Maria Alive – Second Cake Stuffing – Piggy On All 4s

Well it’s that time of the year again, ho ho ho…

We’re going out on our annual Christmas date and somehow I was feeling a little feisty.

In the previous episode you can see that I already ate one entire whip cream cake..but your horny date just isn’t finished yet. She needs more sugary sweetness and wants you to encourage her.

I already complain about feeling a tad full from the first cake but none the less, I blow out the candles in this fancy restaurant and get myself up upon the table, on all 4’s. I take a little sip of my soda and you can hear how full I am as the burps don’t even echo at this point.

My beautiful body fitting blue dress starts riding up and exposes my entire ass when I start eating a chocolate brownie cake with whip-cream layers. My whole face is getting dirty and I bet you love it.

I’m your personal little piggy for tonight, eating 4000 calories worth of cake. After eating the first layer I start to tease you by showing off how big my belly is becoming, my dress was already so tight..get ready for more bulging. In between it all I hiccup, moan and think off all the thing’s I used to do before becoming chubby again.

I used to exercise on the daily about 3 years ago, I used to run and now? I’m just fixated with eating!

But the best and yet worst is to come…I couldn’t bear to finish the last layer of this heavy brownie cake, my belly is already so full, and I feel so bad for my feeder. You’ve been rooting for your greedy dinner date but..she’s just not big enough to handle it yet. Perhaps cake and eating it too is a little too much…

But don’t fret..She has a way to make it up to you. I show of my big bloated belly and tease you some more, you get to see every angle with and without my dress covering my round sugar filled belly.

I stick out my tongue and show a little sparkling surprise from behind my back, I’ll demonstrate how this plug will fit inside my tight little asshole, as I’ll crawl back into my position on the table. Showing you this big fat growing ass.

I tease my pussy as I put my ass up and talk how much I regret not finishing all of my food like a good little girl. I chat some more about how big my thighs have been getting since I started to gain weight again..and how I’m secretly loving my tiny punishment, I might even leave it in until breakfast the next morning xxx

Maria Alive – Second Cake Stuffing – Piggy On All 4s