Post Holiday Weigh In

I just cannot seem to get rid of this belly. I have been exercises and trying to eat healthier, but it just doesnt want to go anywhere. The holidays are not exactly helping my situation either, with all of the yummy candy and chocolate on the shelves around Easter. I think I probably ate an entire bag of those chocolate and peanut butter eggs myself!

With Easter, all of the yummy foods that they have in stores, chocolate Easter bunnies, Reeses peanut butter eggs, and other candy. Oh my gosh I think I probably ate a couple bags of those chocolate eggs myself! They are so good though, all of the peanut butter that is inside them. Mmmmm

I stand in front of the mirror and pat my belly and jiggle the fat. I show you my butt. I dont think it has gotten any better. I show you all of the places where I have extra fat on my body while I talk about it. I also show you my boobs, and talk about how they unfortunately have not grown.

I step on the dreaded scale to see if I gained weight from the holiday. How much do you think I weigh?

Wearing a pink school mini skirt, a tank top, and white lace panties.

Post Holiday Weigh In

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