Imagine it Is an end of year works party that you have prepared and you are the first person to arrive. You are wearing a sexy revealing dress, all alone you walk straight to the bar for an alcoholic drink. You drink for a few minutes and wonder when everyone else will arrive. You are all on your own very bored so you finish your first drink & then you quickly finish you’re second drink, but still nobody has arrived. You stand there completely alone drinking until you realise nobody else is coming. Now you are feeling drink and upset because you understand nobody else is coming to the party that you have prepared for everyone and you are all alone. Now you walk over to the buffet. The buffet table is full with an entire pizza 4 burgers & a entire cake. So much food, enough food for at least 5 people. More food on the table than ever before in any of your previous overeating/facestuffing videos. You are so angry and upset that nobody came to your party, you begin to eat. You are feeling tipsy but that does not matter. You are determined to not let any of this food go to waste. At first I want you to enjoy stuffing, you enjoy the pizza and the burgers. But after a while you begin to feel stuffed. Nobody else is coming so you begin to take your clothes off, down to just a bra and panties. You don’t want to eat anymore, but you remember you payed good money for this food. So you go to the bar and drink another alcoholic drink. Now you are ready to go back to the buffet, ready to eat more food. You burp, moan and cry in pain but there is still food left to eat. So you eat more, until you feel ill. You are now burping uncontrollably. But there is still a cake that needs to be eaten. You continue to burp when you can, moaning about how much pain your in. You complain that your belly hurts but you will not let that cake go to waste. So you drink more alcohol hoping you feel a little better, whilst continuing to burp. You eat as much of the cake as physically possible, even though it hurts. Burping as much as you can, I absolutely love it when you burp especially when you have a full belly. Now you are stuffed to the maximum and completely naked (You have a clean shaven pussy with no hair at all if possible) sitting in pain rubbing your belly trying to get some relief. There is one way you could feel better, alcohol. Stuffed to the absolute maximum, you rub your belly hoping you will feel better. You are crying in pain burping and moaning. Never again will you eat and drink like you have tonight but it is too late, you are in so much pain. The only way to feel better is to drink. You have eaten more than ever before, and now you can’t stop burping. You feel ill, your belly hurts. You want the pain to end, so you continue to drink. You drink until the pain stops and you feel no more. I want to see you naked stuffed and drink by the end of the video. You begin to touch yourself, it is the only way you can feel pleasure. So you masturbate, touching yourself moaning barely able to move. You masturbate until orgasm, then finally pass out fast resting. At this point the film shows you for a final few minutes resting rubbing your belly as you rest. I just want to see you eat more than ever before whilst being completely drink. I want the video to be at least an hour long with no cuts, I want to imagine I am seeing the whole thing right in front of me.

Party alone

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