My Side Thing Blackmails Me In Order To Fatten Me up

You and I have been dating for some time now, but there’s just one thing… You’re not my main squeeze. I have a boyfriend that I live with and I see you on the side. You were okay with our little arrangement for awhile, but as you gained feelings for me, things changed. I’ve come over to have some fun and sit down on the couch wearing a short leopard dress. I’m being super flirty because I wanna get down to business and I take the dress off to reveal a VERY sexy black lingerie one-piece. However, you won’t get distracted and inform me that we need to talk. I roll my eyes, but agree and ask what it is you wanna talk about? You tell me that you’re tired of being my boy on the side and want an upgrade, to which I argue with you about it. ‘I mean, maybe one day, If my boyfriend and I ever break up.’, I say, but this isn’t good enough. You inform me that you went into my phone and got his number, then threaten to call and tell him everything! I start to beg you not to and say that I will do whatever you want! That’s when your reveal your true desire. You want to forcefeed me large quantities of food, often and that there’s a massive dinner already waiting! I’m a bit baffled by your request, but whatever, it’s just to eat a little bit of food. I had no idea….

A week later, I’m sitting on your couch, wearing some jeans with a belt and a teal crop top and I am finishing off my 5th bowl of cereal! The black belt is digging into belly that spills out over it. You’ve been actively feeding me, any chance you get and if I argue too much or resist, you wave your phone in the air, reminding me you have to power to tell on me! I complain that my boyfriend will notice the weight gain! I also moan that I can’t fit anymore into my belly and to please not make me! You wave the phone and I go right back to finishing off the bowl with an, ‘OMG I’m gonna pop!’. Seriously though, I’m going to wind up fat if you keep feeding me like this… Little do I know, this is your plan all along.

Roughly a month later, I’m sporting a massive pregnant looking belly and my tits look bigger too! I’m scarfing down my 4th chocolate peanut butter cupcake and complain about how full I am, ‘Look at how much weight I’ve gained! I can barely move! I can’t believe I let you do this and all so I don’t lose my boyfriend!’. I tell you that I just want to get sexy with you and instead you’re making me eat! But, to my surprise, you say that watching me eat IS sexy! My phone starts ringing and I shush you because it’s my boyfriend. He asks where I’m at and I lie and say I’m at the grocery store. He doesn’t really care because he actually called for the purpose of breaking up with me over my weight! He doesn’t like that I “let myself go” like that and is leaving me! Before I can really say anything, he hangs up on me. I look at you and say that I hope you’re happy now! I step-son’t look sad for long, though, because deep down I knew what was best. Plus, the food IS delicious, just like the cupcakes! Which reminds me, ‘By the way’, I ask, ‘Can I have another one?’

A couple of months go by and I’ve continued to gain weight for you. Turns out, I’m actually enjoying myself. I don’t have to worry about always staying in shape or counting calories. It’s been really nice. Wearing a blue floral shirt and black leggings, I’m chugging my fourth weight gainer shake. I belch and wipe my mouth. My gut is massive, hanging over my fupa which has also grown. My tits are also larger and my booty is super fat! After I was over being angry at you for breaking me up with my boyfriend, I realized that it was for the best and I’m so much happier now! I moan when I eat food or when you make me eat so much and I’ve found happiness in the food. Also, it helps that you’re an incredible cook! You’ve also admitted to me awhile ago that you want me to have curves and that you love them. You wanted me big, all along! We’re chatting in OUR living room and as it’s wrapping up, I say, ‘I’m happy you love me this way! I don’t need a shallow boyfriend, anyways! Now, let’s go have some fun with my new curves,’ and I grab your hand to drag you to the bedroom!

My Side Thing Blackmails Me In Order To Fatten Me up

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