2200 Calorie Topless Tac0 Bell Feast

This fast food meal is so big that no plate could hold it all, so I just eat it off of a storage bin lid!

I can’t believe you got all this food for me, I love tac0 bell so much! What, you’re not gonna let me eat this unless I show you my boobs? That’s so dirty of you! All right, you know I can’t resist this delicious fast food!

I show off my pre-stuffing belly, then pull up my top so you can see my bare breasts and belly while I pig out on a fat and carb loaded meal of triple layer nachos, a burrito, a soft taco, an extra cup of nacho cheese sauce (because I can never get enough fatty nacho cheese!) an order of cheesy fiesta potatoes with sour cream, an order of pintos and cheese, a caramel apple empanada, and a 30 oz large baja blast soda!

My pants were already a bit too tight before I even started eating, so it’s not long before I have to take them off to release my growing belly as I stuff myself. When I’m halfway done eating, you want me to model my bare butt for you before I can finish the rest of the food! By the time I finish this huge tac0 bell feast and show off my belly for you, I can barely walk and all I want is for you to help me make it to the bed for a post-pigout nap.

2200 Calorie Topless Tac0 Bell Feast

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