Maria Alive – Eat macaroni outgrow clothes and cum HARD

Once upon a time Maria took upon the splendid decision to have not 1, but 2 kilo’s worth of macaroni! For this classic adventure she’s wearing her leather pants that she bought back in November…but seemingly no longer fits and a vest that has seen better days.

You can tell maria has gained weight but she doesn’t seem to mind, although she’s very secretive about the number on the scale…the only thing she’s letting you know is that she’s officially obese by European standards and that needs to be celebrated with a big meal.

Her waist before the meal measures close to a whopping 35 inches empty! That’s no longer the 25 inches we once knew back in the day when she started creating video’s!

As she starts digging in she’s excited to have a liter of cola, banana milk and a big glass of whole fat milk and also keeps talking about her upcoming dessert filled with cream, whip cream and pistachio filling – As if the macaroni dinner isn’t enough.

After a whole set of hiccups and almost finishing the meal Maria complains she’s still feeling hungry weirdly enough as her stomach seems to growl in agreement. So what a better excuse to have for dessert, and since dessert is a messy process you need to be fully undressed as nature intended! Seductively Maria makes love to those creamy lengthfully desserts that somehow only lasted 3 minutes…no pun intended!

Maria still isn’t satisfied so she’s going towards some more physical entertainment…she grabs her dildo and slowly inserts it into her pussy. Surprisingly she can barely last, her big tight belly is so round that she’s continuously out of breath. Reaching climax when you’re this full and big is no joke… If you said she was 9 month’s pregnant you could be fooled.

– For anyone interested, the stuffing totaled in 4130 calories! xxx

Maria Alive – Eat macaroni outgrow clothes and cum HARD

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