Octovert – Some true stories and moments

Having long been turned on by female stuffing I’ve remembered some experiences related to it. They aren’t elaborate like fantasy stories, some are mere moments, but they really happened. I’ll list them by year.

1972 or 1973: The blood donor: She was sitting next to me waiting to be screened. I remember her soft brown hair, pink complexion, and pastel sweater. As usual each donor was told to have a tiny cup of orange juice, and this girl asked me "do we really have to have a cup of juice?" Then she told me that when last she had tried to donate blood, she was rejected for underweight. Back then I had no clue what she was implying! IIRC she passed screening and did the donation, and after I was done I sat next to her at a "canteen" table, where a woman served assorted sandwiches. The girl looked a little dismayed: "Do we really have to eat?". Finally she took a sandwich, leaned forward, and took a bite with an almost strained look on her face!

Thinking back, I’m guessing this petite attractive girl made herself heavier beforehand by stuffing herself to capacity, and now had to eat even more!

1973: Honor roll party: A two-year college invited recent honor students to a little gathering. To my left was a girl with hair and complexion similar to the above blood donor, and she wore a well-fitted dress. Sandwiches were there too, and we were both enjoying them. The fun moment for me was when she comment she liked the sandwiches but they were making her dress tight.

1984: Lunch shop girls: On one occasion I lunched at this place on a Saturday and the shortest of the sisters, alone on duty, served me, then made a lunch for herself. When she was through she got up and groaned, "I can’t MOVE! I stuffed myself!. On another, her taller, slimmer sister served me a big sub. After eating half, I looked at her, she came over and I asked if she’d like to finish it. Perfect. Impulsively her hand went to her stomach.

1984: Sundae: Once while out for a small sundae, I noticed a a couple of girls seated at a window, one showing the smooth lightly tanned skin of her bared midriff. My fascination doubled as they were served, Bare Midriff Girl getting a huge sundae. I wished I had a better view of her filling that yummy stomach with ice cream and whipped cream and marshmallow cream, but the next time I saw her she was at the register, looking down at bare middle! I think that look means she feels it!

1985: Wedding Party: My neighbor at the time, a gorgeous multiracial of average build and good appetite, married and invited me to the wedding and reception. I was seated with some of her co-worker friends, One attractive blonde was saying "too much food – I’m going to be uncomfortable". The first course did have a lot, and it was a meal in itself. Then the main course was served, and this blonde and one or two more started groaning, "I’m going to explode!" and got up to go to the ladies’ room.

1987: Breakfast: One morning two of my student neighbors from upstairs came back from what they told me was breakfast. One, a very cute Kenya native with a soft sweet voice, was hanging on the other for support, groaning something like "what a breakfast that was!" She stayed to talk, then said she needed to go lie down. I said when you lie down you can’t burp, and she she said she felt like someone was sticking a pin in her voodoo doll — in the stomach. I had to hide my instant turn-on!

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