Kira Office Gains 2

Kira is admiring her slim attractive body at the office like she always dose. Her coworker comes in with a plan. He offers her some crackers, he has unlimited so he can bring some everyday! Kira agrees to eat them and gets started right away.

A week later we see Kira with a bunch of crackers on her desk. She cant stop eating them she admits! She asks for more of a particular kind. She thinks her stomach is invincible. The plan is working.

Two weeks later there’s crackers everywhere. Shes become abit of a slob leaving her shirt unbuttoned while she thinks no one is around. She can’t stop eating! Examining her belly with her co worker she doesn’t think anythings wrong and she gets back to her eating routine.

One month later Kira has put on alot of weight. We step into her office to see her looking at her big gut. Revealing this was the plan all along to fatten her up. She is dismayed and upset but decides to keep eating her crackers to cheer herself up.

Kira Office Gains 2

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