Kira Belly Rubs PregoMilk With Alexis

As much dialogue as possible and if Kira could be bloated before shooting so her belly is big when she pushes it out that would be great.

Alexis walks in late from work to find Kira laying on a bed wearing panties and a very tight t-shirt. Her belly is bloated and poking out the bottom of her shirt.

Alexis starts to say hello and explains she was held back at work when she suddenly stops in shock when she notices Kiras belly. ‘Omg Kira, look at your belly!’ She puts her hand on it ‘’s bursting out of your top!’. Kira groans from being so full and says ‘Yeah, I ate too much for dinner and now I feel like a beach ball’ Alexis can’t believe how big she is, she pulls her shirt up to show her belly and gasps. She starts rubbing her belly ‘Are you okay baby? You’re massive… you look like you’re fucking pregnant’. Kira answers ‘I feel like I’m pregnant.. keep rubbing my belly, it feels really good’. Alexis reaches to the body oil next to get and puts it on her belly.

Alexis massages her gut and admits she likes her girlfriend with a big belly. They both giggle, Kira says she likes pretending she’s big and pregnant when she eats too much. She says she can make it even bigger and slowly pushes her belly out as much as she can. Alexis can’t believe it, ‘Oh my fucking god Kira, look at you.. you look like you’re six months’. She says she always wanted to have a pregnant girlfriend. Kira moans as she very slowly sucks her belly in and pushes out over and over again as Alexis pokes and rubs it and comments on how big her belly is, etc. This goes on for a minute.

Alexis sneakily grabs a glass of milk and asks Kira to drink it. Kira chugs it in one go. Instantly, her belly feels weird as she holds it and starts to look worried. Her breathing starts to get heavy. She says her belly is quickly feeling fuller and fuller, she feels it filling with liquid and her boobs are getting bigger. Alexis admits it was a pregnancy potion that makes her belly swell.

Kira’s belly starts to swell bigger and bigger and she moans a lot (she slowly pushes her belly out). Alexis gets excited as she lifts Kira’s arms above her head. Kiras belly inflates fully, she looks like an oiled up pregnant lady – she looks almost ditsy from the potion as she burbles and moans. Alexis can’t keep she hands off her belly, rubbing and playing with her belly button. ‘What have you done to me? My belly is so swollen’ Kira says.

She tries to use all her might to suck her belly in, it goes all the way in for a few seconds but she can’t hold it and it quickly bursts out again. The video ends as Alexis laughs and watches as she struggles to suck her belly in like this over and over again for a minute.

Kira Belly Rubs PregoMilk With Alexis