A Dream Role Diet Ruined By Overeating & Face Stuffing Binge On Magical Re-Appearing Holiday Feast

I have just received an email letting me know I landed my dream role. After months and months of back to back auditions and months of rejection, finally. They see my natural ability and undeniable potential for this role! To celebrate I decide to take myself out to a celebratory dinner. Once i return it is clear by my bloated belly bump that i over ate a bit. Oh well, I deserved it! It’s just one dinner.

Thats when I see additional info has arrived to my inbox about the first day of production, including the measurements for my costume. Yikes! I’m supposed to have a 26 inch waist , in SIX 6 days. Oh no, this could be tough. Good thing i never let a challenge stand in my way of reaching my dream! I can totally do this! I’ll just work out 3 times a day for the next 6 days, , and stick to eating only apples. No problem.

The 6 six days seem to fly by as I one melts right into the next in a whirlwind of hungry tummy rumbles and workouts. Luckily it seems if i suck in real good, i have made my goal measurement of a 26inch waist. Thank goodness! Time for a good nights beauty rest. I decide to take a little something in order to make sure I get a nice deep rest and off I go to dream land….

The next scene opens with my arrival on set for my first day in production. It seems I’m the only one there, well, me and this lovely snack table. I do my best to stay strong and focused, averting my gaze from the snack table. But 6 days of grueling workouts and nothing but apples is catching up with me. I decide onw little bite wouldn’t hurt. I was wrong. That one little bite leads to an uncontrolled face stuffing session that doesn’t stop until I have cleared the table. Juicy Fruit salad, savory salty cheese and crackers, crispy chips, an entire dish of mixed nuts and bowel of shortbread cookies. WOw. How embarrassing, i can’t believe i just did that! My stomach has expanded noticeably and the snack table is bare.

That’s when it happens. Right before my very eyes, the ravaged bare snack table transforms into a bountiful feast! Such a plentiful spread of Holiday feasting proportions!

We pick back up right where we left off just after I had gobbled down the entire snack table, only to see an entire holiday worthy feast magically appear where the empty snack spread had been. Wow! I have no idea how this happened,, but everything looks so delicious I simply cant resist digging in. I start out loading the mashed potatoes up with gravy and grabbing a roll. Heck, a little taste of mac and cheese and coleslaw too won’t hurt. But before I realize what I am doing, I have scarfed down the whole platter of spaghetti and meatballs , tray of mac and cheese, bowel of coleslaw , plate of fried chicken, a whole roasted chicken, all the rolls, mashed potatoes and sausage gravy, crockpot of sweet and sour hamballs, baked cheddar broccoli casserole, full tray of cookies, Thanksgiving chocolate buttercream cake , a rainbow jello mold annnnd entire carton of egg nog. I am STUFFED. I can’t believe I just ingested all that food. Plus my stomach is huge now! Oh man, I’ll never fit into my costume now, it will take a month to lose all this weight! Sigh. Still I figure I’ll wait around until they call my name and see if there is anything they can do about my waistline. But no sooner do I sit my newly plumped butt down in the waiting area, I see the empty table of devoured holiday feast magically re-appearing! Ok, this is absolutely insane! And once again, I cannot control myself. I walk over to the now freshly stocked feast table and begin to stuff my face, again. Again I clear the table and my waistline gets even larger. I seem to be expanding bigger by the minute. Another cleared table and another walk-or rather wobble of shame back to the waiting area bench. My belly is even bigger and now so are my breasts and ass! What a disaster. I’d say there is no chance of salvaging this role now. And just like that, yet another full feast re-appears. Why even try to fight it now? Here we go again…Gobble gobble, munch munch, chug chug. ALl gone! AGAIN! Ugh. My belly has expanded once again. As I make my way to the bench all big and round, it happens yet again. It feels like endless feasts just keep re-appearing no matter how many times I binge out and clear every dish. WHat is going on here!?! Finally I am so massive, my arms and legs like giant sausages, my belly as big as a whale and my ass so fat I can hardly tell when i am sitting or standing- all I can do is put my feet up and rest a bit. I’m so stuffed I can’t even move. That’s when I drift off to lala land to discover a relieving surprise…

A Dream Role Diet Ruined By Overeating & Face Stuffing Binge On Magical Re-Appearing Holiday Feast Part 1
A Dream Role Diet Ruined By Overeating & Face Stuffing Binge On Magical Re-Appearing Holiday Feast Part 2

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