Updated: 01/27/2014

Food Based / Quantity Based Requests

  1. 1 Dozen-Donuts-Challenge/ 2 Dozen Donuts Challenge
  2. 50 Chicken Nuggets / 100 Chicken Nuggets
  3. 10 Burgers / 20 Burgers
  4. Gallon of Milk-Challenge
  5. Drinking 2 Liters / 4 Liters of any beverage
  6. Eating a whole cake
  7. Thanksgiving-Stuffing / eating a whole turkey
  8. Eating as many pounds of food as you can and weighing yourself before and after
  9. 50 Sushi rolls / 100 Sushi rolls
  10. Yougurt or Pudding-Challenge: eat as many cups of Yogurt as you can
  11. Any foods that will make you gassy (like tons of beans)

Themed Requests

  1. The Belly Dancer: this request seems to be pretty popular. You are a belly dancer and need to gain a potbelly in order to get a job.
  2. The Fat Model: you are a fashion model shooting for an overeating video, so the movie producer makes you eat a ton of food. Could also be done in a different way: you have gaind a few pounds and shou up at your shoot with a potbelly, resulting in an argument between you and the producer.
  3. Pregnancy Model: you signed up for a modeling job. Once you show up for the shoot it turns out that you’re required to be pregnant. Since the shoot needs to be finished in time you need to overeat to look pregnant.
  4. Superhero-themes: you are a superhero and have been kept by some super villain. Now you’re fed a ton of food until you pass out.
  5. Secretary-themes: these are quite popular, too. People somehow seem to like the idea of having their own secretary tha is willing to do everything her boss asks her to do. Of course he asks her to overeat.
  6. Mentos/ Coke Inflation
  7. Stuffed Schoolgirl: wearing a schoolgirl’s outfit you overeat
  8. Stuffed Belly JOI
  9. Going on a date and realising he is into stuffing
  10. Eating contest for girls trying to get into a soriety
  11. Practicing for becoming a Competitive Eater
  12. Overeating in public (buffets etc)
  13. Two girls competing for the attention of a man (or the viewer) by seeing who could eat the most
  14. Boyfriend (or husband) (force) feeding his girlfriend (or wife)
  15. Diet Fail: you’ve been trying to lose weight without success, making you feel bad and resulting in a huge binge
  16. Too much food: eating so much food you actually explode out of your clothes (like eating until the button on your pants popped of, a tight skirt rips etc)

Multiple Fetishes

  1. Chugging and Burping: basically consume large quantities of liquids that make you burp, resulting in a bloated belly
  2. The Beer Belly: just like the above, only this one requires yo to drink lots of beer. Some people also like to see you get drunk
  3. Belly Inflation by Air: actually I have no idea how it is done (safely), but quite a few people seem to like the idea
  4. Belly Inflation by Enemas: just like the above
  5. “After-Overeating” videos: these basically need to be filmed after stuffing yourself, showing your stuffed belly and moaning, complaining and commenting on how fat/ full you are
  6. “Weight Gain” videos: these are about teasing people about your weight gained due to overeating, or fantasizing about gaining weight
  7. Masturbating / having sex after overeating

General Stuff

  • Burping (after eating or drinking a lot) is a big turn on for some people into this fetish
  • the same goes for Hiccups
  • some people even like farting (that is, if you’ve eaten a lot and are getting just too bloated)
  • Fat talk: most people love it when you talk about your food baby, how stuffed and full you are or how bloated you are getting. In gerneral, every comment about how fat you are getting because of stuffing yourself is a huge turn on for most people into this fetish. Both teasing them about how fat you are getting just because you know they like it and blaming them for your weight gain is suitable.