Katie’s Weight Gain

Katie and Tay decided after their donut adventure that they should make smother videos! Tay send Katie on ANOTHER cruise in order to make her gain more weight BUT she sent her on a gay cruise! So she’s not starving for food, but starving for sex. Tay knew it would burn calories to have sex so she did it on purpose. After they make up Tay wants to see the gains Katie has made. She weighs her and measures her to see how much she has grown.

Katie and Tay enter the living room and observe how much Katie’s body has changed and how much it jiggles and bounces. She gets on her hands and knees and twerks… she stands up and shakes all over so they can watch her belly and ass and boobs all bounce around everywhere. She rests her belly on the table to see how much of it can rest on the edge… Tay rubs and gropes Katie’s sexy growing body and Katie makes her belly roll as much as she can!

Tay has a reward for Katie, ICE CREAM! She also covers her big belly, breasts, and pussy with whipped crème and a few cherries on top and Tay licks it all up! Tay even spends a little extra time on Katie’s pussy, giving her that sex she missed out on while on the cruise. Yum! Stay tuned… Tay has one more surprise for her chubby friend!

The ice cream and whipped crème and worship was just a teaser. Tay has put on a strap on and she’s going to fuck Katie after she sucks some whipped crème off of the strap on. Tay enjoys watching Katie’s growing body jiggle as she fucks her. As Katie cums Tay sprays whipped crème all over her belly. YUM. Katie is definitely ready to start making some smother videos now, and she’s fat and happy…. and sexually fulfilled!!!

Katie’s Weight Gain

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