Gaining Weight For Your Affections

You and I work together, and no matter what i do, how thin and sexy I try to be for you,, you just don’t seem to notice me. One day you forget your phone on your desk and I can’t help myself. I grab it, demand that my secretary Doris keep watch me, and scroll through your tinder account. Much to my shock i find that you are only accepting dates from FAT GIRLS! Huh, So i have been going about this all wrong i see. Well, from now on i will be stuffing myself until i explode, in hopes of putting on enough weight to gain your affections.

AFter a week or so, I sit shoveling my third lunch of the day down my throat at my desk, just feet away from you. I’m always so full now, even when i am eating more, so I can’t help but let out some burps and belches… which i know you can hear. I innocently excuse myself and ask if you mind me pigging out at my desk. All the while making sure that you can see my newly plump body hardly fitting in my clothes. It’s obvious I have now sparked your attention 😉

Several more weeks pass, my weight gain is now undeniable. My juicy fat body is so alluring to you, you spend most the work day just watching me burst at the seams in my sexy tight dress. I try to play it cool, as if i have no awareness about your preference for fat chicks, while showing off how much of a blimp i have become. I jiggle my thick flabby thighs, display my ever widening ass, juicy tits and huge belly. I explain that i just love stuffing myself all day and night. I tell you how i have been banned from all the local buffet’s in town but that i just can’t stop eating! sometimes i have 5, 6 or 7 dinners in one day! I know i’m getting fat, but i don’t care, it’s totally worth it.

Another month has passed, and as you can clearly see, i have gained even more weight. Mostly in my huge bulbous belly, though my ass tits and thighs have plumped up too. It’s a day like any other at the office, except as i am waddling through the hall I run right into who else but DORIS! (camera Angle from Doris point of view here) I can’t believe my eyes! Doris has gotten HUGE! I mean she was always a fat cow but now, she has almost doubled in size!. I quickly figure out that Fat ass Doris is after you too! How dare she. Well, I am just going to have to put a stop to that. I comment on how delicious and plump fat Doris looks before opening my mouth wide and swallowing that big heifer down into my belly. Ha! Not only have i gotten rid of my competition, My belly immediately swells up massively after swallowing down the jumbo meal and i let out a couple belches.

I make my way to my desk just as my crush tries to call Doris for something. (camera angle now from my chubby chasing crush’s point of view) Urging you to stop, i see it’s too late. The ring of poor gobbled up Doris’s phone can be heard inside my big fat belly. I decide to come clean with you and admit everything. I tell you all about realizing you’re only into fat girls and i how i have been stuffing myself to gain as much as quickly as i could. While explaining i continue to burp here and there. At first i am a little nervous, but soon i realize that you are clearly impressed and aroused by my purposeful weight gain just for you. Though my most recent meal resulted in my committing a deplorable act against Doris,, you can’t help but enjoy hearing all about how much fatter i still want to get for you and how I will do whatever it takes to gain more weight just for you no matter how stuffed I get. Even if it means me eating more people , especially fat ones. We will spend our days fucking , feeding me, then fucking some more !

Gaining Weight For Your Affections