Stuffed Like A Thanksgiving Turkey

This was a custom video here is the script I followed…You’re a secretary and you and your boss have some obvious chemistry. You’ve just been away on a 2 week all inclusive vacation with buffets for breakfast lunch and dinner. It was really expensive so you made sure you made the most of it and really got your money’s worth! You’re wearing a really tight pencil skirt that you can only button. Wear a really tight shirt that barely buttons over your tummy, the clothes is stretching a bit! The clip starts with you bending right over so that your bum nearly fills the screen as you look for something. After a moment you realize you’re being watched by your boss, you turn your head to look back at him but don’t stand up leaving your bum center in the of the shot almost showing it off. You smile and say hey like your so pleased to see him, you ask him flirtatiously what he’s looking at? is he looking at your big fat ass? you almost point it at him telling him to look at it, look at the size of it. That’s what 2 weeks of stuffing your face will do, now look at it, its bursting out of your skirt. You slap it and tease yourself about how fat its getting how greedy you were. you joke and say he’s gonna have to get you a bigger chair for this fat ass. you laugh and then stand up and ask if he missed you. You put your hand on your hips and push out your belly as far as it will go proudly showing it off and say as you can see, I really enjoyed my vacation. You then start to making yummy noise like “mmmmmmm” as you rub your tummy and tell him about all the amazing food you ate as you remember it fondly. You tell him you just ate and ate and ate, stuffed yourself silly all day long for 2 weeks. and now look at what happened as you pat your belly showing him how its bulging under your skirt and how the buttons are popping off your shirt! You tell him how long it took to stuff yourself into your outfit this morning, you’ve been sucking in all day cus your worried your gonna burst out of it any second! You pat it proudly and say it was really expensive so what choice did you have you have but to eat your money’s worth? Pat your tummy proudly and say this is what I have to show for it, it was worth every mouthful and this belly is a your momento of that amazing food and a great vacation.

At this point you can tell he’s turned on by it and smile and tease him saying he’s enjoying this isn’t he! asking if he likes your holiday belly. “You do don’t you like how FAT I’ve gotten don’t you?! You like the thought of me stuffing myself all day long, eating more and more until I’m so STUFFED. They basically had to roll me down to the beach. you like that i can barely button my clothes and I’m gonna burst out any second with my big round belly and I know you love my big fat ass! Look at it it getting huge!” You then ask if he wants a closer look? Tell him its ok we’re friends you don’t mind you know he wants to see how FAT you’ve gotten. so you seductively start to strip by bending over and taking off your skirt with a thong underneath and unbutton your shirt saying how tight it is. you then show off your big bum bending over slapping it jiggling it showing any muffin top and showing off your belly. Ask if he’s enjoying this? You then demonstrate how you would be on vacation in your thong bikini after just stuffing yourself all day (pushing your belly out as far as it would go) acting like you’ve never been so full in your life as you show how you could barely walk, you’re waddling (you thought some nights they’d just be able to roll you on your big round tummy) with your belly out proudly for all to see until you got to the beach where you’d lie down like a beached whale rubbing your poor, full tummy! You say you bet he would like to have been there to rub your poor, stuffed, bulging stomach better for you! You ate soo much and you thought you would BURST! you were so STUFFED like a thanksgiving turkey one more bite and you’d POP!

You sit up and smile excitedly and say this is great! So he like to see you eat, well you can definitely do that. you stand up and say why doesn’t he take you out for dinner, somewhere like a buffet were he watch you stuff yourself until the buttons are about to burst on your pants and when you so full you’re about to explode he can take you back to his place and feed you more until you’re literally about to BURST! He probably have to carry you though cus you’d be too STUFFED to walk, or maybe just roll you out! OMG imagine that, you can STUFF me as much as you want an ditch my belly get bigger and bigger. OMG I’d get so FAT! you’d like that wouldn’t you, you wanna watch me get FAT. Come on then, how FAT do you want get me? Show off your belly and bum and tell him to imagine them getting fatter and fatter asking how fat he wants them. The video finishes as you smile and look right at the camera and say, “I am gonna get so FAT!!!”

Stuffed Like A Thanksgiving Turkey

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