Stuffer M – All You Can Eat

Last week when I opened the newspaper I found a great ad:

"ALL YOU CAN EAT – free eating contest at Franco’s for men and women, Friday 13th of august. Come in and find out your limit"

Of course this was very interesting for me. You know, by the time I’m having two girl friends – Julia and Tanja, and I can’t decide between them. Julia is a very nice girl with blonde hair and a very beautiful face. She always complains about being too fat, but I always tell her that she only has the curves of a real women (which turn me on extremely). She is always fishing for compliments, you know (okay, even if you could really call her kind of chubby). She has been my friend since three years or so. Tanja instead is a very Sandra Bullock-like girl, yes, you could say she is her little sister. She is very cute and laughs a lot. Now, you may imagine how hard it is for a man like me to choose one of them without hurting the other. So this ad gave me some wonderful idea.

Actually it all started at our barbecue on Saturday evening. Of course Julia and Tanja were invited, too. We were having fun doing some stupid games in our swimming pool, and after dinner Julia started as always complaining about her weight. Tanja instead was just eating her fourth steak and she surely was going to take some more, so she just looked at Julia very bored.

Tapping her full belly she meant: "You really shouldn’t worry about this. Matt (that’s me) likes you the way you are. Look at me – I don’t care about my tummy, my legs or my behind." She grinned.

" Yeah, ’cause you only eat mini-meals." answered Julia.

Tanja didn’t say anything, she just pointed at her steak. Julia was very angry now. This was the moment for me to break in.

"Now listen, you two. Both of you know that I don’t like these stupid ‘weight problems’, I like it when you two eat. So why don’t you two take part in the eating contest next Friday? The one who can eat more during this contest will be my girl, the other one can do what she wants. I’m not going to be her friend anymore, regardless of who of you wins!"

Tanja looked at my very surprised, but then she agreed. Julia meant that she would absolutely not take part in this contest.

"So you gotta leave now, sweetie…" I grinned at her.

"Okay, okay. If it has to be…" Julia answered.

Tanja and Julia looked at each other, trying to show the other one that she wouldn’t have any chance.

After dinner we were watching TV a bit, but then the girls said they really had to leave now (it was about 3 o’clock in the morning) and so I waited until next Friday. During the week I was getting very excited thinking of the eating contest with my two girls stuffing themselves silly. I could hardly wait to see it.

Finally, Friday came. I went to Franco’s. Franco’s is actually nothing else than KFC, Mac Donald’s or Burger King, but it is said that you can get everything there if you just ask. When I entered the dining room, Tanja, Julia and about 10 other girls were sitting at a long table, all of them looking at the audience, which were some servants, friends of the girls who took part in the contest and some other people who were just eating at Franco’s. The men’s eating contest was already over and now the girls were waiting for getting stuffed. I saw Tanja who wore as usually her short pants an a skin-tight shirt. She sat there waving at me. Next to her was another girl I didn’t know and next to this girl was Julia, wearing some old jeans and a T-shirt. She made a disdaining look at me.

After Franco welcomed the participants and the audience the eating contest started. The rules were easy – every girl had to eat as much hamburgers as possible. Now a servant brought every girl a dozen of hamburgers. Most of the girls immediately started to eat. So did Julia and Tanja. They both ate the hamburgers very fast, looking if each other would already give up. They chewed and swallowed and took one bite after another. Of course neither Tanja nor Julia wanted to loose this contest, and so the contest went on for a while. Tanja was just reaching for her 6th burger when I was able to see the first signs of her belly swelling. Her belly pressed against her thin shirt and seemed to grow with each bite. After her 8th burger she was getting slower.

When she looked over to Julia, who’s belly had raised a little bit, too, she immediately started to eat faster again. Some of the other girls had already stopped eating after the 8th or 9th hamburger, but Tanja and Julia continued eating. Tanja and Julia began to feel full, but no one of them did want to loose. I was sitting there and staring at their bellies growing with every hamburger, with every bite. Tanja had eaten about 12 hamburgers by now, and Julia wasn’t far behind. She has eaten 11 of them and still was going to stuff more of them into her full belly. Only 4 girls were still eating now. Tanja reached for her 13th hamburger, moaning that her overfull stomach hurts but she looked over to Julia who was just eating her 12th hamburger. Julia’s belly was very swollen now. It pressed against her jeans trying to pop out. Tanja’s belly also raised under her shirt and pressed against her tight shorts. It seemed as if they couldn’t hold her belly much longer. Tanja reached for another hamburger and belched very loud. Before she began to finish the hamburger, she unbuttoned her pants. She was looking as if she was pregnant, 3rd month or so. A loud burbling came from her stomach, showing that she was full.

Suddenly Julia’s jeans burst open. Julia and Tanja ate ravenous, as if there was no tomorrow. After the 16th burger Julia stopped, rubbing her overfull stomach.

"I can’t eat one more bite or I’ll pop!"

She looked over to Tanja who still was eating (I think she had her 17th burger now), then she looked at me. I sat there starring at Tanja’s big, fat belly. How wonderful it would be to touch it now… As if Julia had read my mind she got up of her chair and left Franco’s. Now only Tanja and one other girl were remaining. I thought about telling Tanja that she could stop now, but she looked at me as if she wanted to say: "I’ll win this contest for you!"

She ate and ate and ate… Her belly raised more and more. It was an incredible sight. Tanja belched, ate, hiccupped, ate… Finally the other girl had to give up. Tanja must have eaten two dozen of burgers! Tanja leant back holding her sides. She breathed heavily. She looked 4 months pregnant now. I went over to her and gave her a kiss.

"I *burp* did it! What do you say now, huh?"

Then she tried to button her pants again. They burst open the same way Julia’s jeans did before because her belly was so full. She grinned at me. Man was she a girl! After Franco handed the prize to her (I think it were some tickets for free meals at Franco’s) we went to the car. Tanja had eaten so much that she nearly couldn’t walk. I had to help her into the car and we drove home. While we sat in the car, Tanja rubbing her stomach and belching from time to time, I was getting more and more excited of what would follow her really big meal, and at home we went to bed were we… uh, you know what we did.

Man was I happy.

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