Stuffedbellylover – A strange Strategy

Most court processes are rather boring than spectacular.This does not apply however in a case, in which a mandator of mine was involved. As an attorney I´ve seen a lot of things before but this special case was even strange to to me.

My mandator (I do not tell you his name due to my professional secrecy here) was accused of a tried murder. So far nothing unusuall. But "HOW" is nearly hollywood-stylish. The mandator was charged of bounding his girlfriend to a chair and feeding her with meals until her stomach tored. As motive the public prosecutor assumed "attempted murder to fullfill his sexual desires". How I said the girlfriend survived but she could not remember any second of the incident due to a shock any longer.

I held long conversations with my mandator and the alleged victim. My good knowledge of human nature said me that it was indeed an accident. The mandator was a dependant of the (me before unknown) "Stuffing"-cult, a love variant where the woman eats enormous amounts of food or is stuffed by her partner.The goal is a big rounded female belly. In the center of the desirethat is shared by both partners thereby is the buldging body of the woman which becomes tender belly rubs from her partner after the gluttony is finished. That rubbings bring both partners into a complete condition of ecstasy

In the Internet I informed about the topic and found this matter very interesting. Whereby the fantasy probably is usually beyond the reality.

With the information I got I was sure to win the process. But then in court I got the shock of my life as I saw the responsible public prosecutor…it was Alexa… my former girlfriend Alexa.

We knew each other from college and studied together at the university. Ok, we were more than only study friends, we were a couple. If there had been a competiotion to the most beautiful student of the university Alexa would have won it, despite the small flab around her hip and belly as her brown, long hair, her brown eyes and her rose-red lips were so charming that noone could escape. Not to forget her probably-formed breast region. Unfortunately our relationship broke because of Alexa´s ambitions to study that left no more time to us. Due to the fact that she was rather studying than eating she also lost the cute belly buldge which I loved in such a way. Briefly after the end of the relationship Alexa moved to Northern Germany where she finished her study with "Magna cum laude". An employment as a public prosecutor was the logical consequence.

I did not take the separation that easy so my exam was suboptimal with regard to my talent and I didn´t get a job as public prosecutor. Well, I earned enough money because the office where I worked as a laywer which I led with a university pal ran more than very well.

But these facts are only secondary matter for the case I want to talk about.

So Alexa had returned to the Rhineland probably the northern German province was not interesting enough. And the most spectacular cases are defenitely happening in larger cities.

I knew that Alexa was a true "bloodhound" regarding to her work what gave her a large reputation in the newspapers.
It was not the career why Alexa put so much energy into her work but idealism and the faith in the truth.

As said, I (and concomitantly my mandator) had a gigantic problem now. My entire strategy had included nearly all factors but Alexa.

I felt totally lost in front of the court. My arguments were torn up by Alexa. Even the fact that the girlfriend of my mandator believed that the whole incident was rather an accident than intention helped me in no kind of way. Only a miracle could help my mandator.

A lucky fact was that the responsible judge always did finish his workday at 5 pm and postponed the negotiation. So I had about 20 hours remaining to save my mandator. Out of a sudden an idea came into my mind, actually it was rather more an act of desperation. But I had no other chance even if I risked my entire future.

I talked to Alexa and asked her to join me later in the evening to talk about our good old times. Alexa firstly rejected but after I but after I assured her not to talk about the current case she agreed.

"Ok, Alexa I´ll pick you up at 8 pm."

"Sounds good. Can you maybe try to reserve a table at “Tijuana "that should be a good new Mexican restaurant, but I did not have the time to eat there until I moved back to this region."

"I´ll try Alexa."

And I was lucky as it succeeded to reserve a beautiful table near the window with a good view. I also transacted the order for the evening. I knew Alexa more than well and so I ordered a menu she would like. It would become an expensive fun, but it was worth of being done.

As promised I picked Alexa up at 8 pm with my modified VOLKSWAGEN beetle (sorry, but that is stop my dream car. Of course I installed the newest safety systems airbag, a carbon chasis (thus the material which is used also in racing) and ABS etc.). While I carried rather normal clothes, Alexa wore a hell of an outfit: a sleeveless top was followed by a black mini skirt with a row of buttons. This was rounded off by high black leather boots. Wow!!!

On the way to the "Tijuana" I explained Alexa that I had already transacted the order. We arrived at the restaurant, took our seats and spoke about this and that. After approximately 10 minutes the menus were brought. I had ordered myself a medium-sized portion of paprika with melted cheese beyond and a glass apple juice.

Alexa asked what I had ordered for her when the waitress, a beautiful lady, appeared. She turned to Alexa. "Your “Steak Acteca” madame.” The waitress said while placing Alexas Menu on the table.

Alexas eyes became larger and larger when she saw, what was placed in front of her.

Her menu turned out to be 5 pounds of Mexican steak dipped in a sauce consisting of kidney beans, chilli and paprika and 1 pound of fried potatos in sour cream.

"I´ll never be able to eat it all. I hope that is not as expensively as it looks." Alexa said to me.

"Alexa I did not know that your menu would turn out so enormous. And don´t concern about the money, ok. You do not have to eat that all if it is too much. I don´t want that you´ll get sick."

The first and the third of these sentences were lies. I knew how big the menu would be and I wanted to see Alexa doing a pig-out.

After we had wished ourselves a "healthy appetite" we started eating. I cared about my menu for 15 minutes without observing Alexa. After I had finished I watched Alexa eating.

About one fifth of the steak had already disappeared into Alexa´s stomach which showed no reaction yet. But a short time later I noticed that Alexa´s hunger decreased noticeably and that her clothes had become more tight. This told me Alexa´s now more sluggishly running respiration.

Again some minutes past and the steak became smaller and smaller while Alexa became fuller and fuller. I was surprised that her belly was hardly rounded because she had eaten a large quantity of steak.

"Come Alexa, please stop you´ll overeat" I said to her whereby I only wanted to awake her fighting spirit. This succeeded as although Alexa´s guts were already beyond their absolute saturation point she didn´t give up and keeped eating despite she slowed down.

Even in my dreams I would have never thought that Alex could clean the whole plate completely,but after approximately 90 minutes she had done that.

"Oh, that was delicious. But the sauce burns as hell!" Alexa wailed whereupon I ordered a quarter gallon of milk to neutralize the spicy sauce. Pearls of sweat runned over Alexas face whether I didn´t know if that was caused by the size of the menu or the sauce. Well in the case of doubt both of these factors were responsible.

Finally the milk jug was brought. Alexa set it onto her lips and emptied it in one course. For throat really must have been on fire.

Thereupon I paid and we left the restaurant. I noticed that Alexa supported her belly with both hands when she rose from the chair. But only a small roundness was noticeable in her midsection what seemed very strange to me as I had expected a very fat.

We went to the parking lot. In the same speed as snails do because Alex could hardly do a step before the other due to the amount of food she had eaten.

We needed 10 minutes to complete the 100 yards to the parking lot.

Alexa let herself fall deep into the passenger´s seat and I took the driver’s seat.

Suddenly Alexa spoke to me.

"You know that this now embarrassing to me but there is no other choice!"

With these words she opened the row of buttons of her skirt. I could hardly believe my eyes. Alexas belly got thicker and thicker with any second until it was close to her airbag. Also her top was raised by her growing belly and was pushed to the lower rib section. In the navel region I could see the heart that Alexa got tattooed as a student and which I liked so much. Obviously Alexa´s skirt was made out of an extremely hard and stretch-unable material because otherwise I could not explain how her small tummy buldge could transform into the blown up balloon within 10 seconds after she had unbuttoned her skirt. Every "Pregnant Beauty Contest" would have found a serious favorite in Alexa now.

"Uff, that was close. If I had kept the skirt closed for a few seconds longer than my potbelly would have bursted." Alexa sighed. Now she was visibly relieved over the fact that her full-eaten ball-shaped belly had now enough area to expand.

"Why didn´t you unbutton your skirt in the restaurant, Alexa?"

"Hey, I´m a well-known public prosecutor. And the newspapers would certainly wait for such a story. And please excuse also that…BBBBBBUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRPPPPP!!!!. That did well. I had to force down this belch for so long now."

I did not want to trouble Alexa too much as she was very exhausted. Therefore we drove to Alexa´s house without speaking another word. Meanwhile it had become 10 pm. Alexa, which had recovered only slightly from her food orgy was looking for something in her handbag.

"Damn!" she shouted.

"What´s wrong Alexa?"

"I left the entry door key in my house."

"is there a replacement key?"

“Yes I gave it to my neighbour. But the nice lady is already a little bit older and already sleeping. I would not like to disturb her now."

"May I make a suggestion? Stay at my house over the night… on the couch. What about it?"

"Mmmh…, but you stay away from me during the night, ok!?"

"No problem."

"Then it is accepted."

We drove to me. I could understand Alexas of objections since my house lies far away from the next neighbours. Besides the area is hermetically blocked and well supervised as I can never know whether a mandator is dissatisfied with my work.

I had parked the VOLKSWAGEN in the garage and we wanted to step out when Alexa got panic. The kidney beans in the sauce showed there effects out and blew Alexas stomach. Her already stout belly became more spherical and looked like it would explode any second.

Although the row of buttons of the skirt was already totally opened th space was too small for the growing belly and so the skirt was torn up by the pressure. That however gave Alexa new room to breath even if only on minimum basis.

Suddenly Alexa began to groan. At the beginning very quiet, later louder and louder. I tried to imagine what kind of pain she was going through and I had already got my mobile telephone in order to place an emergency call. I feared that Alexa´s belly would burst. But then I noticed that her groans weren´t a result of pain but of sexual pleasure. Alexa was very excited and rubbed her overfilled belly again and again. That even enlarged her pleasure. Out of a sudden I also felt this pleasure and I put my hand onto Alexa´s belly and started rubbing it. Her belly felt unbelievably firm and round. I put a little pressure on the belly, but it did not move as it was so stout. Then I continued rubbing.

Alexa was pleased because of the rubs and groaned louder. Then she spoke some words.

"OORP… you know what? I will cancel the trial against your…URP.. mandator. I am so full- and nevertheless in such a way horny…BELCH…, I believe your version of the incident now."

I had exactly got what I wanted. I risked everything and… victory!!!

But it should come better. Alexa spoke again.

"But I´ll cancel the whole thing only if you fulfill a special condition!"

"What kind of condition?"

"You now stuff me with further food to make my belly quite a bit rounder and after that you´ll stuff me with your cock!"

I had a packing with 5 large donuts lying under the driver’s sea. As Aleaxa was hardly able to walk we decided to do the stuffing right in the car.

I stuffed Alexa with the Donuts and we both saw her beachball-sized belly expanding into extraorbitant spheres. After Alexa had gulped down the last donut her buldgepushed against the airbag on her side of the car. Fortunately I had switched the airbags off before the feast. Otherwise the airbag would have been released. If that had happened the pressure of this life saver would have made Alexa´s guts burst.

Right after Alexa had gulped down the last donut we placed the car seats into lying position and we began to love eachother. Alexas overfull belly with its digesting noises as well as Alexas burps and groanings really brought us into a sphere of total excitment. We made love for hours and made, the Kamasutra look like a book for children.

It was close to 2 pm when we fell asleep right in the car. We were so exhausted and the seats were impregnated with our sweat.

We awaked against 9 am in the morning … the trial was beginning at 10 am and so we had no time to drive to Alexa as she needed to change her bursted clothes.

But probably nothing in her wardrobe would have fit her as her stomach was still spherically swollen even if not as big as the night before.
"Alexa, I have a few attorney´s robes in the house I can give you one of them."

"And what should I wear beneath?"

"Can someone see whether you wear something beneath or not… no! Where is the problem?"

"… A… however…"

Obviously Alexa got familiar with my plan. She really liked to appear in the courthouse without wearing clothes beneath her robe. Nobody noticed and Alexa was very joyfull about that fact.

As she had promised Alexa cancelled the trial against my mandator and the case was documented as an accident.

As Alexa and I went out of the courthouse together she whispered something into my ear.

"Concerning the procedure yesterday evening the public prosecutor will be glad to go into revision".

With this sentence it showed me its most beautiful smile. What should I do? My answer was short.

"The defense agrees to this request in all points."

What started as a strange defense strategy ended into the new start of the relationship between Alexa and me. The newspapers reported about my mandator´s strange case and my good word (well, they didn´t know anxthing about Alexa´s stuffing as the result of the trial was offically called a result of the defense´s work) and due to that the office my study pal and I was brought into the high society. I now earned enough and Alexa gave up her public prosecutor`s work and teamed up with us.

And our private life also turned out to be a baller. The priest gave us a "lifelong sentence". And as I estimate the situation there will be no "amnesty". We are so lucky.

1-2 times every month Alexa is doing a stuffing, supported by me of course. But even without stuffing everything is right.

At the moment Alexa doesn´t have to eat to have a big belly as she is in a very family way and will give birth within the next 3 weeks. We do not know whether it will a boy or a girlbut the main thing is that our child will be healthy and there are no problems.

Because of Alexa´s pregnancy we cancelled all the stuffings during the last months in order to risk nothing. But there was a small incident when we were sitting at the Christmas table in the house of my parents-in-law. Alexa´s mom is a very good cook and when the meal ended half the Christmas´ goose as well as 6 balls ice had found their ways into Alexa´s belly. Although her belly (she was 6 six month pregnant) was already quite round it enlarged about 10 inches during the meal.

My Alexa (now as I mentioned before 9 month pregnant) has gained 77 pounds during her pregnancy and she told that she wants to work off 55 pounds after the birth and keep the rest of her new gained pouned. She made that decision after she took a close look to some of the photos taken when she was chubbier. And now she thinks that a small flabby belly roll is very erotic. And I´m happy about her decision.

You want to know how the pregnancy changed our sexual life?

Well, there were no changes at all. The only difference is that I rub Alexa´s belly not only with lotion but also with special pregnancy oil to prevent stretchmark (she has not even one mark). Alexa´s pregnant belly brings us into ecstacy even if food is not the reason for its roundness .

And my mandator? He and his girlfriend are a heart and a soul. Or should I say, a belly and a soul!?

Ah, man, it´s already so late and Alexa would like to “speak” to me now. And as a gentlement I never let a cute lady wait.

So the only thing I can do now is to say you goodbye in a friendly way after having shared my experiences with you.

To all lovers of woman bellies, whether pregnant or overstuffed with food: keep it up!!!

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