English-written Stories

Octovert – Some true stories and moments

Having long been turned on by female stuffing I’ve remembered some experiences related to it. They aren’t elaborate like fantasy stories, some are mere moments, […]

Stuffedbellylover – A wonderFULL Christmas

Christmas eve was one day ahead. So I took my girlfriend Lara to a local Christmas carnival. I enjoyed the views other men gave to […]

Stuffedbellylover – Boa Constrictor

“I´m back home.” 21 year-old Svenja thought. University had been very boring today but her work as a fitness coach at a local fitness club […]

Stuffedbellylover – Being Curios

Prologue: Red-haired Lea /aged 20; 5 ft. 5 tall; 139 pounds) who is working as secretary in a lawyer´s office is now married with 22 […]

Stuffedbellylover – Friends

Chapter 1- The Project It was Saturday and the summer sun was shining warmly from the sky while fresh air was coming from the flowers […]

Stuffedbellylover – Going Hollywood

-Hollywood, CA, USA- It was another sunny afternoon. The door of “Alfredo´s Bar” opened and suddenly all guests inside, well it was just a young […]

Stuffedbellylover – Magical Bellies

(Notes: The authors of the following are completely against any kinds of torment, deprivation of liberty, self justice and so on. Therefore this story is […]

Stuffedbellylover – A strange Strategy

Most court processes are rather boring than spectacular.This does not apply however in a case, in which a mandator of mine was involved. As an […]

Stuffer M – All You Can Eat

Last week when I opened the newspaper I found a great ad: "ALL YOU CAN EAT – free eating contest at Franco’s for men and […]

Stuffer M – Real Life Experiments

The last holidays were the best I ever had. My parents, usually staying at home in the holidays, had won a one-week vacation for two […]

Stuffer M – Star Stuff

Chapter 1 Being a star has it’s advantages. You are well-known, you earn a lot of money and you meet a lot of strange, cool […]

skippy – Fun with Linda

You are in "voradtralundir’s room:1"( Welcome to My Room ) hungry_college_girl joined the room voradtralundir: Hi hungry_college_girl: Much better voradtralundir: Can you hear me now? […]