Overeating weakness of an athlete

You have just come back from the gym. You are wearing a sexy tight revealing sports bra and compression shorts (similar to attached the image). The shorts are pulled up to your belly button.

Part 1

You look exhausted, you have just finished a very demanding workout. You are feeling very tired. You talk about your workout, explaining everything you did at the gym. Now it’s time for a protein shake, you go to the kitchen and prepare a blender full of calories. After an intense workout, you need calories if you want to be strong. The blender when filled has 1 litre of liquid, I want to see you finish the full 1 litre of shake with no cuts. You burp a lot throughout (as many burps as possible). When you have finished drinking, you say “I am so bloated” and “I need to rest”. Now you walk to your bed or couch and the scene ends with you. The camera cuts at this point.

Part 2

When you wake up, you feel really hungry. You talk about how hungry you feel. You do so much exercise, you work out every single day to maintain your perfect figure. You deserve a treat, a big stuffing. You have earned it, all the hard work and commitment. You have always fantasied about eating so much fattening food that it hurts. You decide today is the day, so you order some food. You order 10 McD burgers and a drink! You are so excited! Today you are going to eat more food than ever before. You are so determined, you say that you are going to eat everything! At first you are really happy, you are really enjoying the feeling. After finishing 2 burgers you pull your shorts down, revealing your belly. You quickly begin to feel full. You begin to burp. After finishing 4 burgers you decide you will feel better if you take of your sports bra. After finishing 6 burgers you take off your shorts, now you’re completely naked. You continue to eat, but now you’re feeling uncomfortable. You’re belly is starting to hurt, you talk about how you feel. You explain, the only reason you are still eating is because it’s a challenge. You said you would finish all the burgers so that’s what you will do! This is the only time you will ever do this, so why not make the most of it! You are now starting to moan, and burp trying to get some relief. You continue to eat, you say “my belly hurts” and “I am so stuffed” and “I feel bad” You rub your belly hoping it will make you feel better.

When you have eaten as much as possible you are so uncomfortable. You regret eating like this, you say you are never going to do this again. You complain about being so full and now you feel sick. You’re belly is huge, you don’t like having a big belly. You want your belly to be flat again! You spend 5 minutes at the end rubbing your stuffed belly, burping as much as possible

Overeating weakness of an athlete