This is so Naughty!

I told you all my favorite foods that i can’t resist, and now you’ve been using it against me! You keep bringing me delicious chocolates, imported truffles, fast food milkshakes…. mmm, fast food sounds so good right now. I can’t believe you’re doing this to me, you know I can’t resist…

I said I wanted to lose some of this weight, but you don’t care. I see you’re getting hard right now just thinking about my stuffed belly, and watching my growing breasts and hard nipples straining against this top! You’re not gonna stop until I get bigger and bigger. It’s so dirty of you! Lots of my clothes already don’t fit but you just keep stuffing me and plumping me up like a thanksgiving turkey! Soon I won’t be able to wear anything that doesn’t have spandex in it!

WHAT, that’s so naughty! You’ll get me taco be11 tonight if I show you my bare belly and let you rub it and stroke your cock? Well, I don’t know… We can’t keep doing this, but it sounds so good though. Mmmm, you know I can’t turn down more delicious fatty foods!

This is so Naughty!

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