Lazy HuCow Maid Eats All The Pizza

Oh there was lots of pizza for dinner, but I ate it all myself. I’ve just been sitting here eating, and then I got distracted and kept eating…and eating, and eating. There were snacks, but I ate those too.

I should have brought the Halloween treats! I regret not bringing more desserts… I ate the sweets earlier, and then I finished off the rest of the pizza. All that’s left now is three slices and some chip crumbs, but I’m going to finish all of it.

While eating, my belly bloats even more, and then I start getting gas. My belly grumbles and I start to belch. I really should NOT have eaten that cheese, but it doesn’t hold me back from the chips that make my gas get immediately worse. I even belch while chewing my pizza slice, and then as I’m pouring chips into my mouth directly from the bag. Oh, I forgot a napkin, well, my apron would work, but I licked all my fingers clean. Oops, now I’m going to have to clean this mess, but now I’m too stuffed from overeating, and my bloated belly is making me want to lay down instead of clean. I guess I could just clean after I finish my snacking……*bellllllch* Or I can keep snacking and lay down now *buuuurrrp*, because I just don’t see me not being a lazy hucow that eats and lays around snacking all the time.

Lazy HuCow Maid Eats All The Pizza

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