So I was thinking for this one.
You come home from dinner and a night out with someone you went on a date with.
You’re really d**** the entire time slurring a little and hiccuping(fake is fine).
You start by sitting down and talking about the night making small talk but your uncomfortable because you’re so full from eating and drinking beer all night.
After talking for a bit you start talking about how full you’re belly is and you lift up your shirt to show. You talk about how much you ate and how many beers you had.
You talk about how you’re getting a beer gut from drinking and eating too much. They guy denies it and you show him how big your gut is and tell him you have a beer belly.
You drunkenly lean back and start rubbing your belly hoping that you feel better and saying that you have a little tummy ache. You ask for a belly rub and you get in close the camera and say how good it feels to have your belly rubbed.
Video ends with you talking about how much it seems like the guy is into your beer gut and how it’s cute.

Belly Fetish

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