Maria Alive – Gam3rg1rl Maria is lazy just eats EXCESSIVELY and masturbates UGH

It’s finally Saturday, maria packed all of her favorite snacks and they seem to have a meeting in the living-room aka. it’s a giant mess, there’s food all over the floor while she’s just loafing around in her pajamas’s. You, her boyfriend just CAN’T take this behavior anymore so you address this problem, she’s been acting like this every weekend, even skimping on friends, soccer practice and basic hygiene. You even have to tell her that she forgot to grab utensils as she wants to dig into her dinner…

“I can just use hands you know, cleaning would go a lot faster to if you stop nagging!
Just let me EAT!”

You just let maria be, it’s clearly hopeless. All she wants to do is play her video games, eat, drink an enormous amount of soda and just…exist it seems. One of her friends calls about soccer practice, that she needs to measure her sizes, it’s been weeks and Maria is still behind since she’s simply obsessed with researching some banjo and a bird…?

Her measurements have gone up but she gives a clear statement that it’s because she’s been carb loading for her workouts, and that her muscle mass has increased with all the added proteins in her diet. After the phone call and a dinner plate she realizes that her pj-bottoms didn’t fit this whole time…Is it perhaps that she’s truly getting too fat this time?

Well, perhaps…but what about all the food that’s already here while I’m mindlessly indulging – I mean Maria! Ughm…

Maria continues her glutTONY-ious behavior and realizes that she’s almost out of soda, so decides to call the captain of her soccer team, he lives across the street anyways. She also realizes that 36 inches might not make the cut..and ups her outfit sizing to 40 inches in waistband. He’s a total sweetheart and brings her some high-end soda and even a small dessert cup high in protein!

Maria is overloaded by joy, aka. a good reason to add in some extra cookies, tries to continue her game of BASED64, drinks some heavy cream, more soda…and then she can finally continue her game or…?
She can’t, she’s just too tired for today, could it be because her stomach grew about twice the size? Is it because she looks highly pregnant? Could it be that eating high amounts of sugar, fat and unnecessary proteins…nah this sentence doesn’t make any sense so it can’t be.

Instead of lounging on the sofa she decides to jump up and down on with her favorite sex toys, to enjoy her bloated and round-bellied-self and cum from all that heavy chewing…mhh, Maria just can’t help herself around food and she needs to be rewarded by touching her ever swollen pussy. You can hear her pussy get wetter and wetter as she continues, streaming juice from fucking it so fucking good.

What a messy, sloppy, lazy, pawg-like behavior from a gam3rg1rl…. What do I do with you?

Maria Alive – Gam3rg1rl Maria is lazy just eats EXCESSIVELY and masturbates UGH

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