Shiny Shorts & Weigh In

This is my second weigh-in clip. I highly recommend you start with the first clip here: Hibernation Fat and Weigh In.

This time I’ve found some tight, shiny spandex shorts that I haven’t tried on in a very long while. They did fit nicely in thinner days. Check out the clip excerpts from before of me in the same tight, elastic waist shorts and bikini top. Then we pan into present time and it’s like instant weight gain time travel.

Thank stretchiness of spandex that I am able to get the shorts on again, but now that unforgiving elastic waistband is doing me no favors. With zero shame I show you my fresh muffintops, my little belly, and side rolls.

I talk about my battle between love of tacos versus cardio. Which will ultimately win? At the end I step on the scale for a current weigh in. Has the number gone up or down since my first weigh-in?

Shiny Shorts & Weigh In

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