Stuffed by My Shy Housemate

The background is you’ve moved in with a really sweet guy, but he’s really really shy. He’s been trying to make you happy by cooking amazing meals, buying in all your favourite foods and taking you out to nice restaurants which you think is really sweet but you’re getting fat. you don’t really care, you think he’s so sweet and you really want to encourage him and build up his confidence and don’t mind teasing yourself a bit to make him feel like a man! You’re happy and smily in the clip and talk to him like a younger guy (almost like a younger brother- but not actually related).

Its starts as you walk into the shot wearing tight yoga pants and a crop top or bra. You’re letting your belly bulge out like you haven’t noticed and letting it jiggle with each step if possible. You stop and look down at your tummy and smile and laugh to yourself a little bit, letting it bulge. then you start to rub it gently and jiggle it a bit maybe looking it yourself in the mirror saying how you’re getting so fat! but you’re smiling like you don’t care and say you really need to start working out again as you check yourself out. it cuts here.

It return to you doing some yoga stretches really focusing on your bum bending over arching your back sticking it out like a stripper with the camera behind you so your bum nearly fills the screen. Eventually you realise he’s watching you as you look back but don’t stand up. Instead of getting angry or embarrassed you smile like you’re pleased to see him and don’t mind him watching. In a really upbeat happy way, you ask him if he’s looking at your fat ass?! You tell him not be shy come on in, come have a look at this thing! you’re offering it to him smiling telling him to look at the size of it- its HUGE! come and have a look you think its getting bigger by the day, come and see my ever expanding ass! come on don’t be shy (as you offer it more) come and have a go on this thing! you slap it and then grab it and jiggle it telling him to grab it, feel how big its getting, thats it come and shake my big fat ass! i think you’re gonna need 2 hands for it its so big!

You stand up and tell him how you’ve been getting so fat since you moved in as you show off your belly standing front on letting it bulge out hands on your hips for him to see. Look at me- look at my belly! I’ve made such a pig of myself since moving in. you’ve been so sweet buying me all my favourite foods, taking me out to nice restaurants- and oh my god you’re cooking! Its a amazing- making me these huge feasts but they’re so good i can’t help myself, cant stop eating, i just keeping stuffing myself silly. but now look at me, I’m a fat cow! You’re bursting out of all your clothes, you sneezed at work the other day and the button popped off your skirt! But look at you, you’re so fit and strong, always at the gym working out and i’m just getting fatter and fatter! you should tell me off for stuffing my face like a pig and tell me how fat I’m getting. Go on tell me how fat i am, its ok you can do it! (Imagine he says something sweet like maybe you’re a little chubby) you laugh and say chubby?! Look at me I’m FAT! as you smile and grab your belly with 2 hands and shake it. you ask if he wants to watch you eat (you can tell he does so you step it up) you ask if he wants to watch you stuff your face? even better does he wanna feed you? you sit on the bed or a chair rubbing and squishing your tummy to show it off as you tease him. You smile xitedly as you come up with a great idea- why doesn’t he cook you up one of his amazing feasts and he can watch you eat, watching you get fatter and fatter with each mouthful watching your belly get bigger and bigger! You’re gonna stuff yourself until you can’t eat another bite and it feels like you’re ready to POP. But then its his turn- he can start to feed you and stuff you until you’re about to BURST! Keep going until the button burst of these shorts/pants and your tummy is so big it looks like its about to explode! You’ll be so STUUUFFFED you won’t be able to move. its a good thing he’s so strong because you won’t even be able to stand up let alone walk so he’s gonna have to carry you to bed. You put a puppy face on and ask if he;ll please help you if you make suh a pig of yourself and eat so much you’re just too full to get up will he carry you pretty please? you excitedly tell him get cooking! It cuts here.

It returns to you sat at the table (like in the same position as in your “Skinny bitch gets stuffed clip) with lots of food (anything cheap and easy really). you are amazed by all the food and tell him he’s so clever to cook all this, it smells so good! you excitedly grab your belly and ask if he;s ready for you to STUFF yourself silly? you try a taste and groan with pleasure. It then cuts to empty plates and you sat back pushing out your tummy out moaning with pleasure as you lick your lips hand down by your sides. You say you are STUUUFFFED, you can’t eat another bite! You say you think he’s gonna have to feed you the rest. You encourage him telling his you’re all his, this stomach is his to stuff, go on stuff my fat face until I’m ready to BURST! It cuts or fades out and returns to a close up of your tummy, if you half undo your top button as you say oh my god my stomach I’m so STUUUFFED i don’t think i can hold it in any more i think I’m going to BURST! as you push your tummy out it pushes the button fully open as you moan with relief saying how much better that is. you say you think its made a little more room and tell him to keep going. its cuts here

It returns to you sitting back pushing your tummy out as far as possible groaning. You tell him he’s did it- you are completely STUUUFFFED! (You’re smiling and happy for him) He stuffed you so much the button burst off your pants/shorts and you’re pretty sure you’re gonna explode any second! You don’t think you can even stand up, but you want to try (you say excitedly) so you try and heave yourself up using the chair and table or wall, but it takes a couple of attempts as you slump back down laughing at yourself saying your so FAT you can’t believe you ate so much you literally can’t get up! Eventually you mange it but you have to stabilise yourself with the wall. you look down at your belly and you’re shocked. you find it so funny saying oh my god look at my belly its huge! seriously look at the size of it- look at what you did to me, I’m so FAT! Theres no way i can walk carrying this thing let me see if i can waddle my fat ass out of here. you hold your belly like your actually carrying it and try to take a couple of waddling steps but its no good you laugh at yourself saying its no good you’re too stuffed and too fat. you sit back down carefully and look with upper eyes again saying please can he help you, he’s such a big strong man and you’ve been such a greedy girl and eaten so much you can’t move, please can he carry you to bed and rub your tummy, if you’re too heavy to carry he can roll you up the stairs on your big round belly. you’re such a naughty piggy.

The final scene is you lying flat on your back on the bed with your legs off the end with the camera looking up,. your tummy is bulging so much we can’t see your face behind it. your trying to see over it. Thats it,s thank-you much i don’t know how you managed it, you’re so strong to carry my fat ass back in here! you’re going to need to keep those gym sessions up though if you’re gonna keep feeding me like this cus you’re gonna have to start rolling me to work pretty soon- if i still fit through the door that is! Well you did it, i am officially stuffed. look at what you made, this stomach is all yours, you’ve fattened me up like the thanksgiving turkey and now I’m just gonna lie here like a beached whale! Just rub my big fat tummy til i fall asleep- don’t press too hard though cus i mite BURST any minute!

Stuffed by My Shy Housemate

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