Kira Office Gains

The video would begin with Kira being introduced as my hot boss. She is slim, confident and is very aware of that. She’s never been anything else in her life before. I’m a new employee that has just recently joined the company and my boss has recognized my good work and called me into the office. She starts off by congratulating me and talking about how I’ve done well, but she seems to be a little uncomfortable, and rests a hand on her stomach and shifts around in her seat. Eventually she starts being very flirty, and tries to seduce me, even getting to the point of grabbing my crotch. After she does so however she lets out a burp, and has to undo her belt and let her belly out. She talks about how she had a big lunch and laughs about it, she doesn’t think anything of it. That ends the first scene.

The second scene starts with her bringing me into her office again. This time she struggles to stand up because of the new weight she has gained, she has a considerable potish belly, and is constantly trying to suck it in and hide it, but failing. She grunts and burps but tries to stay sexy, as she still wants to seduce me. At one point she leans over (with considerable difficulty because of her new belly) to me to grab my crotch again, and in the process notices her new gut. She audibly goes “woah, is that my gut?” and weighs it in her hand. She smiles and tries to brush it off and the scene ends with her initiating sex.

The third scene begins with my boss getting ready for work and starting to dress. Initially they are just dressed in their underwear and looking at their belly, which looks huge in comparison to the first scene. She looks at it and says “man i’ve really let myself go”. She then weighs her belly in her hands and adjusts her underwear saying to herself “I hope my work clothes still fit”. The rest of the scene is then her trying to change into work clothes, and having difficulty with fitting into them because of her belly. She eventually is able to fit into the clothes, but just barely, and goes to work.

In the fourth scene my boss invites me into her office again, and this time her belly is out on full display. She starts to say how she’s blown up, and how her gut is so bloated. She starts to demonstrate this by first getting on all fours and letting her belly hang, she talks about it and slaps her belly, as well as trying to suck it in and failing to do so multiple times (she can also say “god I can’t even suck in this thing”). She then moves onto placing her belly on my dick (you don’t need a second actor or anything, I’m not fussed with how believable it is). When she rubs her belly on my dick, she sucks it in and lets it out like she’s trying to slap my dick with just the weight of her belly. These demonstrations aren’t meant to be her trying to seduce me, in fact the boss character shouldn’t think it’s sexy at all, she’s just demonstrating these things in a very matter of fact way. I don’t mind how the clip ends, or anything that is added onto it etc. just as long as the parts I’ve mentioned make it into the video.

Kira Office Gains

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