December Fat Update, Belly Play, and Orange Cream Cake!

I show off and play with my growing belly and new fat, talk about my too tight clothes and naughty indulgences, show you everything I’ve been stuffing down lately, and pig out on some high-calorie cake and frosting, all in one video!

I enjoy a huge piece of orange cream cake (after slathering it with even more high calorie cream frosting because one layer of frosting isn’t nearly enough!). Then I wash it down with a can of soda and have some big burps and belly gurgles.

My belly, ass, and thighs are busting out of these shorts, and my nipples are poking out of this top because I’m going braless to avoid my too-tight bras. I update you on my growing belly and tightening clothes, and show off and jiggle my new fats on my belly, ass and thighs (including a little bare butt modeling too).

Next, it’s confession time! I dump out my secret pigout bag where I’ve been stashing the wrappers from the thousands of calories worth of snacks I’ve been pigging out on in the past 10 days since I emptied it. I tell you all about the fatty, high calorie treats I’ve been unable to resist lately. I finish with lots of belly modeling, belly play and jiggling, and chat about my growing belly and weight gain and how I feel about my latest pigouts

December Fat Update, Belly Play, and Orange Cream Cake!

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