Day Two Of Sexy Watermelon Weight In

of coz you remember that I have saved a half of juicy watermelon in My fridge, don’t you? It didn’t take Me long to find it and keep on this weight in feast. I’m dressed up in sexy dress and showing off My curves, checking on my weight and measuring my belly while smacking that juicy watermelon again. Here I start and here we go!

I keep on enjoying the second part of my watermelon feast 2021. and of coz I keep measuring myself. I become so very full and my belly if stuffed and bloated, so I probably won’t be able to think about watermelons for the entire year again 😉 but you know – I just want to finish this one, too delicious to leave it like that. and no mated how stuffed I am and how loudly I burp – you’ll love every moment of it anyway, right?

Day Two Of Sexy Watermelon Weight In (Part 1)
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