Stuffer M – Star Stuff

Chapter 1

Being a star has it’s advantages. You are well-known, you earn a lot of money and you meet a lot of strange, cool or interesting people. But there are some things you simply aren’t allowed to do. One of these things was gaining weight. Of course you this would help to bring you in the news. But the only news who would report on you were the columns in the yellow press. Victoria knew that as well as most of the current movie stars did.

Nevertheless she had gained about 12 pounds since her last movie. The reason for this fast weight gain – her last movie was finished about 4 weeks ago – were some problems she had with her friend. He left her because he found a new girl. Of course Victoria felt bad and so the best thing for her to do was eating. Actually she just thought that this was the best for her. But now she hated herself for it. Today she had a meeting with the famous moviemaker Greg Heppner. She, the almost unknown actress should be the co-staring in a movie with Gary McGulloch, the new super-good-looking and popular TV Star. She should be his sexy girl in a new action movie called "Mad Guy". But now – she was nothing more than a blimp. She of course was not as fat as some of those whales with their 400 pounds, but she could easily be compared to Kate Winslet after her weight gain. Nevertheless she wanted to look good and so she opened her cupboard. Victoria took her sexiest jeans and a T-shirt. She really had problems getting the trouser dressed. Her tights were much fatter than before and her ass was very round, too. Buttoning the trousers proved difficult as well, but she sucked her belly in and so she was finally able to button them. Victoria didn’t remember these jeans having been so tight. Her belly pressed against the jeans as if it wanted to came swelling out the next moment. The most weight she had gained had settled on her waist. This could be seen perfectly when you looked at her stretching shirt. Although it should fit her well it left the belly free and you could see some of Victoria’s fat. Victoria didn’t dare to have breakfast today. She didn’t want her trousers to burst open and so she immediately headed for the studio. On the way to the studio she got more and more excited about meeting these high society people. How would they react when they saw her? Would she be to fat for them? The last time she had played in a movie she really was good looking. If there would be an Oscar to win for the sexiest girl she surely would have carried it home. But now the only people who would like her as a sexy blimp would be FAs. After she had arrived at the studio a guard led her to the set. Victoria was so excited that she didn’t notice the guards erection. He really liked what he saw. She wasn’t one of those slim, ill-looking girls. She was so sexy. If Victoria hadn’t been so nervous she certainly would have gained some self esteem from this admirer. Then they arrived at the set. Victoria could immediately see a lot of people running around, carrying cameras and decoration things around. In the middle of the set stood a man waving. It seemed as if he was the director. He told the people where they had to put the things. In the far corner of the room a man was pressing a Handy against his ear. When he saw the guard and Victoria entering the room he gave them a short smile. The guard told Victoria to wait and then went away. Victoria looked around in the room. It was very big. At least 100 people were running around doing more or less important things. The set was divided in about 8 different parts which showed the locations where the movie should play. While Victoria was examining the different locations she didn’t notice that the man from the middle of the room had left his place and that he had come over to her.

"Now… where is she?" he asked with a friendly voice.

Victoria turned around.

"Who are you talking about?" she asked.

"Ms. Valmond. I thought she was here. My guard…"

"Right in front of you!" Victoria answered with a smile on her face.

The small man’s eyes widened.

"You… are Victoria Valentine?" he asked unbelieving.

"Yeah. I’m Victoria Valmond. I’m here for your new movie. Don’t you remember, you have phoned me last…"

"Yes, I know. I just didn’t think you would be so…" he didn’t end his sentence but Victoria knew very well what he was going to say. Fat, that’s what you wanted to say she added in her mind.

Suddenly the man’s face turned red.

"Are you crazy or what?! I thought I’d get a sexy girl for Gary! And then…! Just look at yourself…! Now what am I gonna do? Can you tell me? There is no other actress around to replace you that fast…!"

Victoria could feel a tear running down her cheek.

"I…" she stuttered.

"What?! You have anything to say? Do you fat blimp want to play in my movie? Forget i…"

"What’s the problem, Mr. Heppner" a friendly sounding voice asked.

Heppner turned around and answered: "I’m absolutely sorry, Gary, but this fat girl wants to be your movie partner. I don’t think that she could be the right choice and so I…"

Gary fell into his words.

"Why? What’s the problem with her? I don’t see anything."

He grabbed Victoria’s hand. Victoria still tried not to start crying.

"But Gary, she’s…" answered Greg. "She is m y partner. If she will not be my partner, you will have to look for another Mad Guy."

Gary answered less friendly than before. Heppner was very angry but he didn’t say anything. You could almost see his brain working. Finally he gave an answer.

"Ok. If it has to be. But don’t complain afterwards."

Then he turned around and went again to his old place in the middle of the room where he continued to be an important man. Gary looked into Victoria’s eyes.

"You don’t have to feel bad because of him. He’s a bit strange. If not everybody does what he says he always is such a fool." he tried comfort Victoria.

Then he added: "Moreover – he wanted a sexy girl for his movie and he got the sexiest of all!"

This made Victoria happy again.

"Thank you." she said with a shaky voice.

"You don’t have to be nervous. I’m also only a human. I’m nothing special. Oh, by the way – I think I haven’t introduced me yet. I’m Gary, Gary McGulloch."

He grabbed her hand and kissed it. As if I didn’t know him, Victoria thought.

Then she said: "I’m Victoria Valmond."

"Victoria." he repeated with his seductive voice and kissed her hand another time.

Chapter 2

Greg was standing in the middle of the room. From time to time he glimpsed at Victoria and Gary. He was very angry. Were there only idiots, fools and blind people around him? Everybody had to see that this little chubette was not the kind of girl he had wanted for his movie. If he hadn’t needed Gary for his movie he certainly would have fired them both. Ok. If he likes fat girls, I’ll show him. I am the boss. No one is going to do what he wants. Not in my movie. I know what I am going to do.

He went over to the author of the script and talked to him. Then he again went to his place and grinned malicious. I’ll show you…

Chapter 3

As the days passed more and more scenes of the movie were filmed. Gary proved to be an incredible actor. There was nothing he wouldn’t do. Even the stunts were no problem for him. Victoria was the perfect actress for her role, too. The reason for this was not that she could do the stunts of her character. Also she wasn’t even half a good actor as Gary. But she had an advantage most actors don’t have – Gary. Both of them had fallen in love with each other. And so most of the scenes were no problem for her. Even Greg seemed to realise this. But that was before the bed scene. Before it all happened. Before Greg took his revenge.

Chapter 4

Today was a very special day. It would be the day of the bed scene. Victoria and Gary as well, they both were very excited. After the last action scenes were filmed it was time for lunch. Gary had an appointment at the court, because a few days ago there had been an accident on the highway and Gary was invited as a witness. So he left the set and headed for the court. After Gary had left Greg came over to Victoria.

"Ms. Valmond, I have to feel terribly sorry for my behaviour when you arrived. Since now I didn’t have the possibility to show you that I am really sorry. So – may I invite you to lunch?" he asked with a hypocritical voice.

Victoria, very surprised about this friendliness, thought about his offer and then agreed. She was hungry, and why shouldn’t she have him pay?

"Okay, Mr. Heppner. I accept. Where are we going to eat?"

Heppner grinned.

"It’s a surprise. But let’s go, you will see it."

After he had said this, he grabbed her hand and nearly pulled Victoria behind him. She had to walk very fast. Then they arrived at Heppner’s car. They then drove to the Plaza, the most expensive restaurant in Hollywood. It was well-known for its huge meals.

When they arrived, Heppner jumped out of his car and opened the door for Victoria. He always tried to be a gentleman, even if he didn’t like the woman.

A servant led them to their table. Victoria and Heppner sat down.

"Victoria, you don’t have to say what you like to eat. I have already ordered it. You know, I was planing this excuse a long time." he said.

Victoria nodded. They didn’t have to wait long for the food. A servant came and brought 2 huge plates of pasta. He put them in front of Heppner and Victoria. Victoria was so hungry she immediately started to eat hers. Heppner was talking all the time, and so Victoria didn’t notice when he gave her his plate, too. Victoria just kept eating.

After she had finished both plates she leant back, rubbing her full belly. She couldn’t avoid to belch. Her pants were very tight. All the food she had just consumed pressed her belly out as if it wanted to burst out of her jeans. No wonder she had become that fat, Heppner thought.

"Do you want another plate, Victoria?" he asked and waved the servant.

"No, thank you, but I really am…" Victoria started but Heppner interrupted her.

"Of course you want. I have invited you to lunch, and now be a good girl and eat up." he said with an voice Victoria hadn’t known until now.

The servant came and brought another two plates. He put them in front of Victoria. Her eyes widened and she gave Heppner an anxious look.

"Come on – eat!" he said. Victoria had no choice.

So she continued eating. She ate very slowly. Her belly gurgled due to the masses of food entering it. Victoria could feel her belly stretching over her jeans. After she had finished the first plate, she leant back and moaned.

"Really – I can’t eat another bite. I’m going to pop!" she warned him massaging her fat swollen belly.

"Just finish your plate. Or don’t you want to? Come on, be a good girl. It is not much. Eat!" Heppner said.

He had an evil glance in his eyes. When Victoria shifted in her seat, she could hear the sound of jeans that burst open. She looked down and could see her belly swell out of the jeans. She was very embarrassed. Heppner stood up and sat down next to her. He put his hand on her fat belly. It gurgled.

"Eat up!" he said and started feeding her.

He fed her the last plate, bite after bite disappeared in her mouth. Her belly got a bit bigger every time she swallowed. At the end of her meal it was so swollen you easily might have thought she was pregnant. Victoria burped.

"You…*burp* bastard…. *beeeeelch*!"

"What’s the matter? I thought you like eating?" he said.

"It’s time to return to the studio. If you tell anyone about this – don’t dare it!" he said with a diabolic sound in his voice.

Then he stood up and went over to one of the servants. He paid and came back to help Victoria out of her chair. She was so full she couldn’t barely wobble. When the other people in the restaurant noticed her fat, swollen belly they started to shook their head or murmured with their neighbours. Victoria used both hands to keep her jeans closed as far as possible. She was so embarassed. Then they went to the car and drove back to the studio.

Chapter 5

After they had arrived at the studio, Heppner brought Victoria to the make-up & costume artist, Bob. Heppner told him that Victoria had eaten a bit too much and that Bob should do his best to hide these newly gained extra pounds. Bob usual answer ‘no problem’ played the things down a bit. He had to take his tightest corset. Bob squeezed Victoria in it. Her fat belly pressed against the corset. Victoria didn’t say anything. She just looked over to Heppner who was standing next to her. Although he tried to seem sorry for her she knew that he loved this moment. Victoria still was very bloated from the enormous meal she had stuffed into her belly. Finally Bob managed to squeeze her complete fat, swollen belly in the corset. The corset was made of leather, and so it couldn’t burst open due to her bloated middle. But this also made it very difficult to move for her.

After Bob had done his work Heppner took Victoria’s hand and led her to the bed where the scene should play. He had Victoria lay down on the bed. This caused her stomach again to gurgle. Victoria didn’t say a word. Even when Gary came back, she didn’t dare to tell him about her gluttony. She felt ashamed of it and she was anxious what Heppner would do if she told it. So Gary laid next to her and started to kiss her.

"Cut!" Heppner interrupted the scene. "I think this scene should have more…more sex appeal. A higher erotic level. Gary, why don’t you play some erotic games with her?"

"What games?" Gary asked surprised.

Victoria looked over to Heppner, who grinned at her.

"Oh…you could…let me think…oh yes, that’s it! Gary, you may feed her some cake or chocolate. If you feed it to her very slowly, and if Victoria uses her tongue in an erotic way, the spectators will like the scene even more!" he answered.

Victoria’s eyes widened and she wanted to say that she couldn’t eat one more bite. But when she saw Heppner’s eyes, she knew that she better should do what he wanted.

"Yeah, that’s a good idea. Don’t you think, Victoria?" Gary meant.

Victoria didn’t give him an answer because she knew if she’d open her mouth she only would belch. So Heppner sent 3 of his workers away to bring some cake. They returned with a cake so huge that 4 people could hardly eat it. Heppner cut the cake in pieces and brought the first to Gary.

Then Gary again started his scene, feeding Victoria the cake between his kisses. The piece of cake was nearly gone when Heppner again interrupted the scene.

"Victoria! You must show more will. Be sexy. Again. Action!"

So Gary took the next piece of cake and fed it to Victoria. Victoria’s belly got bigger and bigger. She felt as if she would explode the next moment. Gary continued feeding her until this piece of cake was gone, too.

"Cut! Gary, perhaps you could feed her the piece a bit faster. This was too slowly. Again. Action" commanded Heppner.

Of course Gary did what Heppner wanted, but after Victoria had eaten this piece, Heppner again had found something to improve. So they had to film the scene again and again and again…

Victoria’s belly grew larger and larger. She was stuffed to the gills and still couldn’t stop eating. Finally her corset couldn’t hold the pressure from her belly anymore. Although it was made of leather it burst open. Immediately Victoria’s fat belly came swelling out. It was tight packed, round and so fat. Gary was embarrassed the same way Victoria was. Victoria had stopped doing anything else than eating a lot of pieces of cake ago. The only thing she was doing was eating. But now she had reached her limit. Also if they shoveled more into her, if they continued stuffing her – there simply was no more room. Gary put his hand on her fat belly and started massaging it. Victoria burped. Her belly gurgled very loud.

"Cut! Cut! Cuuuuut! What are you doing there, Gary? This is not in the script! Bring another cake"

Heppner cried. One of his workers immediately went to bring another cake.

"Don’t you see she can’t continue eating?" Gary answered. "She has eaten the whole cake!"

"That’s her problem. If she is to stupid to play an erotic scene!"

"No! I *burp* am not to *beeeeelch* stupid. It’s all your fault!" Victoria stuttered.

"Shut up! You fat bitch! You are too stupid! That’s it!"

The worker returned with a new cake.

"No. You only wanted me *burp* to eat that much because you still were angry about my weight and that Gary wanted me as his co-staring!"

Gary didn’t understand anything. He continued massaging the fat, soft fleshy ball of Victoria. This was a nice feeling. He never knew what it felt like. He never thought that he could be a… a FA. But now…

"Shut up! That’s it! You’re fired! Both!" cried Heppner.

Then he left the room. Most of his workers followed him immediately. The other ones needed a moment to realise what was going on here, but then they left the room, too.

Victoria and Gary were all alone now. Victoria then told Gary about the restaurant. Suddenly all was so clear for Gary, so logical.

"Oh honey… I’m really sorry for that. If I had known… I never would have stuffed you with all this food."

"You *burp* mustn’t feel sorry for this. For you I could eat ’til I explode!" she answered seductively.

"Really?" Gary asked hopefully.

"Of course, my *belch* dear." Victoria answered and reached for the second cake…

The End (?)

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