Maria Alive – Reality Controller – Hungry Hungry Bimbo – Stuffing Party

Maria is chatting on the phone as she’s chewing some gum and playing around with it. She’s wearing a typical sloppy workout attire. Maria then notices her step-brother watching her while she’s discussing important private matters with a friend..

“What are you staring at you little needle dick!” Maria pops her chewing gum as she gives her little step-brother an annoyed look.

Her little step-brother has a different idea though…

He starts up some extra DLC of a recent game he bought. It starts to download as Maria hangs up the phone to get ready to head out.

“Well you go play with you dumb ass video games, I’ll be getting ready for my workout class! Loserrrr” She looks grossed out by his presence and walks happily into the kitchen.

…Until she sees a huge amount of food laid out in the kitchen.

“What the fuck!”

“Who bought all this unhealthy garbage!” Maria is absolutely astounded and raging against her little step-brother.

“Do you know how many calories this all contains, too many carbohydrates, too little protein and let’s not even talk about all the saturated fats! You little brat!” She’s utterly dumbfounded and can’t stop raging!

“You know I’m on this diet! Well.. I didn’t expect otherwise from you anyways..fuck”

A voice comes out of the blue, it’s the video game!

*** Download complete! HUNGRY HUNGRY BIMBO ACTIVATED! ***

A transformation takes place with a big bang, Maria turns from her sloppy outfit into a bright pink fitness attire, with tiger stripes! Her make-up is beautifully glittery, pink and cute! And her messy ponytail is replaced by high up pigtails and adorable pink flowers. She looks like a true beauty yet empty headed dummy!

*** TRANSFORMATION COMPLETE! Maria is now officially a hungry hungry bimbo,
how would you like to play? ***

3 buttons appear and give you the options: masturbate, eat or giggle.
You pick eat, obviously!

“Like..What was I saying again?” Maria looks shocked and so happy, not at all like a few seconds ago…

“OH MY GOD, FOOD! For who is this deliciousness!” She let’s out a happy giggle and she’s so excited.
* 3 buttons appear once again:

– This is for you, little greedy piggy!
– Ehh.. we’re having a party!
– It’s all for me mhuahaha!


“Oh goody, a party! I don’t know what we’re celebrating but..don’t mind if I tuck in! Or do you?..” Your plan is succeeding, getting your big step-sister all fat while she can’t do a single thing about it! That will teach her.

She tucks joyfully into the fries, Chinese platter, chicken, sausages, cookies, donuts, muffins, candy and she can’t speak anything of worth! She’s completely entranced into bimbo mode! She let’s out happy noises and giggles as she eats and there seems to be no end to her gluttony. At some point she does have some problems with the hiccups..but we know just the solution for little Maria! A big liter of soda will help her right up.

Desperate to cure her hiccups, Maria starts to guzzle down the entire soda bottle! During she keeps on burping as she bounces on a pink yoga ball.. just perfect. She does workout afterall, making more room for food!

“Oh all that sugar is making me feel funny..BUT, I think it cured my… *hiccup* Darnit!”

Maria touches her belly as she hiccups and looks downward slowly.

“Oh man…Look how big my belly has gotten, far out!”

She eats some more and more… until she finally comes out of the kitchen with some more donuts that she happily devours as she’s already looking so round and bloated.

“Well I cleaned out the cupboards!” Maria looks accomplished, such a good girl. After finishing up her little snack she exclaims,

“This party is just getting started bitches!

Maria starts dancing with her big bloated belly, what a dummy! She looks as if she’s having fun and you for sure don’t mind staring at that big gut of hers. She continues to belly roll, jiggle her ass and more until she’s tired.

Maria lays like a total mess in the door opening,

“Oh my GAWD, what a party, we should do this again sometime!” Maria pets her still ball looking stomach “I hope all this weight goes to my boobs… I look pregnant! Hahahaha” Maria gives you a huge smile and you hear the following congratulations.

*** HUNGRY HUNGRY BIMBO STAGE 1 COMPLETED, LEVEL UP! *** Maria let’s out a big hiccup and poofs back to herself..and she doesn’t look happy.. Uhoh.

“Oh god, what just happened? I couldn’t control myself.. Oh no..this is terrible, I’m so fat now thanks to you! How am I going to explain this to my friends?!” She runs up to’re in big trouble!

Totally worth it tho 😉 xxx

Maria Alive – Reality Controller – Hungry Hungry Bimbo – Stuffing Party