Bat Babe Belly Expansion

In this cosplay expansion fantasy,,,

Batgirl has been called to the scene of a crime,, or at least that’s what she thought. After carefully assessing the supposed crime location, nothing seems amiss. Just when she is about to chalk it up to miscommunication and be on her way, she hears a strange sound. More like a tone of some sort. Upon hearing the mysterious tone she finds herself under some type of mesmerization spell. A voice can be heard inside her head, by her only, instructing her to swallow a special capsule sitting on the stairs. Once she does that, an insatiable sense of hunger takes over her and her stomach growls. She sees a massive fattening feast has been laid out on the table in the next room and makes her way over to it.

Pepperoni Pizza, loaded nacho waffle fries, baked mac and cheese, pesto pasta, crispy chicken tenders with honey mustard dipping sauce, meatball subs, jello, boston cream pie pastries and creamy cinnamon rolls. What a spread! Surely I can only eat a few mouthfuls of this feast she thinks. But as she begins digging in to the yummy dishes she soon realizes she cannot stop. Her hunger is not satisfied no matter how many plates she clears. Batgirl’s belly starts stretching and expanding bigger and bigger until pop! off comes her bat belt. Even her feet begin to feel a bit fat inside her boots so she slips them off to let her swollen soles breath. But her face stuffing does not end there. She keeps eating and eating and eating. Finally, she has gobbled down every morsal of food from the table and waddles over to the stairs to make her way back home. Still a bit hazy and unsure why she has stuffed herself so gluttonously, she sees 2 hoses set up on the stairwell. The voice in her head returns and instructs her to put one of the hoses in her mouth. The hose begins pumping her already stuffed and swollen belly with thick cream and her belly grows yet again. Then she is instructed to insert the 2nd hose,, in her butt. Yipes! Desperately craving to feel FULL once and for all, and still very open to suggestion do to her mesmerized state, she complies. Now the Bat Babe is getting pumped with cream from both ends and the expansion continues. How far can Batgirl be stretched!? Will she be able to waddle herself home this big, or will she simply continue to expand until she pops…?

Bat Babe Belly Expansion

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