Maria Alive – The slutty office pig overindulges in overeating dress-sizes

Maria has a day-job at the office but seems to be quite easily distracted…

Her friend calls in that lunch break is starting and that the boss ordered from her favorite Indonesian place. It’s basically an all you can eat break-room! Maria is so excited but seems to be worried about quite an embarrassing problem…

She ran in late this morning and the dress that fit her perfectly 6 month’s ago seems to be barely covering her ass today!

“Maybe it’s better if I skimp on lunch today…” she says… but doesn’t follow through.

About a minute later she’s convinced and better yet, she’s digging in!

Maria doesn’t know how to calorie-count but she’s having a ‘normal portion’ in her book of 2500 calories. 6 large chicken wings, fried potato fritters, kaassouflé’s and a big bowl of steamed white rice and if that wasn’t enough it’s going to be washed down with a large bottle of Coca Cola! Maria asks her friend if this is a normal portion without any response to await, it’s lunchtime after all!

She’s trying her hardest to finish her greedy sized portion before lunch time is over. In the mean time she checks out if one of her online fashion items is available in her size. It only seems to run to size XL, better measure yourself up just in case…

Maria’s waist is 33.5 inches wide, that can’t be right…cause this dress won’t fit either! At least there’s always food!

To her BIG disappointment she continues eating and quickly forgets all about that cute little dress! She can’t imagine what people would think of her self-indulgent manners, her short dress and not to forget that she didn’t have any panties to wear either.

– In her mind she exclaims; Slutty Office Pig! Burps loudly and gives honor to her newly found tittle.

She can’t stop belching loudly and even hurts her full belly in the process… what a messy girl, you must be thinking, will she ever learn any manners?

In the end Maria gives up, lifts up her dress as she finishes the last bits and pieces left of her calorie-dense meal. Somehow she still manages to stand up and walk a few catwalk steps through her private office strutting and flaunting her newly rounded curves…

Maria Alive – The slutty office pig overindulges in overeating dress-sizes

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