How Much Do I Weigh Now?

My 2nd weigh in!

I tell you a little about the blue bikini that Im wearing, and why I feel uncomfortable wearing it.

I show you my belly, squeeze the fat, jiggle it, and slap it a bit. I sit down and show you the rolls that form. You will see my belly from my point of view while sitting down, so you can see how far it sticks out. I talk about other parts of my body that have gotten fatter since I started gaining weight.

I show you my butt and how it jiggles.

Ive been trying to eat healthier lately, but I really have a sweet tooth, so its hard to stop myself from eating cookies and other junk food.

Its time for another weigh in, and Im kind of scared to step on the scale again. Did I gain weight or lose some? Did it help to eat a little healthier or did I end up gaining more weight from the cookies?

How Much Do I Weigh Now?

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