Maria Alive – An ancient magical all you can eat dating ritual

You and Maria finally decide it’s time to go on a date night again, it’s been so long afterall!

You’re surprising her with a new restaurant you’ve never been to…but something isn’t right about Maria it seems. She keeps challenging these stories you might have seen or read about before. She plays with fire, eats an apple after hearing a rattling snake…and somehow she’s fascinated by a portrait of Anubis… but hey, as long as it gets her to eat; you’re okay with it.

Maria notices it too after getting a tied down flash-black… She needs soda, and QUICKLY!
She seems to be channeling satans deepest desires…so the only solution is, to get some blue excotic soda to clean her up…and enjoy the all you can eat buffet.

Maria seems louder then you’re used from her. She burps up a storm, yaps about how much she’s going to eat and doesn’t seem to care about any bystanders in this fancy rude.
She seems unstoppable and her greed knows no bounds. She eats heaps of potatoes, fried rice, hamburgers, buttered toast, cans of soda’s go through. She steals the mayonaise, and apparantly even the coffee creamer gets it! don’t seem too mind it too much cause she’s your girlfriend and she looks fantastic in her leather dress…that seems to stretch but can barely hold her gigantic evermore expanding gut.

Maria gets so round and tout that it’s even hard for her to breathe …or continue on with her food rendezvous. As she plunders the dessert table and starts to dig into the waffles, chocolate cookies and icecream…she tells you about something she may or may not have planned all along. She threw her dildo into her little purse…but she’s convinced the other people won’t even notice if she slips it into her pussy.
She gets it in so easily..she’s been wet all along it seems, how typical of her. That’s why you even started dating this woman, her love for food..and kinky surprises…

As she fucks her wet pussy you can hear how wet she truly is..and even asks you to pass her some more soda, does she ever stop expanding herself? Burping loudly, breathing heavily she cums right at the dinner table…and finishes up with a lick of icecream and a last drip of milk cream.. guess you have to carry Maria home with how round her belly is and how good she came for you.

Maria Alive – An ancient magical all you can eat dating ritual

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