Cheating On Diet For Bloated Belly Burrito Face Stuffing

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Summer is here and i have been working so hard on getting my summer body back! Eating nothing but steamed and raw veggies and fruit! I HATE diets, but the beaches are callin my name and can’t go out in my bikinis looking like a big fat whale!! … or can i…? 😉

Today I just couldn’t take it anymore, i totally caved and made myself a GIANT burrito! This thing is heavy and packed full with bloating and fatty foods like beans cooked with garlic, buttery rice, fatty slow cooked meats and tons of sour cream and cheese, and of course hot sauce. After showing off all my sexy slim progress ive made with my summer bod, i decide to ruin it all and stuff my face with this massive burito right in front of you!

MMmMMMM! I inhale the mouth watering aroma of my burrito before dunking it in melty queso cheese sauce and sinking my teeth into my big delicious meal. So tasty!! Cheating on my stupid diet feels so bad, but tastes soooo good 😉 Once i get one flavorful mouthful, i simply can’t stop myself from stuffing my face with more and more bites! With each bite, all the work i have put into my summer body diet becomes more and more undone. Right before your very eyes, my slim toned belly becomes soft, squishy and bigger as my burrito gets smaller and smaller. Eating this yummy burrito has caused me to decide to completely abandon my stupid summer body diet! I think i look i sexy with a fat round bloated belly, soft thick thighs, flabby plump ass and a round chubby face with double chin!! If people can’t handle my REAL well fed and happy body on the beach, then they get just find another beach! Besides, i bet the only people judging my soft plump chubby bikini body will be stuck up women who are starving themselves for the sake of a “good” summer body. Ha!! Sucks to be them!!!

After my burrito pig out, i do start to get a tummy ache though :/ My Belly isn’t used to me stuffing it this full lately due to the stupid diet i’ve been on. So I decide to lay down and rest as i rub my upset bloated burrito stuffed belly. No matter how hard i try, i just can’t get comfortable. There is SO MUCH food stretching out my stomach that i have a feeling i will be dealing with this belly ache for the rest of day. Oh well, my burrito binge out was totally worth it!!

Cheating On Diet For Bloated Belly Burrito Face Stuffing

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