Overeating Binge In Bodystockings Leads To Bloated Burping

I’m all dressed up, and I’ve got all this food to eat. My plate is massive, and I’m got plans to join the clean plate club, several times over, today. The food is steaming, and I’m starving!

Chomping down, I start stuffing my mouth with abandon. I eat and eat and eat and eat. First dinner, then more. The fridge is full and I’ve got leftovers that I’m going to devour. I stuff my mouth with giant bites from my fork, using my fingers to help scoop even more food on to stuff into my mouth all at once.

It takes some stretching, but surely enough, my plate is emptied. I lick my fingers clean, sucking on the tips to get all the juices off. Setting my licked clean plate aside, I stand up and pat my bloated belly as I sigh and feel the burps starting to rumble in, but I’m not finished yet.

I just binged on dinner and joined the clean plate club, but despite my swollen, bloated belly, I’m going to eat dessert. The entire rest of the pie is mine. I’ve been nibbling on it all day, and now I’m ready to chow down on what’s left.

Shoveling scoopfuls into my mouth, I scarf it down, relishing every bite. The sweet treat is sticky on my lips, so I wipe it off and lick my fingers clean, savoring the delicious dessert. My belly stretches as I continue eating, ever closer to an empty pie plate.

The pan grows lighter as I heap more and more into my mouth, gobbling every last crumb of sugary sweetness. I eat and eat, growing closer to rejoining the clean plate club twice over with an empty dessert plate to match my dinner plate. Ohhh, I wonder how long after I stop eating will it take for the bloating to go down?

Oh man, I’m so stuffed from dinner! I know I just ate all of that pie, but I think I’m going to eat the leftover cheesecake later too. However, my belly is still bloating!

I groan and chug my water, watching my stomach distend further. This isn’t even the furthest it can go though. It definitely has more room to stretch, and once I finish this, it will grow so much more….if I can finish my water, how much more will it expand?

How far will my bloated belly grow? This inflation stretches and grows as I feel the burps start to gurgle up. I belch, but my belly only bloats more. Standing up, my belly visibly inflates even more, and you can see the bloating stretching out my bodystockings.

All that food! My belly is distended and gurgling, but the gas just isn’t coming out yet. I know it’s going to start rumbling out any moment now in deep belches, or maybe even farts.

I try to shift to get the burps out, but I have to really stretch before I feel any relief as burping turns to belching that shows my prominently swollen gut. After eating all of that dinner, and then the entire pie, it’s no wonder that my tummy is full of gas, but the burps cause yawns. Oh I could take a deep snack-nap from this food belly-*YAWWWWWWN-BUUUUURPS*

Eating all day long has left me so stuffed and struggling with my heavy bloated belly, unable to do little but sit and belch. I pat my gut, trying to jiggle loose more of the gas pressure, but only a few tiny burps come out. I have to get on my hands and knees to stretch the rest of the burps out, but when I stand up to check, my bloated belly is still round and tight, pushing at the seams on my bodystockings as I continue burping and burping.

Overeating Binge In Bodystockings Leads To Bloated Burping