Kristi’s Food Stuffing Party & Bloated Belly Sex

Kristi is throwing a party at her house. She has all kinds of snacks laid about and her guests are all off mingling. She can’t help but stuff her face with all of the delicious snacks… nobody is around so she really begins to let herself go. Usually she keeps her big bloated belly sucked into her pants but she feels comfortable with all of the guests outside so she lets her belly out while eating lots of snacks.

She doesn’t realize that you have come into the room and have been staring at her sexy bloated belly that’s pressing on the buttons of her blouse. You stand and stare for quite a while… secretly getting turned on… before she notices you are there!

She is shocked and realizes that her belly is hanging out so she quickly sucks it in and engages in some small talk with you. After a few minutes of talking, she notices the hard on in your pants and quickly figures out that you are turned on by her big bloated food stuffed belly. She thinks it is super sexy that you like her bloated belly and she invites you back to her bedroom.

Once you are in private, Kristi quickly begins to tease you mercilessly with her food stuffed belly which leads to her unbuttoning her blouse and pants and freely letting her big stuffed belly hang. She tries on a couple of her favorite blouses and shows you how big her belly looks in them before getting completely undressed.

You are both absolutely horny as fuck now so the only natural thing to do would be climb into bed and let Kristi ride your cock with her big bloated food stuffed belly in your face!

Kristi’s Food Stuffing Party & Bloated Belly Sex