Oops, I ate ALL the party food and can’t hide my HUGE BELLY!

So, I was on a very strict healthy diet…basically just eating vegetables and getting great results. My stomach is super flat! But then…my family made this delicious food for their party, and it’s ALL of my favorites! How can I resist?

Well, you know I can’t resist, don’t you? I try to take just a little taste, but a little turns into a little more…and then it’s ALL GONE! LOL! I completely polished off a dozen chicken drumsticks, a huge plate of fries, all of the coconut caramel squares and the whole shrimp ring…OMG! What am I going to do? I need to go out there and tell everyone what I did….but they will know just by looking at me what happened.

I am beet red with embarrassment, and there is one guest in particular who is going to be VERY interested in what I did…a family friend I’ve always had a thing for. He loves to watch me eat, and always tries to get me to eat more and more. I can tell he loves seeing my belly grow, and I know he’d like to touch and feel it after I stuff myself. At least I will get to tease him with this gigantic pregnant size belly!

It’s kind of turning me on, to be honest. I tell you how I secretly like doing this to myself and the reaction I’m hoping for…love spilling all the details of my dirty fantasies to you, I know you will understand 😉

Oops, I ate ALL the party food and can’t hide my HUGE BELLY!

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