Stuffedbellylover – Boa Constrictor

“I´m back home.” 21 year-old Svenja thought.

University had been very boring today but her work as a fitness coach at a local fitness club she did in the afternoon was a good compensation. Other students had to do more unpleasant work to get money for their studies. And to work in a fast-food restaurant never came into Svenja´s mind as her 5” 8 and 148 pounds were better placed in a location about sports and Svenja was very beloved there and that wasn´t only a result of her long dark brown hair and her green eyes as she was very polite to customers and co-workers as well. And her study was a road of “A”s. So what about love? Svenja left her boyfriend who turned out to be a total jerk about six months ago and she didn´t want to slip into another disaster.

Almost everything was alright except the sorrows about her co-inhabitant and best friend Jeannine who was also 21.

Jeannine had been left by her boyfirend because of another girl and since that time Jeannine´s style of life had changed. How many times Svenja had come home and found her friend lying on the couch surrounded by empty food packings.

Svenja estimated that Jeannine had gained about 25 pounds during the last 2 months due to her eatings. She wasn´t fat at all but looked chubby now with 168 pounds on her 5” 7 frame.

What was even more worse to Svenja was the fact she didn´t know how to cheer up her friend.

…Both girls firstly met in kindergarten and it was a friendship at first feels. They liked playoing tricks on other people but not harsh ones so nobody was really mad at them. They continued that way in elementary school and high school at well even if the tricks were a little bit more harsh now.

Especially one kind of situation always came back into the girls´ minds. But now they could smile about it. It happened when both were aged 15 and were into that time of life when some teens do experiments with legal (and sometimes even illegal) drugs. So on one afternoon the girls they wanted to test the taste of cigarettes. So they bought a packing each by using a slot machine. Svenja´s parents weren´t at home and so they went there. The took saucer to use them as ashtrays (Svenja´s family consistet of non-smokers) and stepped into Svenja´s room. Even Jeannine and Svenja were close friends they sometimes had to challenge each other on several occasions. Same happened with the cigarettes so they wanted to found out who could smoke the most in a row. Despite of coughing due to the unknown taste both smoked a whole 20 cigs packing each. After puffing they felt sick as never before and never again. They rushed to the toilet put the arms around each other and vomited for hours as they treid to get a world record in vomiting. When they felt a little bit better the used spray to cover the smell of the cigarettes and surprisingly Svenja´s parents never found on. Both girls swore each other never to smoke again..and both were succesfull keeping the oath alive.

Until Svenja´s then-boyfriend took her on vacation to Varadero, Cuba, a present he gave her when she turned 20. Of course the dou also took a tour to a cigar factory and Svenja´s boy bought to cigars there what Svenja didn´t notice. They came back to the hotel after finishing their tour with having a dinner in a restaurant and Svenja´s boyfriend took the cigars out of his bag and asked Svenja to try one. “NO” was her reply but after a few more words by her boy Svenja gave it a try. The first puffs were strange but nit as bad as the legendary cigarette catastrophe. Svenja didn´t notice how she took puff after puff until she had smoked a whole big cigar. Svenja felt miserably as she had broken the oath but then she remembered that it was about “never smoke again” and cigars become puffed. Well, depends on the kind of view. That one cigar wasn´t Svenja´s last during the vacation and she returned to Germany being an aficionada much to the dislikes of her co-inhabitant Jeannine (Both girls moved into an appartment just after high school. The appartmant belonged to Jeannine´s rich parents who worked successfully as realtors so the girls could live ther free of charge.). In case of the cigars both girls came to the decision that Svenja was allowed to smoke 2 cigars a week. Friends overcom every obstacle. And also being sporty wasn´t a fact that kept Svenja away from the cigars as she declared her smokes as “personal victory cigars”.

Svenja came back into the present while opening the appartment´s door.

“Jeannine?” she shouted after closing the door behind her.

No response…

Svenja had an idea and went into the living-room…bingo!

Jeannine was lying on the couch her long hazel brown hair was plaited. She was incompanied by three emptied pizza boxes. Svenja had no problem to find out were the pizzas went…Jeannine´s belly was too distended to hide and buldged out of the unbuttoned jeans.

“Jeannine how was your day?”

No answer!

“C´mon, tell me. What about your Germanist study today?”

Reaction: zero!

“Jeannine! Please! We have to talk!”

Jeannine moved a little bit. “What do we have to talk about Svenja?”

“Ummm…well….about your current eating habits.”

“What´s wrong about it?”

“Everyday you feed yourself like a pregnant pig would. Just in case you didn´t notice!”

“I feel very comfortable being a “pregnant pig” just to say it with your words.”

“What! You tell me you like to be lying on the couch being bloated as hell? Likely story!”

“It´s true!”

“You can tell me everything you know. Also that you still haveb´t overcome the situation with Max.”

“First of all Max has nothing to do with my eating habits at all. And I *BURP*…I´m sorry maybe the pepperoni pizza wanted to join our discussion…love it to be overstuffed and rubbing my belly after it gushed out of my opened pants. THAT´S IT!”

“That doesn´t make any sence to me.”

“Just as your love for cigars is a secret to me!”

“Don´t talk about that issue anymore. We have found a solution.”

“I don´t want to discuss about cigars anymore. I´m also aking for tolerance. Just as I´m tolerant with regard on your puffing.”

“Did you just say that I´m intolerant?”

“Nope…but look I don´t know much about cigars. And you don´t know much about a full belly.”

“I know what you do have in mind and the answer is “No”. I won´t do binge eating. Never ever.”

“What about some kind of compromise?”

“I´m listening!”

“In two days…on Saturday…I´ll try one of your cigars. And if I smoke it without getting sick than you´ll binge a week later. Deal?”

“You know that I can´t eat much because my stomach is small.”

“No problem. I´ll feed you until you look like me after a good meal.”

“Ok, deal! You´ll get sick because of the cigar anyway!”

“Don´t be so sure!”

Two days later:

It was Saturday and Jeannine was only minutes away to the first cigar of her life. Of course she ate a huge amount of food yet what resulted into a bloated gut and a pants far away from being closed again.

“Jeannine, now it´s your turn!” Svenja said and gave a large Havana cigar to Jeannine. “One small tip: don´t inhale. Just puff until the smoke hits the beginning of your throat. Then exhale.”

Jeannine hold the cigar between her fingers and Svenja lightened it. Svenja was curious if Jeannine was able to keep on puffing for a longer period. She would never finish the whole cigar Svenja thought.

Jeannine sucked on her cigar and took a few puffs. She is better then Svenja thought. Jeannie didn´t get sick, her face didn´t turn green, she didn´t cough…maybe Svenja was too pessimistic with regard on Jeannine´s cigar smoker qualities.

After 2 hours the whole cigar had gone up in smoke and Jeannine smiled at Svenja.

“Svenja, you know what it is about now, don´t ya?

“Ok, you did fulfill your part so I´ll do next Saturday.”

“ Next week it will be you lying on this very couch being big bellied. I ask how much you will pack away.”

“Me too.” Svenja said quietly and without much optimism.

The week went by very fast. Svenja often asked herself what would happen on Saturday. And how far Jeannine would go with regard to feed her? Will she stop when the belly is slightly rounder? Will she feed until the buttons pop off the pants? Would Svenja actually be brought into the danger of bursting. Many unanswered questions and only Saturday will bring the answers.

Finally it was Saturday and Svenja was very nervous. She had never eaten too much not even on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Svenja was into a condition of exertion and curiosity. How does it feel being stuffed with food?

Jeannine would be back from shopping at 8 pm and promised to buy the food.

It was quarter to 8 pm now and Svenja drank a cup of olive oil as she had heard it makes a rather smooth stomach what is important with regard to the extensibility. Svenja was unsure if the oil deserved its good reputation.

At 8 pm Jeannine appeared. She carried a rucksack on her bag and was holding a big doggy bag from a famous fast food company in her hand.

“Svenja take a seat in the arm-chair please.” Jeannine said and Svenja did so.

Svenja began getting even more nervous as Jeannine grabbed 4 pairs of handcuffs out of her rucksack und fixed Svenja´s hands and feet onto the arm-chair´s legs.

“Don´t worry I just fix you because otherwise you could accidently hit and hurt me.” Jeannine tried appease her friend but she didn´t have much success.

Then Jeannine faked a drumm roll and poured the contens of the doggy bag onto the table.

Svenja groaned as she took a look as there were 10 double-hamburgers lying on the table now. How could she put all the food away?

“Svenja shall I fetch anything to drink for you. Maybe it makes eating a little bit easier.”

“Yeah, alcoholfree root beer wouldn´t be so bad I guess.”
Jeannine went to the kitchen´s fridge and brought a bottle of root beer to the living-room.

She opened the bottle and pepared to give Svenja a stuffing now.

Jeannine took one burger and hold it close to the mouth of Svenja who took a bite, chewed it and gulped it down her throat.

Up to burger No. 5 there were no problems for Svenja at all. Maybe drinking the olive oil was the right decision.

Svenja took a look on her belly which was now quite a bit rounder than usual. It tightend the jeans which were the widest Svenja could find in her wardrobe.

Burger no. 6 was coming and Svenja noticed that all the burgers dried her mouth.

“I need some root beer” she told Jeannine who took the bottle and let Svenja drink some of the root beer.

The beer forced Svenja to belch slightly and because of the belch some pressure was taken form Svenja´s stomach and the jeans as well.

Jeannine kept feeding. After burger No. 8 was nothing more than history Svenja felt that the fullness had returned and was even stronger than before. Her belly was relatively stout and round. And there were still 2 burgers to go.

Burger No. 9 was really an ememy and Svenja struggled 10 minutes before it was “down the road”. Svenja could feel how every crumb bloated her belly even more. She also had to burp quiet often now and perceived that her big belly´s pressure had a huge impact on the seams of her jeans.

Only 1 burger left and then it was finished Svnja thought to encourage her fighting spirit. She also asked Jeannine for another shot of beer but this time the beer didn´t help to keep the pressure down.

Sweat was runnig all over Svenja´s face while Jeannine slowly fed her the final burger crump by crump. Jeannine had to stop several times so Svenja could burp and so it took 17 minutes until the burger had found its destination.

Svenja moaned.

“Oh, I eat so much. I rally thought I´d have to explode.”

“It´s not over yet. Time for dessert!”


Jeannine walked over to her rucksack and showed the cooler inside. She opend it and Svenja could see several pieces of pie.

“That´s a pie called “Schwarzwälder”.” Jeannine said. “It´s a pie very famous in Germany.”

Svenja look at the “Schwarzwälder”. It consisted out of several layers of black dough in change with whipped cream and had small chocolate chips and cherries above. .

Jeannine got the word again.

“Actually Iwanted to buy a whole “Schwarzwälder” but the bakery selled a lot of it today so I could only get half a pie. I´m sorry.”

“Svenja rolled her eyes. Jeannine was sorry for “only” buying half a pie??? Svenja already felt about to burst and now all began again.

Svenja tried to protest but Jeannine was quicker and stuffed a spoonfull of pie right into Svenja´s mouth. If I wasn´t so overfull by now I´d really enjoy eating this pie as it´s very delicious was the thought that rushed through Svenja´s mind.

But as full as she really was her belly was more explosive than nitro. Svenja´s belly got even more distended now. Svenja felt like her girth was growing by an inch with every single bite but that was her subjective observation which was far away from reality.

Jeannine mercylessly kept on her duty and fed, fed, fed. Svenja´s tummy was swelling larger and larger.

Just as Svenja thought the next bite would make her bursting Jeannine put the spoon and the plate away.

“You really did it Svenja!!! Jeannine cried in astonishment.

The 10 burgers´ packings as well as the plate that had been full of pie. About 6 ½ pounds of food had been stuffed into Svenja whose beachball-sized belly rowed and gargled very loud now.

“Wow, your quite good! I never thought you could eat it all. How do you feel now?”

Svenja looked over to Jeannine.

“*UUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPP*…Sorry, I had to do that burp now…How I feel? Like a boa constirctor that swallowed a whole whale in one piece. One more bite and my stomach will be ripped.”

Out of a sudden you could hear a “PLOP” and the button bursted away from Svenja´s jeans and the overround belly forced the whole zipper down. Svenja´s normally flat tummy flashed out into all cardinal points and fromed a gigantic ball. The navel was forced out and Svenja looked like having accidently swallowed a basketball.

Svenja watched her “beachball”.

“How far along?” she joked.

“Mmmh…about 7 month along I´d say. Looks very firm. Can I touch it?”

“I don´t mind. You can also give me a belly rub if you want. I´m too exhausted to do that anymore.”


“Thank you Jeannine!”

Jeannine was excited when she touched Svenja´s bloated gut. She had never touched a belly that was so damn hard. Not even her own belly was in that conditon after her food orgies. It feels like Svenja has eaten a rock Jeannine thought and began rubbing her friend´s belly.

Svenja stuffed as she was could hardly breath. The rubbing did her good and so she enjoyed it. Jeannine really was a champion of belly rubbing. All of Svenja´s former boyfriends hadn´t been able to give her such a tender rub.

Suddenly Svenja noticed a crawl shivering in her “private area” which she couldn´t understand for some seconds.

“Jeannine that was not my belly but my pussy what you´ve rubbed seconds ago!”

“Well…ahem…so…” Svenja interrupted her.

“Keep on rubbing Jeannine. Pussy too…please!

Jeannine was enthusiastic as hell now. She noticed how Svenja´s pussy got more and more wet while Svenja herself moaned in a condition of sexual ecstacy. Jeannine wasn´t behind that ecstacy. Some weeks ago Jeannine felt that strange feeling whenever Svenja touched her or kissed her with friendly kisses on the cheeks.

It took some time for Jeannine to discover but she truly had a crush on Svenja and there was no way to tell her the truth without risking their friendship which meant a lot to both of them. So Jeannine looked out for something to fulfill her sexual needs and so stuffing came into play. Everytime Jeannine´s belly was fed to a filled spherical ball and she rubbed it afterwards Jeannine was shivered by orgasms. And now Svenja was also close to that way.

That was Jeannine´s chance and so she rubbed and rubbed and rubbed her friend´s body.

And Svenja indeed received an orgasm as she never had one before. Now Svenja felt very erotic with her preggo-look-a-like-belly.

And that was just the beginning of the evening. Half an hour after her orgasm, Jeannine had opened the handcuffs in the meantime, Svenja felt someway better und now was touching her potbelly herself. Svenja found it magnificent to rub her firm balloon. But she knew one person who could rub better.

“Jeannine could you give me some more rubs please?”

Jeannine rushed over to Svenja and started rubbing as if there was no tomorrow.

Now she was sure that Svenja liked it as well and so Jeannine kissed her friend right on the mouth…and so did Svenja to start some tongue-to-tongue-action that seemed to be eternal. Both women struggled and fell over with Jeannine lying on the carpet and Svenja mounting on her as good as her huge belly let her and they made love to each other resulting into extraorbitant orgasms for several times during the night.

There was no doubt: both of them knew that they were a perfect match.

On Sunday both women repaeted stuffing but this time they fed each other until they were so full that they were unable to move at the point when they got their simultaneous orgasms. Due to the fact that the Monday following this remarkable weekend was the first day of the 6 weeks long holiday period where university was totally closed and the coincidence that the fitness club where Svenja worked had to close for 4 weeks to do some very needed repairs Jeannine and Svenja had so much time to do stuffings and sex every day until some day….

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Svenja cried out of her room. Jeannine rushed in and saw Svenja who was desperately trying to close her favorite pants as the women wanted to go out that evening. But a flabby belly did destroy every attempt of Svenja to zip it up. Not to mention the top button of the pants.

“Svenja what´s wrong? Are ya ok?”

“Look! I became sooo fat.”

Indeed Svenja had now a well-rounded potbelly to offer which was buldging above for underpants that deeply cut into the loose fat.

“That ain´t a miracle. Just look how much we eat!” Jeannine answered to continue. “Do you think I´m getting any thinner? Take a close look!”

While saying the last sentence Jeannine raised her shirt and unbuttoned her pants. What a mountain of fat was spilling out. Jeannine no longer was chubby she was obese.

Svenja had been so ecstatic during the stuffing sessions that she wasn´t able to notice the bodies of the young women had fattened up to tighten their clothes. But now Svenja got panic and ran into the bathroom.

“Jeannine look at THAT!!!” she screamed out of the bathroom with a scary touch in her voice.

Jeannine waddled into the bathroom and looked at the display of the scale Svenja was standing on. Jeannine read “183 pounds”. Svenja´s first stuffing was only 13 days behind so she gained 35 pounds in that short period of time.

“Wow!” Svenja gasped. “When I keep on to gain weight like this I´ll be at 220 by the re-opening of the fitness club. My coaching career will be ruined!”

“Svenja, I think you like to be big-bellied?”

“I like my stuffed belly but not that flabby fattened paunch.”

“On my opinion I think I´m sexy because of my rolls. My belly is so wobbly, so soft and round.”
“No, Jeannine, I´ve to cut it off. You know I like our stuffings but I don´t want to look like an elephant. So I won´t stuff my belly anymore.”

“Svenja, do you think I´m too fat to be your girl?” Jeannine asked fearing that her relation would break apart.

“No, you look very sexy with your potbelly. But the reason for that is you´re feeling comfortable with your fat body and that is resulting into a unbelievable charm. But I don´t feel comfortable being a hippo. But do´t worry I´ll never leave you. And I will still be part of our stuffings. But I´ll only do the “feeding job”. If there is a better solution I´d stuff myself again.”

“Hmmmm…Svenja I´ve got it…water-melons!”

“That´s a hell of an idea, Jeannine. No calories, only consisting of water…I´ll have a distended gut after eating but I won´t gain an ounce. You know what? I love you so much and…well…I want to invigorate our love.”

“You want to marry me?”

“Yes! And now I´ll do it officially: do you want to be my wife Jeannine?”

“YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! Do you have a special date in mind?”

“I want to cut off my overweight. I don´t want to marry with a huge belly!”

“Well… but a lot of women marry while having a big belly my dear.”

“That´s right but these bellies have usually another reason.” Svenja joked while she went to her humidor to fetch a havana. And Jeannine also opened her hand so Svenja took a second cigar and handed it over to her wife-to-be. Both cancelled her “night club raid” to have a personal cigar eve instead. During all the stuffings Svenja hadn´t even taken one single puff.

But now both women enjoyed puffing while holding each others in their arms. Then Jeannine started to talk.

“Svenja, do you know how sexy and hot you look smoking cigars?”

“As sexy as with a stuffed belly?”

“It´s very close to that!” Jeannine answered with a naughty voice while blowing smoking rings between her lips.

“You are a sexy smoker, too!” Svenja assured Jeannine.

That was the very special moment and both women knew their marriage would be a great successs.

Svenja was successful in cutting off her weight. When the fitness club re-opened she was the slim and trim beauty she had been before all the stuffings. And the water-melons turned out to be a good idea. So Svenja is bloated to the max every evening but her weight don´t increase and stays at sexy 148.
Unlike Jeannine who stuffs herself with “normal” food. She is quite balloning and was already at 232 when both women married each other three weeks after Jeannine brought the water-melons ito play. But Jeannine likes having a fat gut and Svenja also loves playing with her wife´s lovehandles.

Yes, the women´s marriage…Their parents were really shocked when both stated to be homosexual and instead of a son-in-law a daughter-in-law would be brought into the families. But this panic quickly fadded away and to make the situation even better both families gave their blessings and were happy the girls found their true love.

So the marriage was a big festival and Jeannine´s parents hailed the relation by granting both women a big amount of money. Despite they will never be forced to work Jeannine and Svenja are still living in their appartment and studying at university because they are too pride and too good to quit and they want to get a regualar job after studying as they like to work.

And another plan is still signed. After finishing study Svenja will receive a sperm donation to get pregnant. The donator will be a gay cousin of Jeannine so it will all stay in the family. And Svenja also has two gay cousins so maybe also Jeannine will be a mommy one day.

That was the story of a friendship that ended in a true love. And whereever Jeannine and Svenja are in this very moment I´m sure they will be joyfull. Maybe both women are puffing Cubans while lying on their couch now with their bellies stuffed to beachballs. It would be no surprise at all…


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