Stuffedbellylover – Being Curios

Red-haired Lea /aged 20; 5 ft. 5 tall; 139 pounds) who is working as secretary in a lawyer´s office is now married with 22 years old Danny (5 ft. 8 tall; 155 pounds) for a year. Danny is a successful businessmen working in the IT-section, so he often has a lot of appointments far away from home for several days in a row. So he is on the road at the beginning of this story.

February 12 2006

Dear diary,

I´m very scared about the discovery I´ve made earlier today. As usual I was doing my weekly cleaning work so I also was in Danny´s home offivce to clean the furniture. Accidentially a touched the hold of one of the drawers and it opened. Normally this drawer is always locked as Danny has stored his information about his customers right there. I´m not curious but I took a look anyway. There were some documents but also an envelope (that was closed but not glued up) which contained 3 coverless DVDs with the titles “Beachballs Vol. 1”, “Beachballs Vol. 2” and “Beachballs Vol. 3” written on by hand.

I was wondering about the content of these DVDs so I took the player and put “Vol. 1” into it. Three slim and beautiful women were shown on the DVD as it started. One was brown-haired, another black-haired and the third one was blonde. They all wore tight jeans and tops that didn´t cover their bellies.

These women took a seat right in front of a table where a whole grilled pig was placed and started eating. And eating and eating and eating. The women´s bellies became more stout and round as more as the three cuties ate. The women behaved unladylike and burped like pigs. Right into the direction of the camera! And then they kept eating.

I couldn´t believe how distented the stomachs of these girls turned as they looked very pregnant by the time the whole pig except the bones was gone into them. The buttons of the jeans had already popped awy before and so the “beachballs” were bloated in a gigantic way and pushing the tops right up to the nipples of the women´s breasts. The poor ladies looked ready to burst any second but instead of moaning about their stuffed guts they smiled into the camera in a seductive way and moved as sexy as possible regarding to their overfull paunchs.

I was shocked!

Then I tired the other DVDs which showed similar orgies despite other women and other food was shown. But they were also about extremely round women bellies after huge meals.

Does Danny think this is sexy? Is he into greedy beauties?

I was totally down and tears ran over my face.

I didn´t want to loose Danny but I had no idea what to do now.

But then I had a plan in mind and phoned my best friend Laila to discuss it with her…

My diary, I´ll tell you about the plan as soon as it´s all done and I know if me plan was the right idea.

With love,


* * *

4 days later – 5 o´clock (pm)

Danny was glad to be home again as the business trip had been very hard but in succesful. So Danny was awaiting a huge amount of extra commision, a bonus to his (not low) fixed monthly wage.

After all he was seeing his Lea again…he thought. But she wasn´t at home. Well, she surely was hanging out with Laila to go shopping.

Danny took the phone and called up his buddy Curtis, a 6 ft. tall fitness instructor who was Laila´s boyfriend.

„This is Curtis speaking.“

“Hi Curits. Danny here. Is Lea staying with you and Laila?“

“Well, the girls are gone into town. But don´t ask me what shops they´re raiding.”

“Ok. By the way: what about your envelope with the DVDs? When will you pick it up again? Have you told Laila about your faible yet?”

“No. I don´t have the balls to tell her? What shall I tell her? I decided to wait a little bit more until I´m telling her what my special faible is.”

“But you didn´t even tell me about it. What´s your faible? Bondage? Hardcore? Or are you into having fun with two hot girls at the same time?”

“You can hardly explain it. You´ve to see it with your own eyes to understand. But I´ve already said too much.”

“I can understand that pal! So I hide the DVDs for a further time until you´ve talked to Laila.”

„You´re a true friend! I appreciate that nad thak you so much.”

“No matter. Bye Curtis.”

“Yep. Take care buddy.”

* * *

What kind of a faible could that be Curtis didn´t want to talk about? Now I´m very curious about the whole thing. Well, I just put one of these DVDs into the player and then I´ll know. Just taking the first I grab.

Mmmmh…”Beachballs Vol. 1“? About big boobs? Normally I´m not into this “silicon inferno” thing but I´ll take a short look onto it…The quality of the DVD seems to be excellent.

What´s this?…There is a table shown and a giant cake is placed on it. And there´s a sexy redhead sitting on a chair…ONE MOMENT…THAT´S MY LEA!!! What the heck…and this Latina who is about 5 ft. 4 tall and 122 pounds and coming onto the screen right now holding a spoon into her right hand…THAT´S LAILA! And the room…that´s the living room right in this very house!!!

And what´s Lea wearing? This jeans are more then two wide. That´s maternity wear! What?! And this short top with the glitter on it seems to be new. I haven´t seen it on Lea before.

What is happening now?

Danny was mazed.

Right on the tv screen he could see Laila taking the spoon to feed Lea with the cake. Laila was merciless and fed her heaping after heaping. And Lea seemed to like it.

The results of Laila´s work could be seen quickly. After about 15 minutes of being fed Danny could see that Lea´s belly was slightly bigger. Danny had never seen her eating that much.

And the cake was still far away from being eaten so the feeding went on. Lea was smacking while eating. And out of nowhere she burped loud what confused Danny as Lea had never burped before.

Danny focused on Lea´s belly again. It was even more distendened than before and was a small ball now which was tenderly rubed by Lea now who let out another burp. Was the orgy over?


The cake was getting smaller and Lea´s midsection was very swollen now.

Laila stopped feeding Lea and started rubbing her friend´s paunch what caused erotic moaning and a hearty belch by Lea. And these two results turned on Laila as well and her rubbing got more intense. So she accidently put too much pressure on Lea´s belly who cried in pain. Without any delay Laila apologized and Lea accepted.

After about 5 minutes of rubbing Laila restarted feeding Lea who didn´t become thinner as a result of this decision.

Out of a sudden Danny noticed that there was something getting tight in his groin section and he asked himself how to regain the controll.

And the DVD seemed to be a never ending story…

As Danny saw that his wife had eaten the whole giant cake except some small pieces he could feel the slaver collecting in his mouth. It was her big bloated belly thatr turned him on.

Lea´s maternity jeans were very tight now like a sausage´s peel due to her “cake ball” and the pressure had pushed her top in the direction of Lea´s busty breasts causing some of the gliiter to pop off.

Lea moaned and so did Danny. While Danny was moaning as a result of excitement Lea´s moans were caused by a mix consisting out of gluttony, exhaustion and erotic. A mix that forced Lea to belch tremendously again.

After 50 minutes of extreme stuffing there were only cake crumps left.

Laila piled the crumps up to one single heap which she put onto her spoon and stuffed it into Lea´s mouth. Lea had touble to breath and gulped the crumps down without any chewing

Will she burst or not when the crumps had done their whole way down into Lea´s overbloated stomach?


Well, it wasn´t Lea bursting but the jeans!!!

The top button which even can take the pressure of a 9 months pregnant woman´s belly popped off with a “PRORP” and flew right onto the table.

Within seconds Lea´s already stout belly grew even 1/3 more. She had eaten a cake that was big enough for 5 women and while her belly buldged out she groan like she did everytime while having good sex. And Danny also cried out loud and felt that his pants and underpants were wet and adhesive and he had the best orgasm he could remember. He was sure that it was Lea´s belly causing that result. He found this discovery strange but also fascinating.

So Curtis was focused on absolutely overstuffed women…and so I do I guess. How could Lea take so much food? Every other woman would have been bursted.

But STOP…Lea is looking right into the camera and she maybe has something to say…

Lea took a deep breath and started speaking:

“*OOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPP*“ Wow, that was a hell of a belch, wasn´t it?” she gigled before she kept on talking.

“Danny, my dear, I have to admit * PRUORP* that I was shocked about your DVDs I found. But then I *ORPS* phoned Laila and we decided to do this little experiment right for you. I can also eat *AAARRRPPP* like a pack of pigs. And I think I´m better than your DVD-girls…their after-stuffing-guts *LOOOORRRP*were flat compared with my one.”

While saying this Lea, assisted by Laila, stood up from her chair in a kind of slowmotion and was holding and rubbing her massive tummy with both hands while showing it to the camera.

Now Lea again started speaking.

“With this evidence of love, my dear, I want to show you that I want to be your sweet “stuffing turkey” in days of forune as well as in days of bad luck…but I don´t want one thing…I don´t want to become a wobbly blimp! But…if we keep this stuffing rare then the excitement while doing it will be even higher.

I never believed it, Danny, but I feel so erotic and sexy with that huge gut. I never felt like that before. Bloated guts are sexy!!! And so I´ve a special present left for you…”

Not even a second after finishing this sentence Lea moved her hips to perform a belly-dance which really deserved that name due to Lea´s big paunch. Lea´s performance looked elegant and smooth even if her belly was so tight that it didn´t wobble like the bellies of belly-dancing women normally do.

Danny reacted with a new orgasm…just 5 minutes after his first!!! His whole body was wet now as a result of the sweat and now the DVD was finished and the screen was black. Danny stood up and took the DVD out of the player.

Afterwards he went to the phone to call Curtis as he want to ask his buddy about Lea´s DVD performance.

But as it turned out, Curtis was also baffled and had no answer.

In fact both men asked themselves what the ladies would say about the incident.

Two hours after Danny had phoned Curtis about the DVD including Lea´s performance, Lea herself came back home.

Danny was waiting in the living-room. Lea huggec him tenderly and kissed him onto the mouth using her tongue.

“How long did you have to wait honey?“

“Not very long, Lea. Have you been hanging around with Laila?”

“Yes, we just went to the city

“And…mmmhhh…did you also eat some cake???”

Lea immediately knew what he was talking about.

“You´ve seen the “Stuffing DVD” we did three day ago!” Lea said smiling naughty. “And was my almost bursting stomach sexy enough to satisfy your needs?”

“Lea…I´ve to tell you something: the DVDs belong to Curtis. He is into stuffed ladies and asked me to store his DVDs until he has talked to Laila about the whole matter. I didn´t know what was on the DVDs before I saw the one with your performance, hon.”

“So I almost burst and it was in vain? And the yummy cake was so expensive. I wanted to make you a special present!”

“You did Lea, you did…I had two gigantic orgasms while watching the DVD and it was all the result of your distendend gut. You looked so hot being stuffed like a turkey. Very erotic!”

“Yes! You’re the most beautiful woman of all time whether with or without a round tummy!”

“But I hope that doesn´t mean I´m not allowed to stuff my face in the future. I really liked to be a glutton!”

Before Danny could answer her question the phone started ringing and Danny answered the call. He was murmuring during the whole call so Lea couldn´t understand a word.

After the call was finished Danny turned over to Lea.

“Lea, that was Curtis. Laila talked to him about your DVD adventure and told him that she liked it as well and wants to know how it is to be stuffed like you were.

They will go to the new “All-You-Can-Eat-Restaurant” in a few minutes here in town and want to know if we want to join them. I said we will do. I hope you don´t mind my answer!”

Lea´s joyful face expression did say more than words could ever do…

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