I ordered my own Chinese food buffet!

Some girls think they can eat a lot of Chinese food…but not like I can!

It’s Saturday night, and I’m craving Chinese food BAD. I order enough for a large family and make my own all you can eat buffet, which I eat all by myself!

Dumplings, noodles, lemon chicken, black bean chicken and more…alllllll into my belly. This is my fav way to spend an evening in…hanging out with you while I stuff my face. As I gorge, you can see my stomach growing before your eyes. It expands like crazy…sooo big and round! I love how it feels, LOL!

I see you staring…getting hard in your pants as I eat and eat and eat. Teasing you with my big belly turns me on soooo much…I can’t resist letting my hands caress my belly and then drift a little further down to my damp panties….mmmmm. 😉

I ordered my own Chinese food buffet!

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