English-written Stories

Octovert – Some true stories and moments

Having long been turned on by female stuffing I’ve remembered some experiences related to it. They aren’t elaborate like fantasy stories, some are mere moments, but they really happened. I’ll list them by year. 1972 or 1973: The blood donor: She was sitting next to … Continue readingOctovert – Some true stories and moments

Stuffedbellylover – A wonderFULL Christmas

Christmas eve was one day ahead. So I took my girlfriend Lara to a local Christmas carnival. I enjoyed the views other men gave to Lara, 23 years old, 5”8 tall and 145 pounds of weight, dark-brown haired and blue-eyed. Her strike-close Jeans as well … Continue readingStuffedbellylover – A wonderFULL Christmas

Stuffedbellylover – Boa Constrictor

“I´m back home.” 21 year-old Svenja thought. University had been very boring today but her work as a fitness coach at a local fitness club she did in the afternoon was a good compensation. Other students had to do more unpleasant work to get money … Continue readingStuffedbellylover – Boa Constrictor

Stuffedbellylover – Being Curios

Prologue: Red-haired Lea /aged 20; 5 ft. 5 tall; 139 pounds) who is working as secretary in a lawyer´s office is now married with 22 years old Danny (5 ft. 8 tall; 155 pounds) for a year. Danny is a successful businessmen working in the … Continue readingStuffedbellylover – Being Curios

Stuffedbellylover – Friends

Chapter 1- The Project It was Saturday and the summer sun was shining warmly from the sky while fresh air was coming from the flowers of the suburban meadows. Bird chirped, bees buzzed and also the grasshoppers added their beautiful sounds. Hannah was sitting on … Continue readingStuffedbellylover – Friends

Stuffedbellylover – Going Hollywood

-Hollywood, CA, USA- It was another sunny afternoon. The door of “Alfredo´s Bar” opened and suddenly all guests inside, well it was just a young couple, turned their heads so she got the looks as the people starred at her massive flabby gut and her … Continue readingStuffedbellylover – Going Hollywood

Stuffedbellylover – Magical Bellies

(Notes: The authors of the following are completely against any kinds of torment, deprivation of liberty, self justice and so on. Therefore this story is no instruction how to commit such things but it is a kind of fairytale.) Chris and Sean had planned her … Continue readingStuffedbellylover – Magical Bellies

Stuffedbellylover – Secrets get discovered

Special NOTES: The following story is playing I Cologne during 2005 and 2006 (it´s ending in winter 2006/07 so it end in the future with regard from today!) Hello, my name is Chris, and at the time of the following events I was 23 years … Continue readingStuffedbellylover – Secrets get discovered

Stuffedbellylover – A strange Strategy

Most court processes are rather boring than spectacular.This does not apply however in a case, in which a mandator of mine was involved. As an attorney I´ve seen a lot of things before but this special case was even strange to to me. My mandator … Continue readingStuffedbellylover – A strange Strategy

Stuffer M – All You Can Eat

Last week when I opened the newspaper I found a great ad: "ALL YOU CAN EAT – free eating contest at Franco’s for men and women, Friday 13th of august. Come in and find out your limit" Of course this was very interesting for me. … Continue readingStuffer M – All You Can Eat

Stuffer M – Real Life Experiments

The last holidays were the best I ever had. My parents, usually staying at home in the holidays, had won a one-week vacation for two persons in Italy and so I had the whole house for me during their absence. Of course this was the … Continue readingStuffer M – Real Life Experiments

Stuffer M – Star Stuff

Chapter 1 Being a star has it’s advantages. You are well-known, you earn a lot of money and you meet a lot of strange, cool or interesting people. But there are some things you simply aren’t allowed to do. One of these things was gaining … Continue readingStuffer M – Star Stuff

skippy – Fun with Linda

You are in "voradtralundir’s room:1"( Welcome to My Room ) hungry_college_girl joined the room voradtralundir: Hi hungry_college_girl: Much better voradtralundir: Can you hear me now? hungry_college_girl: You mean "see" you now? hungry_college_girl: Yes voradtralundir: Yup hungry_college_girl: So….long time no see voradtralundir: OK, tell me what’s … Continue readingskippy – Fun with Linda