Kira Trick Or Treat Vore

I’ve been loving some of the vore/belly/giantess videos with Kira lately and I was wondering if she’d be available for a custom video.

It would be mostly POV 15 minutes long with a focus on vore, giantess and bloated belly. (As well as a Halloween theme) with Kira as the only actress.

Thanks for considering!

Trick-or-Treat Vore

Short Synopsis

Halloweeen is a special time of year for giantess Kira. Normally, she has to go out hunting to find her meals but on this day, tasty humans come right to her door. Her belly is already full and bloated with squirming trick-or-treaters when a poor, lost looking boy (The POV viewer) comes to her door looking for his missing friends. Kira does indeed know where they all went, this boy is in for a trick, while Kira herself gets a treat!

General Content Requests:

Dialogue: Generally act ‘causally dominant’. Kira is indulging on her favorite food, indifferent to the fact that her meal is made up of innocent humans.

Belly: Keep a lot of the narrative focus on her real belly. (No fake belly-prop) Use some close-up camera angles that emphasize it and have it look full and pushed out for the duration of the video.

Clothing: I’m not too picky. Something Halloween-y would be nice, but primarily it should be something that completely leaves her stomach bare. Also please ask her to have her belly ring in when you film.

Vore:Digestion descriptions can be as cruel as you want, but please NO disposal/toilet talk. Just refer to prey melting away and being absorbed, and pretend her stomach is gurgling and growling noisily.

No mention of shrinking please. Kira is already a giantess and the rest of us humans are tiny in this setting.

For the Story:


The video begins with giantess Kira opening the door for a tiny trick-or-treater, the POV viewer. (Her belly should already be full and bulging from the beginning) He looks lost and worried, his friends have all disappeared. Kira initially seems sympathetic and invites the poor boy in claiming she’d love to help him find his friends but acts somewhat ominous, rubbing her bulging belly and licking her lips. She says things like “Oh, I’m sure I can help you find your friends. They must be close by.”

Main Section:

After a minute or two of her feigning ignorance, the tone shifts as Kira admits that she knows exactly where the boy/viewers friends are. In her belly. Giantess Kira has been gobbling up every single trick-or-treater who has come to her door! It’s getting late now and her massive belly is bulging with so many squirming prey.

The main section of the video continues like this. Kira gloating to the viewer how she swallowed all these people, including his friends alive and how they are digesting inside her belly. She even ate up their candy too. She generally acts dominant, entitled, and she enjoys tormenting the viewer. All the while rubbing her belly and enjoying her meal.

Once or twice, trick-or-treaters are implied to arrive and Kira makes the viewer to watch as she swallows them too (she can use a couple tiny figurines in this part)


After this vore teasing section, Kira swallows the viewer for desert. The video continues for a brief epilogue in 3rd person as Kira leans back and rubs her completely stuffed stomach and settles in to comfortably rest off her massive meal.

Kira Trick Or Treat Vore