about the officer?” Meg asked out of curiosity.

“No one of use has ever heard anything about him again. Maybe he was killed in action or sentenced to death… I don´t know. I wish I´d know what has happened to him and ask him why he saved us. He was involved when about 2400 people were rescued. 6 million people had to die in camps but it is better to help a bit than to help in no way.

“Grandma, I hope all those things you told us haven´t brought up anything bad.

“Don´t be scared Hannah. You know you have the right to know about your family history. And as I can help you and your friends with the history course project for school´s expo I love to tell you. If I only can convince one person to break the ties with any of these right-winged guys it was worth all the efforts we put into it.

“Oh girls… It´s already 5 PM. I have made a cake for you ladies. Just wait a minute.” Hannah´s grandmother said.

„Oh man.“ Nina moaned when the girls went over to Krissy´s car. „Your grandma is quite good at making cake. I´ve eaten 3 pieces of it…”

“So did I.” Inga said. „If that was my grandma I´d be 450 pounds heavy…” she giggled.

“And I´d be close to bringing a ton upon the scale!” Krissy added smiling.

„I guess it is all a question of quantity and sittings.“ Meg interfered.

„Right!“ Hannah confirmed Meg´s suggestions. „I´m not here that often. And I love running. There´s no lard that I gain at all. So I think I can pig out a bit here and there.”

„Wisely spoken Hannah!“ Inga nodded.

In the meantime the 6 ladies had reached Krissy´s car.

„Hannah, will you join us on the ride home? I could bring you home. Or do you want to stay at your grandma´s place? Alessandra wanted to go to her boyfriend´s space and he´s just living about 5 minutes from here so she decided to walk. So I have a seat left in my car.”

“Well grandma is pretty tired now and wants to take a rest. So I´ll come with you Krissy. Otherwise I´d have to wait for the bus and that would take awfully much time. Thank you Krissy!”

“No matter. That´s what friends are for!”

And so the 5 young ladies entered Krissy´s VW to leave while Alessandra waved them good-bye on the way to her boyfriend.

With the help by Hannah´s grandmother the girl´s history project was a large success and all the girls got A+ marks.

One year later the 6 friends graduated and then… Oh that´s another story.


Chapter 2 – A Bride and Her Maids

5 years has passed since our 6 friends had got their High School graduation and so they finally got involved into the “real life”.

Inga and Nina moved to Cologne (and became appartmentmates of course) where Inga started to study English and sport while Nina did an apprenticeship as designer. Meg went to Hamburg to do an apprenticeship as office clerk for an insurance company while Hannah and Krissy stayed in Munich because Hannah began to study informatics and Krissy German and Business Science as she wanted to become a teacher. Alessandra didn´t have any problems about what to do after school.

Despite all the hard efforts they had to put into their studies and apprenticeships they all stayed in contact thank to phone and e-mails.

In the meantime they all had finished her education.

Inga was now a teacher for sport and English in Cologne while Nina worked as designer for a clothes company that now belonged to Alessandra because her parents had given it to her daughter as a present after she had finished her studies at Harvard. Meg got a contract to stay with the insurance company after apprenticeship. And Hannah and Krissy? Hannah signed a contract with a Munich software company to develop programs for them. Krissy became a teacher at a business school in Munich.

But also some things had changed in the ladies´ private lives. Inga met a young men during her summer job as a waitress and they fell in love together. Fabrice, as he was called, had German roots as well as French ones Inga was impressed by his abilities regarding sport, cleverness and his charming way. And Fabrice was also impressed by Inga´s kind way. And so it finally happened that Fabrice moved into a free unused room at the apartment that Inga and Nina shared.

They had been a couple for 2 years now and so the consequence was that Fabrice ask Inga to marry him and Inga accepted.

So the whole marriage was planned. It shouldn´t take part in just a church… no they chose the Frauenkirche in Munich as wedding place. It was clear that it wasn´t going to be a cheap marriage but Fabrice had convinced his bosses with his efforts at work so he was already regional manager at the company he joined at just 26 years of age.

Of course Inga wanted Nina to design the wedding dress and of course Nina was willing to work for her friend. And Inga and Fabrice had also already bought a house to live there after marriage.

The only thing that Inga still needed was a place to have her “bachelorette party”.

And Krissy came into play as she offered Inga to take a nice house in the woods that Krissy´s family owned since decades. As Inga loved nature that convinced her to accept Krissy´s offer. Well, maybe it also was a fact that the next people lived some miles away so that Inga and her bridesmaids could have a noisy party with lots of fun.

And now it was the day before Inga´s big day and she was happy to see her good friends again after 5 years of being separated. They all had sworn not to send any photos before they met again 5 years ago so everyone was nervous how the others might have had developed. Unfortunately Alessandra had an important meeting in Milan, Italy so she told Inga that she wouldn´t be able to join the party but that she would take an overnight flight to Munich to join the wedding itself the next day.

Inga was the first of the ladies to arrive the house of course. It looked like an old-styled Bavarian hunting mansion with 2 floors. Inga just wanted to unlock the door by using the key when she heard some steps behind her. She turned around.

“Hey Krissy! Oh man you have change yourself that much.” she said.

“Hi! Let´s give each other a hug after all that years.” Krissy replied and gave Inga a big hug.

Inga was still as sporty as she had been 5 years ago and wore a black jeans together with a black top. She looked at her friend that was dressed in red shorts and a white shirt after both finished the hugging.

“Krissy, you are you thin… how much weight have you shed dear?”

“About 65 pounds.”

“Wow… how did you do that?”

“First of all Hannah helped me to do so because she convinced me to join her fitness group. And also love eased it to make the decision to loose some weight.”

“Ah… yes you mentioned that Dimi is a freak regarding sports… kickboxing if I remember right.”

“You do remember right! Well, it is a nice sport and I love to do it.”

“I know. I´m also going kickboxing in my leisure time together with other sports. Maybe we can join a training camp together during holidays someday?”

“Oh that would be pretty nice Inga!”

“Where´s Hannah by the way?”

“She´s already on the way. She just wanted to find a parking lot in the city and you know how the situation is during the weekend. Therefore she let me out of her car down the hill and I walked the few miles up to this place. So maybe we have to be patient until she arrives… oh, there she is… Hannah… we are over HERE!”

“I have already seen you!” Hannah shouted back and began to run over to her two friends. Her blue top and white khaki pants streamed in the air.

When she arrived the ladies she give Inga a hug as big and powerful as Krissy did before.

“Oh… you are breaking my ribcage…” Inga laughed.

“Well, body building training” Hannah giggled back.

“As long as you don´t look like one of these professional female bodybuilders.”

“No way. I want to stay female and shaped like a lady!”


„Fine!“ Inga said. „Nina will join us at about 6 PM. She had to do some work for her company´s new collection and wanted to be fit and gifted with enough sleep. I guess she is now leaving the plane from Cologne. And Meg should be at the train station, too. Her brother will pick her up there. But now let´s enter this beautiful house at first.”

Inga unlocked the door and they stepped in. They looked around. It was a really big room. The white walls were decorated with hunting trophies like antlers, furs and bones while the floor consisted of wooden deals.

In the back part of the room there was an old-styled chimney with a bear´s hide, a desk and 6 comfortable looking leather arm-chairs in front of it.

On the left side next to the chimney there were stairs leading to the upper floor where the bathroom and the sleeping-rooms were placed. Right from the chimney there was a small kitchen space with dish-washer, hearth and boards.

Inga was impressed.

“Wow… a lovely place.” she told Krissy.

“Of course. My grandparents even did wipe the dust away so we can feel comfortable!”

“I guess we will do so!” Hannah said.

“But now let´s just sit down and rest a bit. I guess we will spent some power later that evening!” Inga suggested and her mates nodded so they walked over to the arm-chairs and sat down to take a nap.

After an hour they heard a know at the door and a well-known voice saying “Hello?” through the locked door.

“Meg? Come in please!” Inga answered.

The door opened and the eyes of the 3 sitting ladies grew wide.

“Meg, oh my… You are indeed well-feed…” Krissy said pretty loud.

“Damn right!” Hannah supported Krissy after she had taken a look at Meg´s big love handles bulging under the green shirt and the big ass that was tightly packed into blue jeans.

“Yes, girls. I got fat… Well, my friend is a cook and I´m his „guinea-pig“ regarding new creations. That´s the whole story…“ Meg laughed while she gave each of her friends a hug.

“Is it allowed to ask?” Inga wanted to know.

“Of course. 239.74 pounds yesterday. But I´m sure I will add some pounds within the next two days. I guess there will be a wedding cake, right?” Meg giggled without any shame.

“Of course there will be one. But I guess we all will add a pound or so within the next 36 hours. It´s just the question if you want to get rid of it later on or not.”

“You are right, Krissy!” Hannah said still laughing. Inga and Meg also put a smile up onto their faces.

“But let´s change the topic. Will your friend join the wedding, Meg?”

“Unfortunately not Inga. Lorenz got the weekend shift this time but I should all give warm-hearted greeting to you even if he doesn´t know anyone of you..”

“Best wishes back please” the “choire” replied.

“All tell him!” Meg assured.

“Meg, we decided to take some rest until about 8 PM. Then the food I ordered will be delivered. Is that ok?”

“Definitely! Where´s Nina?”

“Oh she´ll join us soon! But now let´s take some rest.”

And so also Meg sat down and all of them closed their eyes to be fit enough to have a nice party in the later hours of the evening.

Until they were interfered for a second time.

“Nina, if that´s you just enter!”

It was indeed Nina who now entered the room with her belly free top and her pants matching her hair colour.

“Hi!” she said while she closed the door and locked it to avoid unforeseen interferences. Right after that she went over to her friend to hug them.

Then she also took a seat while dropping her backpack next to her arm-chair.

“That damn flight had about one hour of delay.” she yelled

„Take it easy! Now you are here!“ Inga tried to calm her friend down.

„You are right!“ Nina said with a big smile. Then she turned her head over to Krissy and Meg.

“Did you do a fat transplantation?” she asked in her joking voice.

“Yes we did, didn´t we do so, Krissy?” Meg tried to say in a serious way but she busted out laughing.

“Yes we did!” Krissy joined the joke. „Nina, I just wanted to be slim and Meg wanted to learn sumo wrestling. So we did a fat transplantation. But unfortunately Meg didn´t win so much in her sumo career so she quit!”

“Yeah, I was still too slim to convince the Japanese to offer me a contract. If Krissy just had gained more weight in her teenage days… It´s all your fault!” Meg laughed even louder than before while turning her index finder on Krissy.

Now that made the girls laughing until their diaphragms hurt.

After they had recovered they talked about the old times and what had happened in the meantime as their e-mails had indeed been very precise but like always it is more emotional if it is told face-to-face.

So they talked, giggled and laughed on until the heard another knock on the door.

“Oh the pizza service!” Inga said and unlocked the door.

“Si signorina! Thank you for your ordered!” the young boy behind the door answered.

“How much?” Inga asked.

“95 € miss!”

“Ok, here are 100. The rest is your tip!”

“Thank you! Have a nica eveninge!”

“Thank you back. Have a nice evening, too!” Inga replied while she took the large pizza box through the door which she unlock afterwards.

“Dinner time girls!” she laughed. “Oh please help me to get this box over to the arm-chairs. That 5 pizzas can be so heavy.”

Of course her mates helped her and so the box was next to the table within a short period of time.

“What kind of facing did you order?”

“5 XXL-pizzas with everything on them, Nina!”

“Sounds delicious Inga!”

“Right, Krissy.” Inga replied „But let´s get the pizzas now otherwise they will become cold. Does anyone need a plate or so?”

“No, we are among friends so we don´t need to behave like sitting in an upper-class restaurant.
“That´s sooo wisely spoken, Meg!” Hannah said.

Suddenly Inga jumped over to the front door, unlocked it, bowed down and brought another big box inside before locking the door again.

“My view didn´t bug me… The young man has put another box in front of the door. Let´s take a look. Oh, two bottles of Italien wine. Do they have some kind of special offer day today? Normally you only get 1 bottle for 5 pizzas?” Inga wondered.

“Ahem… Inga we can explain that…”

“Ok, what´s the matter, Hannah?”

“Well, there are 10 pizzas inside the box instead of 5.”

“You are kidding, aren´t you?”

“No, she isn´t.” Nina explained and Meg´s and Krissy´s nodding supported her.

“Oh so the pizza service did something wrong… I´m sorry!”

“It´s not your fault, Inga!”

“Thanks, Krissy!”

“Let´s see it in a positive way… we have enough to eat now!”

“Let´s see it that way, Meg!” Nina laughed and so did the others.

“I wonder how much of all these pizzas we can eat at last!” Inga shouted in a humorous way while she sat down into one of the arm-chairs and put the two bottles of wine on the table. The other ladies also sat down and then they began to grab some pizza. The pizzas were indeed pretty large and had a diameter of 2 feet each.

Being assured that there were no other people to watch them the ladies forgot all their lady-like manners and smacked while biting away.

About 45 minutes later the ladies had gulped down 1 pizza each. Despite the well-filled bellies which were pretty round now the ladies were able to share 2 further pizzas altogether. But there was no room anymore for the 3 pizza that where left as too much food had already been put inside the bunch of spherical stomachs.

The ladies were totally exhausted, leaned back into their arm-chairs and unbuttoned their pants to gave their stuffed bellies more room to extend. And the bellies did accept that “offer” as the relaxed moaning of the ladies told. 3 minutes of silence which were only interfered by burps here and there followed until Krissy got some air to speak again.

“One small piece more and we´ll pop like balloons that became too gassy.” she moaned.

Her mates nodded in silence as they were too full to move any more.

“Maybe we should drink some liquor to support digestion.” Inga suggested. “But I´m way to stuffed to get up from my arm-chair.”

“Same here!” Krissy replied and Hannah, Meg and Nina supported her.

“So who should grab the liquor?”

“Inga, what if we pull matches? The loser has to get up and grab the liquor?”

“Krissy, nice idea!” Hannah, who rubbed her belly tenderly, moaned.

“I´ve some matches in the backpack!” Nina said and grabbed them out of it.

“Ok, you prepare them and give them over to Krissy afterwards, ok?”

“Ok Inga!”

And so they pulled matches…

“Nina, come on. Stand up and grab the liquor please!” Inga giggled.

„Hmpf!“ was Nina´s only reaction to this comment. “If I´ll ever be able to get up with that fat paunch…?”

Nina tried to stand up slowly and sweat ran across her face but she failed and had to lean back into the arm-chair in the end.

“So much to the liquor!”

“Inga, I won´t disappoint you. I´ll grab this damn liquor even if I have to die!”

Nina was in her fighting mood now and so she leaned forward despite the pain her belly did give her and dropped herself onto the floor. She crawl across the room until she reached the kitchen space. Krissy told Nina that a box with liquor bottles would be next to the dishwasher.

“Bingo! I got them! What do you want me to bring over to you please?“

„Try to grab everything you can!“ Inga laughed.

Nina found a cardboard box and put some of the bottles into it to bring them over to her mates.

Krissy had lifted herself out of her arm-chair in the meantime so she helped Nina to put the cardboard box upon the desk when she came back.

Afterwards both ladies leaned back inside their arm-chairs again.

„Look at that! Original French champagne!“ an exited Krissy yelled and the other ladies´ eyes began to glow as soon as they heard about the French champagne among liquors like Jägermeister, Jack Daniels´ and so on.

„Wow. We must give it a try, don´t we?” Hannah asked.
“OF COURSE!” was the answer. Only Inga seemed to hold back.

„You don´t want some, Inga?“

“I want, Meg. But not quite now. I want to start with some harder stuff.“

A noise came up and the bottle of champagne was open.

“Do we have glasses?”

“No, we can drink it right out of the bottle, Nina!”

“Well, Hannah, I guess due to the fact I found the bottle at first it´s my turn at first…”

“Of course it is, Krissy!” Inga said with support of the other ladies.

Krissy grabbed the bottle and chugged down some champagne.

“Oh… delicious!” she said in an enthusiastic way as she passed the bottle over to her mates who also chugged down some. Then the ladies leaned back again and relaxed.

“Oh boy… it´s bubbling inside!”

“Here, too Hannah, here too. But I feel a bit better now!” Meg told.

“Indeed some delicious stuff!” Inga smiled.

“Then let´s take a shot for the bride!” Krissy shouted.

“Wait a minute. I´ve organized something to make the party perfect!”

As soon as she had told this Nina searched something inside her backpack and finally she took 5 long silver tubes at of it.

“Are that cigars?” Hannah asked.

“Yes. A colleague of mine spent her last holiday on Cuba and I told her that there´d be a wedding in my friend´s circle before she left. So she gave me some cigars after she came back.”

“Cool!” was Inga´s reaction while Krissy was sceptical.

“We haven´t smoked since we were around 16.” she mentioned. “And it was hard to quit then.”

“Krissy, those cigars are almost nicotine-free…”

“Nina, then I´ll give it a try.” she was now convinced.

Nina now gave each of her mates one of the tubes and took one for her.

They opened the tubes and took the cigars out of them.

“Do you still have matches to lighten up?“

“Yes, Meg. But we shoudln´t use matches because they would have a bad influence on the taste. I have a propane lighter with me.“ Nina started a search inside her backpack again. “Oh… here are some paper beakers to use fort he champagne.“

Nina gave the beakers around and each of the young women grabbed one to fill it with champagne. Then she gave the lighter around and the ladies lightened their cigars so that a cloud of smoke became visible in the arm-chair section of the house while the ladies took relaxed puffs and leaned back.

“But now we have to have a shot on the bride!” Krissy shouted again with a smile across her face.

„For good luck in every day of your marriage, Inga!” the bridesmaids yelled out like a choir while they clinked glasses.

Some hours of stories, smoking and fun followed.

It was already 2 AM in the morning when the ladies raised up from their chairs. The wedding was scheduled to take place in 10 hours and all of them wanted to get at least some hours of sleep before that long-awaited event.

They put their pyjamas on and then they all went to bed. All of them?

No… because Inga felt a bit hungry. Maybe it was the champagne or the cigar… So she sneaked out of the bedroom to go downstairs. Back in the arm-chair section Inga´s view fell onto the 3 XXL-pizzas that were left and the big unopened bottle of Jägermeister.



Inga screamed when the cold water hit her face. Her skull hurt and felt heavy. Then Inga noticed that she was lying on the floor right in the arm-chair section while her friends stood next to her. Hannah still had an empty mug in her right hand.

“I can´t believe what you did, Inga!”

Nina´s words felt like a swarm of bees inside Inga´s head. Inga moved her head to the side and saw the empty pizza box and an empty ½ gallon bottle of Jägermeister.

“Wow, we seemed to have restarted the party during the night, didn´t we gals?”

“We? You did it all on your own!” Krissy corrected her.

„Really?“ Inga asked in disbelieving.

“Just take a look at your feet and you´ll see it was only you!” Meg giggled.

Still lying down Inga looked at the direction were her feet were. But instead of seeing them she saw looked at a big beach ball-sized belly… her own belly.

At first Inga thought that it was a hallucination but then she gulped and tried to touch her belly. It was indeed real. Her belly looked ready to pop every second and it did hurt that way after 3 XXL-pizzas respectively 4 ½ in total and the bottle of Jägermeister. Her friends helped Inga to stand up.


„How late is it?“

„10 AM… so we have 2 hours left to prepare for your wedding, Inga!“ Krissy told her friend while Hannah had found some Aspirin in the kitchen space so she dropped on into a glass of water that she was now giving to her friend. Inga gulped the Aspirin-containing water down like nothing.

Suddenly Inga´s face turned pale and she ran (or at least tried to run) upstairs into the bedroom.

2 minutes later her friends heard a loud “FUCK!” from upstairs and so she also ran upstairs.
Auf einmal wurde sie ganz bleich im Gesicht und rannte die Treppe rauf in ihren Raum.

They found Inga crying in front of the mirror with tears running down her cheeks. Inga had tried to get into her wedding dress but due her night binge her belly was so bloated that she couldn´t zip it up with even the greatest afford.

Nina tried to zip it up with Inga still inside the wedding dress but she did also fail.

“No way! At least the dress will burst if we keep on trying!”

“Or my belly will do so, Nina!” Inga cried even louder than before. “The most important day in my life and I fuck it up that way… Nina, you are a designer… Do you maybe have an idea to help me out of that misery? PLEASE!”

“I already have an idea. But it needs lots of guts to do it!”

“That´s ok. The only thing that is important to me now is that the dress will fit.”

“Ok, then I´ll start working!”

Nina´s idea helped Inga out of her misery.

She cut out some fabric out of the dress´ belly area and added some golden threads right next to the circular hole so Inga´s belly could now stick out of the dress without any problems and so the zipper could be zipped up the whole way.

As the ladies arrived at the church the organ did already play. Alessandra also had just arrived a few moments before so the audience had to wait until the bride walked down the aisle because at first it was necessary that Inga and Alessandra hugged ach other after all that years. Inga and her maids also found the time to explain Inga´s roundness to her friend. Alessandra giggled while the girls ran towards the aisle.

Of course Inga´s dress caused some controversies among the older people in the church that didn´t belong to Inga´s inner circle and didn´t know about what had happened the night before.

Especially an old lady felt a bit mocked.

“Those young women have no responsibility and decency anymore today… Walking down the aisle in such a sully way… In the old great days she would have been expelled out of town.” she told the man next to her.

Inga could hear her word and she had to bite on her under lip to avoid laughing.

The wedding went on without bearing any further problems and Fabrice didn´t ask about Inga´s bloated body. But maybe one of Inga´s friends had informed him and the bride´s and the bridegroom´s families before. At last no one asked Inga about a possible pregnancy.

Of course another party was going on right after the wedding ceremony but this time Inga did barely drink alcohol or eat any wedding cake due to last night´s binge.

Meg was the lucky woman to catch the bridal bouquet and so it was clear that she was the next of the friends to get married. So the next weeding ceremony was up to be hold in Las Vegas because it has always been Meg´s dream to get married there and do gambling afterwards.

But first of all Inga´s and Fabrice´s honeymoon trip to Mexico was up to come. So the now married were finally bided farewell by there friends before the decorated car drove it´s way to the airport while the sun was setting.

But that´s another story…


Chapter 3 – E-Mailin´ Inga

7 months later…

Inga hadn´t looked into her e-mail inbox for 6 days and as she had placed an order about clothes with an online-shop via 24 hours service a week ago she wondered if the shop maybe had mailed her about the delay in delivery. The last week had been too stressy to sit in front of the compy to read possible e-mails: a business meeting here, going to theatre with her husband there, her parents-in-law that visited them and so on.

But today she had at least some leisure time to check the inbox and so she did.

Unfortunately the shop hadn´t mailed anything but Inga saw an e-mail that made her joyful anyway.

It was Krissy who had mailed her and so Inga opened the e-mail in curiosity.

„Dear Inga,

We are sorry that we didn´t wrote earlier but we have so much fun here. It´s a pity that you weren´t able to join us.

Maybe you have some leisure time at about 5:30 pm this evening because I could arrange to phone you up via VoIP as it is pretty cheap.

So please e-mail me if you have leisure time or not please.

Thank you and take care.


Krissy 

PS: Best greetings from Alex, Hannah, Meg Nina”

Inga didn´t need to think about the matter and so she mailed back that the phone call wouldn´t be any problem.

A few hours later…

„User KRISSY is trying to call you via VoIP! Do you want to allow it?” the pop-up window that had just opened stated.

Of course Inga clicked on the “Yes”-button.

“Hi Inga. I hope the phone connection is good!”

“Hi Krissy. It´s fine.”

“Here it´s the same way!”

“So what do you have to tell, dear!”

“Oh Inga, it is sooo nice here. The weather is fine, here is also a very natural countryside not far from the city, and here are opportunities to swim. And not to mention the meals… some of our girls got visibly rounder here…”

“I don´t need any food to get rounder…” Inga laughed and rubbed her spherical shaped belly that was bulging between top and jeans.

“I know Inga. It really was a pity that you weren´t allowed to fly with us. But hey, look at the bright side… you can eat without having any regrets…ha ha.”

“That´s what a pregnancy includes, Krissy! As you sad I would love to be with you all. But well, you aren´t allowed to fly anymore in 6th month… At least you don´t have any reason to get bad impressions about me.

„Bad impressions? Why?“

„Hey, have you never heard that pregnant women burp pretty often…? Not to mention the other passing of gas…”

“Inga, that´s no prob. I got used to burping girls in the meantime…”

“Do you really pig-out like that?“

„Ha ha… neither yes nor no… Hannah and Nina eat more than usually but their meals aren´t that big. And they found an MMA-dojo near the hotel were they train pretty much so if they bring more body weight to Germany it will be pure muscle weight.

Regarding Meg I can tell you that she eats more than usually. But due to her body shape you can´t tell if she gained some pounds or not.

But you won´t believe how round Ally has already gotten. Every day she eats until her belly is bloated to pop… Opening pants and burping a lot has become standard for her…

So that´s about our weight report.”

“What about yourself Krissy?”

“You got me.” Krissy giggled „I´m not fat or so and I won´t become that way but my shape is a bit rounder as I guess I got about 5 pounds all in the belly region. Fortunately I put some wide pants into my trunk but the bikini I have bought just before the trip is a bit tight now.

„I hope your friend won´t be mad about when you see him again…“

“Don´t panic! I have phoned him up about my gain and he also did see some high school pic of mine. His eyes grew large when I showed them. Oh, he told me to give you some greetings as I phoned him yesterday. Well, our guys seem to be fine even with us being absent… Good to know.”

„Thank you fort he greetings. Back to sender please, ha. But not that your friend will become a fat lover and wants you to gain more weight after your return.

„No way Inga. He is no FA but he is doesn´t mind curves at all. So I´m not concerned in any way.”

“Ahem… Krissy… what does FA mean please? I never heard that.”

“Oh… “FA” stands for “Fat Admirer”. That are men preferring fatter women.“

“Where did you get that term?”

“There is a BBW congress near to the hotel. So we went there out of curiosity and there you become known to such terms.”


“A BBW congress. “BBW” means “Big Beautiful Woman”, ladies that are a bit on the plush side if you understand. There is a big market over here… Playboy-styled mags, model contests, merch products…”

“So BBWs are big in business!” Inga joked.

“Yeah, right, ha ha!“

„How was the visit at the congress?“

“It was nice. You know Meg is over 230… I was over 220 once and unhappy. So I wanted to see how that BBWs take it and it is interesting. Let me say it that way: if I knew about BBWs 6 years ago I would have lived happier with my weight in those days. And maybe I still was fat and happy now and not thin and happy today.”

“So you are unhappy about your weight loss now?”

“No way… But regarding some situations more self-confidence would have been a good thing.”

“Sounds like you loved that congress.”

“Well, the congress ain´t over yet. But it´s interesting how international that whole fair is. BBWs from Japan, Thailand, Italy, Canada and USA of course but also Germany…”

“A new worldwide trend?”

“Maybe… Men love women with curves but most doesn´t admit in public. But there is a grwoning market in everywhere.“

„Did you get into talking with some BBWs?“

“Yes we did. Especially 2 of them impessed us. One is called Britney and she lives here in the Pittsburgh area. She has placed pics and vids on some websites and calls herself “MyPotBelly”. The other one is a lovely Canadian named Stacey who models using the artist name “ThikChic”.

“Hang on Krissy. I just need to get something to drink. It will only take a minute.”

“Ok, I´m waiting.”

Instead of fetching something to drink Inga started a photo search via Google by using the terms “MyPotBelly” and “ThikChic”… Of course she found something and was stunned. Both women were indeed full bodied… Inga guessed that “MyPotBelly” would be about 220
and „ThikChic“ even about 60 pounds heavier.

„I´m back.“ Inga lied.

“Come on Inga. I know you. You have started a web search regarding the ladies I just told you about.”

“Ok… I did. They are pretty plush…“

„Yes… Britney is about 175 but she is only a 5´1 so she looks heavier than she is. Stacey is about 5´10 and 305.”

“That are big numbers… But they look sympathy even if Britney doesn´t show her face.”

“Yes, both are so nice and in case of Britney I can tell you that she is pretty but she wants to stay anonymous so she doesn´t show her face.”

“I can understand that. Nice to hear you have so much fun. But what about Ally. You said she had gained a lot.”

“She did… nothing fits her anymore. Well, she is hanging around with Stacey all the time as Britney and Stacey live in the same hotel like we do.”

“Ain´t that a nice irony that Ally had the idea about the journey…?”

“Yeah. Let´s say: she is blooming… ha ha.”

“That´s the right way to say it…” Inga smiled.

„Well, Inga… would you be mad at me if we stop here? We want to got to the pool now to do some night swimming while the full moon is in the sky… It´s a pity my friend is not around here because it would be a good opportunity for a romantic evening…” Krissy exuled.

„Being mad at you? Are you serious? Just enjoy your further vacation days. I guess we will see each other again soon. At the BBQ after I gave birth at the latest.

“Fine! Have a nice day, dear.”

„Back to you! Greeting to the others please.“

“Thank you. Well, the others are waiting and already impatient…”

“I can hear the background noise…” Inga said. “So have a nice stay! Bye“

„Bye and take care!“


Inga leaned back and smiled. She was glad that she checked her inbox today. Otherwise she wouldn´t have been able to get the phone call.

Finally Inga wrote a mail to the online-shop to ask when her ordered clothes would arrive. Then she switched her computer off.

“But now I´m pretty hungry.” she thought. “I need a sandwich with peanut butter and mustard.”

Inga touched her belly while thinking about eating and left her home office to go into the kitchen.

„Oh crap… my tummy ache is killing me…“

“It´s your own fault Ally. You shouldn´t have eaten all that much…” Nina answered without any hint of pity while Alessandra put herself onto the bed rubbing her bloated belly.

“Don´t be so harsh. Maybe, just maybe I had a spoonful of ice cream too much…”

“Ah spoonful of ice cream too much? You had 30 chicken wings and about a quarter gallon of ice cream. Look how big you are… Inga is looking slim compared to you and she is 6 months along…”

“Am I not allowed to have a nice filling meal once?”

“Once?” Hannah raised her eyebrows in amazment. „Every day you eat like there would be no more food available tomorrow. It all started after visiting the congress. Look into the mirror! A big roll of fat is bulging over your bikini pants, your legs have grown in size, and your breast is stretching your bikini top to its limits…”

“So I´m not the only one who has noticed that.” Krissy, who had just entered the room, giggled.

“Where´s Meg?” Alessandra tried to change the subject.

“She´s just doing some shopping.” Krissy killed that try off. “But Ally, there´s something inside you, right?”

“Yes, but it is a bit embarrassing…”

“Hey, we are your friends, so just feel free, ok?”

The door opened and Meg stepped in. She had bought some memorabilia for her relatives at home but of course she immediately knew that something was going on. She sat down on the bed in a wordless way because she didn´t want to interrupt her friends.

They all sat in a circle around Alessandra who was still caring about her hurting belly. Sometimes she played a bit with the rolls that had pilled on in the recent days.

„Ok“ she began „I´m so fascinated by Stacey and I want to be like her!“

Her friends´ chins were like dropping to the floor.

„What???“ they asked.

„Well… I think her curves are so female and beautiful… I want to bet hat way.“

She stroke through her black Italian hair and blinked with her almond-brown eyes.

„You are punking us, aren´t you?“

“Hannah, I don´t think she is joking!” Nina said.

“Wow, then I´ll have a weight companion soon!” Meg smiled.

“Have you clearly thought about it, Ally?”

“Yes, Krissy. I did think about it over and over again… Just look at Stacey… she is a bombshell. And all the looks she gets. You haven´t noticed how many languishing looks I have got since I have grown?” Alessandra laughed and she grabbed her lard while lying on the bed just to let it loose again. But because of her overfull tummy it hurt when her fat rolls snapped back and Alessandra´s face showed all the pain.

“What a hammer thing you just told.” Was Nina´s reaction.

“Well, there´s no one at home who could feel disattracted by more fat.” Hannah commented until Krissy slightly hit her with her elbow to show Hannah that her joke wasn´t really helpful.

“You have really, really thought about it?” Hannah rescued the situation.

“Yes I did! I mean, I won´t become the biggest woman in the universe but I few pounds and rolls will be added for sure!”

„Hmmm“ Krissy thought before she began to speak further. “The most important is that you are happy. And if that´s your way we will stand by your side whatever you may weight and whatever you may look. Right girls?”

That was of course a rhetorical question which was answered with a “Yes”.

“Thank you all. You are true friends!”

„No matter. Maybe this is just some kind of phases of yours because you have BBWs all around you.“

“Maybe, Krissy, maybe!”

„Well, we should go to bed now. Tomorrow will be a stressy day. Brit and Stacey want to do some sight seeing with us.”

“Right, Krissy! So let´s get ready to go to sleep.” Hannah joined her friend´s opinion.

Shortly afterwards the lights in the girl´s room were switched off.

Due to the BBW congress as well as due to activities with Brit and Stacey the days passed rapidly and so it was only one day remaining before the girls would have to fly back home.

Britney and Stacey had thought about something special to spend the day with their new German friends. So they rent a small bus to have space for all of them.

“Where will we go to?” Nina asked after the ladies had been on the road for 30 minutes already.

“Well, just wait!” Britney replied and Stacey joined that opinion.

„Ok! I bet you decided to do something pretty spezial.“

„How true, Hannah, how true!“ Stacey giggled.

“So let´s just be presented…”

“True, Meg!” Krissy said.

Half an hour later the ladies arrived their destination:

A tavern called “Ladies´ Heaven of Gluttony”.

“That name is surely programm.” Krissy estimated after she had thrown a look at the tavern´s wooden sign.

The building itself was also mainly build of wood and it remembered of old styled romantic taverns.

“Seems like the first view is a good one!“ Stacey addressed her German friends and Britney nodded.

“Absolutely Stacey!” Hannah told their 2 “travelling managers” and her 4 friends pointed out that Hannah was right.

“Then let´s go in!”

And the ladies did just like Britney said with Stacey being the first one entering and Britney being the last.

The tavern´s interior equipment stunned Krissy & Co..

It had looked quite smaller from outside but now the tavern showed its true size as the room was big because some of parts of the rock wall near the tavern were just artificially build and hollow so it was just as tavern space.

„Wow!“ was everything Hannah brought over her lips.

A waitress joined the group.

“Hi, Im Melissa. Welcome. Please follow me.“ she said.

The 7 ladies were lead to a table near one of the windows. The girls eyed Melissa in a solid way. She was blue-eyed and had dark-brown hair while being about 5 feet 9 tall… She surely had the face and height of a model but there was a slight tummy roll forming between her waitress clothes that consisted of a black mini-skirt and a red belly-free top. She also had quite a curvy ass that was decorated by a coccyx tattoo. To say it on the short way: Melissa was no skinny model but a curvy beauty.

After Melissa had noted down the ladies order about drinks the 7 looked into the menu card. All the meals seemed to be pretty huge… well, they didn´t expect anything else because of the tavern´s name.

Suddenly Alessandra starred at a wall.

„Ally, what´s wrong?“ Meg wondered. She and her 5 other friends followed Alessandra´s eyes and then they knew what was going on.

„WIN THE FOOD CHALLENGE AND GET 5000 $“ they could read on a poster hanging on the wall where Alessandra´s eyes had turned to.

When Melissa came back with the drinks it was obvious what Alessandra would do.

“Melissa, what is that for a challenge that is mentioned on that poster there please?”

„Oh, that´s some kind of contest. Two teams of 3 people each have a competition against each other. There is a roasted piglet served for every team and the team that eats more of it before all members have to quit wins the contest and the money.

„What if you have only one team willing to do the challenge but no second one?“

“Then of course there is no way to start such a challenge!” Melissa informed Alessandra.

“Could you please come back in about 5 minutes before you are noting down the menus? We have some discussion to do before.” The German-Italian said.

Her fellow girls were too perplexed to say anything and so Melissa had gone before they could even open their mouths to protest.

Nina had some kind of presentiment.

“Don´t even think about it Ally!” she said.

Also Hannah had the right idea about her friend´s plan.

“You want us to split into 2 teams to do that challenge, win money and then split the pot. Well, I´m out of it. I want to go swimming later on and I dot want to do that with an overfilled gut.”

“Me too!” Krissy pouted.

“Well, it was only an idea!” a disappointed Alessandra stated.

The ladies turned their heads into their menu cards again until Melissa came back.

“Challenge or not?” she asked.

“We don´t have 2 teams.” a desperate Alessandra told her.

“Ahem… you could also announce a “Food Challenge”, maybe another team is looking out for an opponent.”

“Thank you Melissa!”

And so Alessandra stood up.

“We offer an open “Food Challenge!“ she shouted across the whole tavern even if she wasn´t convinced that her offer would lead to any success.

The room stayed quiet… no one was answering to Alessandra´s shout.

Alessandra was about to sit down again in disillusion when a voice came from across the room.

“We are into it!”

In one of the darker corners of the tavern a women in her mid-20s had raised from her chair. She had her red hair fixed to a pig-tail and her brown eyes were focused on Alessandra who also noticed the woman´s round belly which was not hidden by her pink top and her dark-blue jeans at all. This woman must have quite a lot of self-confidence because her shirt featured a red heart with a “Sexy”-character across it. This mysterious women must be at 220 pounds and 5 feet 3 Alessandra estimated.

“What´s up now? Are you scared?” the lady yelled.

“No, we aren´t! We only have to do a little team conversation!” Alessandra shouted back.

„In 10 minutes everything will be ready.“ Melissa announced to both of them and turned back into the kitchen.

Alessandra was still looking for 2 other team members.


“No. I´m don´t want to have looks on like I was a monkey in a zoo.”


“I´m in, Ally!”

„Ok, one remaining.“

„Don´t ask me!“

„Well… ok, Nina.“

„Don´t ask me either!“ Meg told her.


“Sorry, I´m no eating machine.”


“Well… I´m not such a glutton at all.”

“Please Stacey, please. You are my last hope… otherwise there won´t be a contest. Should we stand there like cowards?”

“Ok… I´ll join you. But only because it is you!“

“Thank you Stacey! I hope I can do a favour in return soon.”

“Hey, we are friends, so there is no need for that!”

Both smiled at each other and then Alessandra, Britney and Stacey tried to get some confidence for the upcoming contest.

Melissa came back again and led them to a platform that was visible from all angles. 2 big tables and 3 comfortable chairs each table were placed there as well as plates, forks, knives and drinks.

There opponents were lead by another waitress.

Besides the one red-head woman the other team consisted of 2 blonde women. One of them was about 5 feet 5 tall, slim and dressed in a black top and jeans shorts as blue as her eyes. The other blonde was also blue-eyed but only about 5 feet in height and big bellied. She wore a pink top and green pants.

„It will be tough to win against them.“ Alessandra thought her herself.

The six contestants sat down and a door that lead to the kitchen was opened. 2 trays were brought, each featuring a roasted piglet with an apple in the mouth. It needed 3 waitresses to carry one of those trays to the tables.

Melissa stood behind the bar and rang a bell to inform the crowd that a contest was about to start.

“Ladies… are you ready?” she asked.

All of the 6 nodded.

„Then the contest starts…….. now!“
As soon as Melissa had spoken out these words all of the contestants grabbed parts of the piglets to putt hem onto their plates to begin eating.

Hannah, Krissy, Meg and Nina wordlessly starred at the 2 tables on the platform.

The first 20 minutes past without any special happenings and the only things to report were some burps by the contestants here and there.

But then it seemed that the pants of Alessandra and the unknown slim blonde had become tight because both women´s arms went down under the tables. Just a few seconds later the unbuttoning of buttons and unzipping of zips could be heard and as a result two swollen bellies bulged slightly while Alessandra and the blonde leant back into the chairs to relax a bit.

Meanwhile the other 4 ladies continued gulping down the food and the amount of burps increased more and more.

Then the slim blonde and Alessandra joined the feast again.

10 minutes later each contestants´ stomach was more than nicely filled. Pants after pants had to be opened and the later that happened the bigger the belly trapped inside the pants bulged out. Stacey was the final contestant that had to unbutton and unzip.

All of the contestants took breaks here and there and the time between them became shorter and shorter.

43 after the contest had started the slim mysterious blonde leant back.

“I quit *URP*!” she moaned and rubbed her belly which looked like she had swallowed a soccer ball now.

Now it was a 3-on-2-situation for “Team Alessandra” but not for long because all that eating took its toll and so Alessandra was the one that had to give up.

Now it was all to the big ladies to decide the contest.

But even their bellies were beyond their capacities.

Britney was the next to quit, followed by the big blonde.

It was between Stacey and the red-head to win or lose it for their team. Both women´s bellies looked like small beach balls due to all the food inside.

Both moaned and burped over and over again and it was clear that the decision was only a few minutes away.

A few bites later the redhead passed out and so it was over. Stacey took two more bites and dropped knife and fork to lean back afterwards.

Now there were 6 ladies on the platform, leaning back into their chairs with their bellies about to pop and their pants widely opened. They all burped the hell out of them.
Melissa entered the platform, a mic in her right hand.

“So now let´s see which team won it. We have noted down both piglets´ weight before the contest.

Team A´s piglet was 101.2 pounds while Team B´s hit the scale at 104.6.

So let´s look at the differences. The tables contain scales which I will activate now.”

Melissa removed a plat at the tables´ front sections and a display turned visible on which all looks were focused now.

Then Melissa read the figures.

“Team A did eat 22 pounds and Team B 21.9. So Team A has won the contest and the money! Congrats to Team A”

Krissy and her friends rushed onto the platform as it had been there friends winning the contest.

They hugged Alessandra, Britney and Stacey who where all still exhausted from that hell of a feast but anyway they felt a bit better now with the victory in the back because that helped them to forget about their hurting stomachs.

Team B was not only fighting with bellyaches but also the sting of defeat… Especially the redhead was disappointed…

They were also surrounded by some other ladies:
A red-haired blue-eyed young girl with freckles all over her face who was 5 feet 1 tall and more than over 220 pounds heavy, a Latina whose eyes and hair were brown and who was similar to the freckle-faced´s height and weight and an Afro-American girl who was 5 feet 3 and estimated 270 pounds.

All 3 of them wore exactly the same kind of clothes like the big blonde contestant so it was similar that the 4 girls belonged to an organisation or so.

Suddenly the tall redhead stood up slowly and waddled over to Alessandra and her friend´s. She shook her opponents´ hands to show her respect and congratulated them for winning. Her fellow team members moved over to do the same.

„I thank you for giving us congrats!” Alessandra told them. “You were *BURP*, excuse me, pretty good opponents. If my friends are familiar with that idea we could give you half the money and invite you to gulp down at last one of the piglets completely.”
Alessandra richtete nun ein paar Worte an die unterlegenen Damen.

Britney and Stacey gave their ok to do that.

“Now it´s up to you!” Alessandra said addressing the bunch unknown ladies.

„Oh thank you. We will of course join you!“ the tall redhead answered after the ladies had done a bit of group-intern conversation. “But let´s introduce at first. I´m Catherine Delmonte from San Francisco and these fine ladies are Penny McBelcher (she pointed on the small red-haired), Belle Godiva (the small blonde), Regina Barriga (the Latina girl), Ginger Gluttoson (the Afro) and Annette Chavarri (the tall blonde that was slim before the contest).”

„Nice to meet you! I´m Alessandra Cavallini and those are Britney Resik, Stacey McLean, Krissy Mayrhofer, Nina Heidinger, Hannah Wynberg and Meg Vonderheiden.”

“Are you from Germany!“

„We are!“ Hannah answered Penny.

“That´s pretty cool!“ Regina stated.

“Why do you all wear similar clothes?“ Meg wanted to know and Belle started to explain.

“Well, it´s our opinion that cheerleaders dot need to be sticky and therefore we founded a club a big bellied cheerleaders called “Gluttoons Squad”. We just visited a BBW convention.”

“Oh, I remember that!” Krissy said. „But we couldn´t remind you wearing training outfits and not your regular cheerladers´ equipment.“

“Oh, no prob! Well, we have met our friend Catherine here who also wants to install a squad of big cheerleader at her university in San Francisco. And joining Catherine on her trip was Annette, so that´s the reason she is also here.” Ginger explained furthermore.

“That´s right and we have so much damn fun with the Gluttoons around us.”

Catherine nodded to confirm Annette´s words.

“Oh, there´s Melissa again!” Stacey interrupted the girls. “Melissa, is it possible to have our piglet´s leftovers roasted again? And do you maybe have a larger table were we 13 ladies can sit around comfortably?”

„Sure! I´ll take care of that.“

Shortly after these words the 13 ladies were sitting around a big table in a closed separé. The roasted leftovers of Team A´s piglet as well drinks like coke, soda and water stood in front of them.

Unfortunately the piglet lost another 20 pounds by being roasted again but even the left abt. 60 pounds of flesh still were a long way to go.

Furthermore the six ladies who had joined the contest were still full so it was clear that the other 7 women would have to do the main “work” now.

„*OOOORRRRP* I´m about to pop!“ Krissy moaned 2 hours and a lot of bites later.

“Hey, what should I say… I did even eat more than you did!” Penny burped out.

„Girls….. *BORP* I guess us 6 contestants we ate the most… Then and now… Oh gosh… I have never been that full in my lifetime!” Stacey expressed and her 5 fellow contestants blinked their eyes to show her that her opinion was right.

The other ladies didn´t take part in that conversation as they only wanted to relax and digest.

That bunch of 14 ladies had done it so nothing but bones where left of what was once a roasted piglet.

14 ladies?

Yes, because after Melissa´s shift was over she joined the “parade” to help the ladies getting rid of the food. And she ate as much as the other ladies so her mini-skirt was now widely unbuttoned and her belly which she now rubbed with both hands while doing a lot of burps looked like an overfilled balloon.

Sane with every one of the ladies.

If anyone had stepped into the separé he or she would have looked at 14 totally exhausted women whose stuffed bellies were degenerated into soon-ready-to-pop beach balls and whose pants resp. skirts were open ranged.

Here and there you could her a bubbling sound done by the over-overfull stomachs or a belch by the ladies. But as the separé was sound-proof and furthermore Melissa told her co-workers not to interrupt at all anyone of the ladies was ashamed to give sounds.

“What” Belle said to break the calm “if you do a little burping contest? I mean it will be soon time to be spent before we will be able to raise up from our chairs again.”

No one denied that idea.

“Ok? What about a 60 minutes time-limit?” Melissa asked and that was ok to all of them.

So Stacey gave the starting signal and an hours of burping started.

When the time-limit expired Catherine, Penny and Stacey were leading with 28 burps each while Nina was last with 20 belches.

They arranged 5 more minutes for Catherine, Penny and Stacey.

Stacey was eliminated in that round by doing 4 burps while Catherine and Stacey did 6 each.

“Sudden Death?”

“Rather “Sudden Burp”, Belle.“ Krissy giggled.

And than it happened… but unfortunately Catherine and Penny burped at the same time…
“What if we declare them both to be the winner?”

“If both are familiar with that idea, Hannah. Can you live with such a decision?” Britney addressed Catherine and Penny and as none of them complained but they shook their hands the contest was declared to be over being won by Catherine and Penny.

All 14 of them kept on giggling, talking and laughing for another 2 hours.

“I´ll try to raise up now!” Megan spoke and due to the fact that she had to struggle a lot she was able to raise up.

“Well, we could go back to the hotel, couldn´t us?”

“Ahem Hannah… I guess you didn´t think about one fact!” Hannah told her friend and while saying she pointed onto her own widely opened pants and her due to burps and digestion shrunk nut still Buddha-styled belly.

Of course Hannah did know what Nina wanted to tell her: that there would be still some hours to be spent until they all could even think of closing their pants resp. skirts again.

But Melissa had an idea.

“I have a key for the back door!” she said pointing at a small door in the separé room that none of the other ladies had noticed before.

Melissa raised as quickly as she could with her stout tummy and so did the others to follow her to the back door. It looked like a mother duck going to a river with her little ones because the ladies did more waddle than walk.

Melissa unlocked the door and they all went through it now standing covered by faked rocks and only a few feet away from the parking lot.

They all changed phone numbers, addresses and e-mail-addresses to stay in contact and thanked each other for having such a great evening. Especially Melissa was happy because she had never done such an orgy before and she really didn´t want to be separated from her new friends again.

But in the end the German-Canadian travelling groups entered the rental car with aching hearts to drive away.

Being into their hotel rooms again all of them took a short shower before going to bed because tomorrow would be the day the German girls would go home again.

At the airport Britney and Stacey said good-bye to Hannah, Krissy, Meg and Nina after shedding tears and exchanging addresses, phone numbers and so on.

Alessandra had decided to travel home by ship because she had some more days off, so she joined Britney and Stacey on the airports balcony until their friends´ jet had started and wasn´t even visible as a small spot in the sky anymore.

Afterwards Britney and Stacey drove Alessandra to the harbour where Alessandra was scheduled to enter a cruise ship called „Dream of Massachusetts“.

Another round of shedding tears and giving hug as well as exchanging contact information was done before Alessandra stepped on board.

Of course Britney and Stacey waited again until the ship wasn´t visible anymore. When the last hint of a black spot somewhere on the ocean had vanished they drove back to the hotel to join the congress as there were still 2 congress days left.

12 hours after starting in Pittsburgh, PA the jet landed in Munich.

Exhausted but happy about their journey Hannah, Krissy, Meg and Nina joyfully fell into the arms of their husbands resp. boyfriends who picked them up.

One week later also Alessandra was scheduled to be on German ground again. That´s what all of them at least thought as no one was able to foresee the adventure that fate had scheduled Alessandra to go through…

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