Big Binge In Bed

Oh fuck, I am starving! My take out just got here, and I feel like I could eat all of it right now. I meant to save some for later, but I’m not sure I’m going to. Audibly growling, my belly sounds like a ravenous monstrosity.

I can’t help but stuff my face. Without dignity or grace, I just fucking chow down. I keep eating like a voracious fiend under nearly most of the entire meal is gone. Only when my belly starts to visibly distend beneath my sweater, pushing out the blanket and cushions I had on top of it, do I start to stretch and yawn, letting off some small, strained burps.

My tummy! Maybe I shouldn’t have worn yoga pants to eat such a big food order in bed. I lift my knit sweater and sprawl out on my fur blanket, yawning and rubbing my bloated belly. I keep eating…..Even when I’m yawning and belching, I keep nibbling on my foods until I just can’t anymore. If only I could eat that last egg roll….or polish off the last crumb of the deliciously evil wontons. Oh fuck me, my belly is so full! I can’t hold in my burps, even if I tried really hard. I attempt to suck in my overstuffed gut, but it just makes me burp. I pat my belly, sighing and trying to take a full deep breath, but I’ve eaten way too much. My stomach gurgles in complaint at the overeating, but I’m already pondering a snack nap, and dessert…. I sprawl out with the empty food containers around me, my belly heaving, and yawn with burping content, as my bloated belly strains around my yoga pants and sweater, begging to be let free from my constraining, restrictive clothing….

Big Binge In Bed

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