Stuffedbellylover – A wonderFULL Christmas

Christmas eve was one day ahead. So I took my girlfriend Lara to a local Christmas carnival. I enjoyed the views other men gave to Lara, 23 years old, 5”8 tall and 145 pounds of weight, dark-brown haired and blue-eyed. Her strike-close Jeans as well as her closely fitting pullover underlined the perfection of her body. Well, during Christmas time she would temporarly gain 1-2 pounds but she was no glutton at all. We enjoyed the smells of cinnamon and fir-green as walked across. suddenly so against 7:30 am Lara stopped. "Look there!" she said and pointed on a poster next to a blue-white show-booth. I could read the big lettered text.

"25-year old U.S. competatibe eating champion Kathleen "Ultimate Stuffee" Stevensen has a challenge to all ladies! 6000 $ prize money for that woman able to defeat Kathleen in an eating challenge!!! Registration fee: 25 $."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I´d like to register!"

"You… you are a heap of bones, honey. That Kathleen is probably a fat girl able to eat pounds and pounds of food.”

"Nevertheless I want to try. Maybe it´s funny!"

"Ok Lara but don´t hold me liable afterwards with regard to your belly pain!"

"I won´t do that."

Lara went to the booth´s office and talked to the young lady in the cash housethat started to laugh. Probably Lara had spoken out the challenge. And wasn´t taken serious. But as she insisted on her opinion I decided to go to the two ladies. When I stood straight before the two a man came to us. He wore red trousers, a red jacket as well as small golden chains around neck and wrists. He was probably the manager of the booth. "My cashier" he spoke and pointed on the young woman who Lara had talked to before "has informed me that you (with these words he pointed on Lara) want to challenge Kathleen."

"Yeah and no one can change my very mind!" Lara said.

"Kathleen is not a normal woman. She is US-Champ in stuffing. Besides she weighs about 960 pounds and has already humiliated a lot of women that were 400 pound or more."

"I nevertheless I want to face her."

“Ok, but you can´t hold us liable for any damages caused to overeating!”

Lara´s answer was short and simple.

"Enough said now I would like eat."

"Ok in approximately 15 minutes the match will begin."

Suddenly a loudspeaker announcement sounded.

"Attention! Attention! In approximately 15 minutes a stuffing contest of the ladies takes place in the blue-white booth. Do not miss this event!!! Adults pay 10 $, children under 12 years only5 $. Today is Kathleen Stevenson`s last day in Germany!!!

I turned to Lara and awarded her courage. I wasn´t happy with her decision but if it was fun to her…

15 minutes later: The banks of the well heated booth were filled, about 600 people had come up to the place. In front on an increased stage stood a solid table about 9 inches long. At the ends in a chair each side was placed. Lara had already taken her seat. A kind of "reporter" announced her now over loudspeakers.

"On the left side weighing 145 pounds…she will give everything today. Here is the challanger: Lara Astermann!!!"

The voice out of the speaker became louder.

"And now here she comes… the unbeaten Champion from the United States of America. Her weight is gigantic 960 pounds. From Houston, Texas, USA, here is Kathleen "Ultimate Stuffee" Stevensen!!!"

From right Kathleen neared. She was blond with blue eyes and wore blue spandex pants as well as a yellow XXXXL shirt. She also was… unbelievably fat….

Her paunch was as thick mountain consisting of 5 lovehandles buldging under her shirt. Each of these lovehandles was as big as men´s thigh.

Poor Lara I thought. But she had not lost her optimism and talked to Kathleen.

"Good luck. Hope you won’t disappointed after I beat ya!" Lara yelled.

"Don’t even dream about it sticky girl." Was Kathleen´s reply.

Now the speaker explained the rules.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Now we come to the rules of the match:
1.Each stuffe has one time out. A time out will give both eaters a 5 minute recovery break.
2.The match ends only by submission, either by one the stuffees or by their respective seconds who can throw a white towel to quit.
3.There are not more rules. And now ladies go on!"

I stood left beside Lara to be her second. On Kathleen`s side her manager was the second.
I could hear sayings from the crowd obviously also money was bet. Sentences like "The skinny one will explod!", "That will be one-sided!" and so on could be heard.

Now the meal was brought. For everyone of the two ladies a giant cake was placed. The cakes were made out of four layers with each cake weightibg approximately 20 pounds. The calorie content: astronomically.

Then the match began. The first 20 minutes nothing special happened as both ladies plugged spoons after spoon into their mouths. After approximately 25 minutes and about 5% of the cakes were gone I noticed small but fine roundness in Laras belly range. Kathleen showed still no signs. I expected that Lara would lose her speed now but I was wrong and she ate without5 making any prisoners.

I didn´t look on the clock but on the cakes and the ladies. About 15% of the cakes had been already eaten now. Lara´s belly became more bloated and looked very full now. She looked 5 month along. And Kathleen? Under the massive lovehandles there was still no sign of a full stomach. My poor Lara. How much she tormented herself she must already have a hurting stomach. But she was so courageous and I admired her lion heart.

Both women kept on and after approximately 9 pounds of cake Lara whose belly looked totally stuffed lost on speed. That´s it I thought.

And what did Lara do? She opened her jeans and her overfull belly buldged out like a big balloon. This expansion gave Lara some more breath and she was back to her former eating speed again. And Kathleen? Still no result to see.

The whole event continued. Now 13 pounds of cake each where filling the contestans bellies. Did the belly of the American look a little bit more tight now? Yes, indeed small curve was noticeable.

But that was not anything against Laras gut that looked like pregnant with twins in the 8. month My honey made a pig out of herself. She could burst every second!!! But she was not yet done. After approximately ¾ the cakes was obviously finished Lara´s eir stomach was blown up exorbitantly. One of my good friends who was once pregnant with triplets and her belly was small in the 9. month in comparison to Lara´s canonball. Also Kathleen was now quite filled.

Lara used her time out indication. 5 minutes of break. I bent myself over Lara and rubbed her beachball-sized "cake cemetery" tenderly. Lara burped several times

"Lara I`ll throw the towel. You risk your health."

"No!… BELCH… if you throw to towel… TORP… then our relationship will be history. I want to win! I can… ARPS… win. Promise me that you… RORP… won´t throw the towel no matter what will happen… PURP."

"Ok Lara. I promise it. But now rest and I´ll give you a belly rub to make some room."

I rubbed her belly. I could feel a pressure in my trousers. Why did I like the round wy that Lara looked now?

But before I could think about that matter any further the match already continued. Still 5,5 pounds of cake were to be eaten perhaps Kathleen can achieve that but Lara? NO chance!

But obviously my belly rub had put some more firhing spirit into Lara who was now back. And also Kathleen had her problems now. She looked very full and her face showed that she was struggling.

Now the last pound was to go.

The spectators spoke no more word now as everyone stared at the two ladies. It was like a heavyweight boxing fight in the 12. and final round with both boxers heavily bleeding but to proud to quit.

Lara’s paunch had meanwhile hit the table edge which was 5 inches away before the contest and also Kathleen had now a large ball to offer.


Both had eaten everything.

The voice came out of the loudspeakers.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, after 70:34 minutes of stuffing there is still no decision! Now it goes into overtime! Until one gives up or bursts!!!"

A tray with 20 Donuts was brought. Both Lara and Kathleen got 10 each. It was now like a penalty shootout in hockey.

The first 5 Donuts went down "relatively easy" ("easy"if you consider what both ladies had eaten before).

Both bellies rounded more strongly. Lara sweated while eating her 6. donut. Then she leaned back and belched in extension and satisfaction as well.

Now it was Kathleen´s turn. Her stomach was now too full and even she had to burp out loud. But she ate her donut.

Now Lara`s. 7. donut came into play. Lara was absolutely done, but shoveled the donut into her mouth. She chewed and swallowed it with her last power and leaned back.

Now it was Kathleens affair. Kathleen ate the first half of the donut.

"BBBBUUUUUURRRRP… I quit. I’m bursting and can’t hold anymore… OOORRRP” the fat girl groaned…


I hugged Lara who still leaned back and rubbed her overbloated belly.

"Honey you are unbelievable." I whispered into her ear.

She could barely hear it as chants were started in the booth now.
"Lara"-Chants followed by "Kathleen"-chants could be heard. The crowed honored both ladies due to their fighting spirit.

The manager brought the 6000 $ to prize money and was disappointed not to be able to anounce Kathleen as unbeaten and addressed Lara.

"Lady, congrats to the victory. Could you imagine to tour with us as a competative stuffer? A German would arrive good in the scenery.”

"No thanks is not so my business…" Lara answered.

Then she turned her mouth to my ear and whispered.

"Maybe you liked my with my big stuffed belly?"

How she knew… oh during the break her knee touched my groin…ok, so she noticed it.

The boozh emptied. The competition was finished 20 minutes ago. My big-bellied Lara rose ponderously now and went to Kathleen who laid still in the chair to recover.

"One more and I’d been bursted" said Lara.

"Good girl. You deserve the victory. You are a better eater than ME. And don’t be scared I don’t want a rematch. My time as eater are possibly over."

Both hugged each other cordially, exchanged addresses and kissed on the cheeks.

Slowly like snails Lara and I went home. People starred at Lara like never before. No miracle. Her belly was a giant balloon naked from the open jeans to the breasts as her shirt was lifted by her belly .

At our home (Lara and I lived together for already 2 years before this story happend) Lara slipped out of the close clothes like a snake out of its skin and laid on the couch totally naked.

"You are excited without end. You find my belly totally sexy. I know it!"

"It has me excited to see you stuffing her belly round and firm, Lara. I cannot explain it why I find this so erotic but that´s the way it is."

"Then come over and show me that you are a true man" Lara spoke with a seductive voice.

I stripped in slow motion for her while I rubbed her belly as another "point of program". When I was just as naked as her… well sorry, but I don´t want to gave you any details now. But I tell you this: MEANWHILE she explained to me she could eat so much. She had a genetic defect which does not become apparent however in the everyday life. That defect makes her stomach very elastic. I asked it why she wasn´t fat if she could not feel a normal saturation. She told me that in her head there was a mental barrier to keep her from eating like a pig everyday. But she sometimes could erase this barrier for some hours and eat like mad. But she admitted that she had never eaten 20 pounds of food before as her former record was 10 pounds.

The whole story happend nearly 10 years ago and Lara is notmy girlfriend anymore… she´s my beloved my wife and the mother of our common children, daughter Mary (7) and son Robin (5). Stuffing is no matter in our everyday life. Only on Christmas (when the kid are fallen asleep) we have our own little “Stuffing Show” where Lara eats 15 pound of cookies or even more.

And Kathleen? The contact was never really broken off and we telephone and write each others regularly. Meanwhile Kathleen is happily married and a mother of three called Trisha (9), Joshua (9) and Mary (7). After her second pregnancy (her first two children are twins) Kathleen change her eating habbits and lost weight rapidly. Now she is 200 pounds at 6”2 and far away from being fat. She still shows her fighting spirit but now she does it as a well-known pro-wrestling lady. Now after 5 years of being the women world champion in pro-wrestling, 35 years of age and having some millions dollar on her bank account she will only have one fight before retiring. And this fight will take place in Germany. So Kathleen promised to give us VIP tickets with back-stage access.
Kathleen often says how happy she is about Lara defeating her in the contest to pudh her life into a healthier and luckier course. For this reason she also gave us "some” money. Well, "some" is about 5 million dollar so we won´t ever live in poverty (but we also didn´t before Kathleen´s donation).

And maybe after the fight we go to an All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet with our whole families to have a "Stuffing Rematch” between Kathleen and Lara…


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