Birthday Cake Binge

Oh I’ve been waiting for this all year! I look forward to this part of my birthday every year with enthusiasm. I plan my birthday cake with intense anticipation!!! Usually I prefer ice cream cake, but this year, I’ve made my own and layered it with themed sprinkles and mixed chocolates.

Already prepared, I’ve made far more than 3 servings of cake just for myself, because I don’t plan on sharing any of it. I filled the entire bowl with cake and icing!!! I have no clue if I’m going to be able to eat it all, but I’m damn sure going to try. I fucking love birthday cake, and I can’t wait to stuff my face until my gut is busting and I’m bloated and belching, crammed full from overeating birthday cake. I fantasize all year long about what type of birthday cake I’m going to get for my birthday, and I’m celebrating my birthday this year with an appropriately themed oversized dirty 30 birthday cake with black sprinkles.

Before I can even get halfway finished gorging myself on my own birthday cake, my belly is visibly distending, bulging over my micro bikini. I have to pause to burp, even yawning as another belch overtakes me in between forkfuls of cake. Fuck, I love birthday cake so much, I could spend the entire day stuffing birthday cake in my mouth, until I’m a bloated burping heap of satisfied birthday cake fantasies. I’ve been waiting for this all year, and I am going to stuff myself to bursting on my fucking birthday cake until I have to roll myself to bed.

Birthday Cake Binge

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